Best Historical Fiction

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elkiedee : I absolutely loved this when I read it but it was over 30 years ago now. I should reread, and would recommend to people who love historical fiction. I am thumbing it down because it's not a historical novel, it is a dual narrative story with a large part set in the past, but also a novel largely set in the author's present at the time of writing (late 1980s, published 1990).
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elkiedee : I love this novel - but it's not historical fiction - it's a mostly contemporary novel with historical appeal. The main character is a 20th century police detective convalescing in bed and "investigating" the case of Richard III and the Princes in the Tower, but it's set in the author's present day.
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aulsmith : Doesn't meet my definition of historical fiction.
sturlington : Took place during the author's lifetime and based partly on his experiences.
elkiedee: Historical fiction is set in the past but it can be a period within the author's lifetime - the past can look very different from 25 or 40 years later. I hope no one who argues this isn't a historical novel believes that either Possession or The Daughter of Time, both above this in the list, are historical fiction. They are brilliant novels which I would recommend to fans of historical fiction but they are both contemporary novels with significant interest for historical fiction readers.
leslie.98 : Not historical fiction
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smcwl : Not written as historical fiction.
elkiedee: I think historical fiction can be set in the relatively recent past. 10 years after the war writers in countries on all sides might well have had a very different perspective on those events. I would have no problem regarding a novel written this year but about the Iraq war that started in 2003 and ending before this, as historical fiction. Or a book set in Britain under the last Labour government, or the US just after Obama was elected or reelected, as historical fiction. I think it might be a bit soon to consider a pandemic novel historical fiction, but maybe within 5 years it will be part of our history.
Matteocalosi : Partly autobiographical and written only 10 years after the end of the war, not historical fiction
leslie.98 : Not historical fiction
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aulsmith : Not historical fiction by my definition.
elkiedee: It was written several decades after it was set, perhaps more than 50 years later, and while it was somewhat autobiographical it was also fictionalised and presented as a novel. Although it's loosely based on the author's life and that of her family, lots of details have been changed, added, left out and this is historical fiction.
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aulsmith : Not historical fiction by my definition.
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longway: It is a thriller novel about an attempt to kill French President De Gaulle, written aroud ten years later the real attempt which inspire the novel
Matteocalosi : Not historical fiction
RobPoulton : contemporary adventure fiction
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RuMuse: Very engaging young adult novel set in Puritan New England. Depicts the social constrictions on girls and women.