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Pearl S. Buck (1892–1973)

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Pearl S. Buck, June 26, 1892 - March 6, 1973 Pearl Sydenstricker Buck was an American author, best know for her novels about China. Buck was born on June 26, 1892, in Hillsboro, West Virginia, but as the daughter of Presbyterian missionaries she was taken to China in infancy. She received her early mostrar más education in Shanghai, but returned to the United States to attend college, and graduated from Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Virginia in 1914. Buck became a university teacher there and married John Lossing Buck, an agricultural economist, in 1917. Buck and her husband both taught in China, and she published magazine articles about life there. Her first novel East Wind, West Wind was published in 1930. Buck achieved international success with The Good Earth, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 1932. This story of a Chinese peasant family's struggle for survival was later made into a MGM film. Buck resigned from the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions after publishing an article that was critical of missionaries. She returned to the United States because of political unrest in China. Buck's novels during this period include Sons, A House Divided, and The Mother. She also wrote biographies of her father (Fighting Angel) and her mother (The Exile). She won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1938. During her career, Buck published over 70 books: novels, nonfiction, story collections, children's books, and translations from the Chinese. She also wrote under the pseudonym John Sedges. In the United States, Buck was active in the civil rights and women's rights movements. In 1942 she founded the East and West Association to promote understanding between Asia and the West. In 1949, Buck established Welcome House, the first international interracial adoption agency. In 1964, she established the Pearl S. Buck foundation to sponsor support for Amerasian children who were not considered adoptable. Pearl Buck died in Danbury, Vermont, on March 6, 1973. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Obras de Pearl S. Buck

La buena tierra (1931) 13,546 copias
The Big Wave (1948) 2,482 copias
Pabellón de mujeres (1946) 1,238 copias
La gran dama (1956) 1,176 copias
Peonía (1948) 914 copias
La Estirpe del dragón (1942) 860 copias
Hijos (1932) 680 copias
Bambú (1963) 581 copias
Un hogar dividido (1934) 556 copias
Mandala (1970) 488 copias
La Madre (1930) 478 copias
Christmas Day in the Morning (1955) 455 copias
Kinfolk (1949) 350 copias
The Story Bible (1971) 317 copias
Letter from Peking (1957) 298 copias
La exilada (1936) 283 copias
El Patriota (1939) 262 copias
La flor escondida (1952) 260 copias
Retrato de un matrimonio (1948) 215 copias
El angel luchador (1936) 212 copias
La promesa (1943) 184 copias
Ven, amada mía (1953) 177 copias
Death in the Castle (1965) 168 copias
Puente de paso (1946) 168 copias
The Time is Noon (1966) 163 copias
The New Year (1968) 159 copias
This Proud Heart (1938) 141 copias
The Angry Wife (1946) 132 copias
The Child Who Never Grew (1950) 126 copias
The Goddess Abides (1972) 118 copias
The Townsman (1900) 103 copias
Command the Morning (1959) 103 copias
El último gran amor (1949) — Autor — 81 copias
All Under Heaven (1900) 77 copias
China Sky (1942) 75 copias
The Rainbow (1974) 75 copias
Con cierto aire delicado (1960) 75 copias
Fairy Tales of the Orient (1900) 64 copias
China Flight (1937) 60 copias
The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck [graphic novel] (2017) — Original author — 56 copias
Otros dioses (1940) 51 copias
VOCES SECRETAS (1953) 50 copias
The Kennedy Women (1970) 41 copias
Satan Never Sleeps (1962) — Autor — 40 copias
Once upon a Christmas (1950) 33 copias
East and West: Stories (1975) 24 copias
To My Daughters, with Love (1967) 23 copias
Cerca y Lejos (1947) 23 copias
The Dragon Fish (1944) 20 copias
A Pearl Buck Reader, Vol. 2 (1959) 20 copias
Brillante desfile (1952) 19 copias
The Water-Buffalo Children (1943) 19 copias
The Christmas Ghost (1960) 18 copias
The Young Revolutionist (1932) 17 copias
China Past and Present (1972) 16 copias
Words of Love (1974) 16 copias
A Pearl Buck Reader, Vol. 1 (1985) 16 copias
The People of Japan (1966) 16 copias
Of Men and Women (1941) 16 copias
Pearl Buck's America (1971) 14 copias
El haya (1974) 13 copias
Omnibus 11 copias
The Good Earth [abridged] (1980) 11 copias
Pearl S. Buck, 1938 (1987) 11 copias
A Gift for the Children (1973) 11 copias
The Spirit and the Flesh (1946) 10 copias
The Chinese Story Teller (1971) 10 copias
One Bright Day (1950) 8 copias
Obras escogidas (1931) 8 copias
The Old Demon (1982) 7 copias
China Gold (1947) 7 copias
Satan Never Sleeps [1962 film] (1962) — Writer — 7 copias
The Big Fight (1965) 7 copias
China As I See It (1954) 6 copias
Twenty-Seven Stories (1943) 6 copias
Die beiden Schwestern (1966) 6 copias
Mrs. Starling's Problem (1973) 6 copias
Welcome Child (1963) 5 copias
The Enemy (1986) 5 copias
China Trilogy (1947) 5 copias
China (1978) 4 copias
Children for Adoption (1964) 4 copias
The China I Knew (1990) 4 copias
Genug für ein Leben (1959) — Autor — 4 copias
Journey for life (1943) 4 copias
Kinfolk, Part 1 3 copias
The Chinese Novel (1974) 3 copias
Pavilion of Women, Part 2 (1977) 2 copias
American Argument (1950) 2 copias
Altri Dei 2 copias
Children and the World (1977) 2 copias
A Certain Star (1957) 2 copias
Orhideja 2 copias
The Decameron 1 copia
සරුබිම (2007) 1 copia
Pearl S. Buck 1 copia
Peony : Roman 1 copia
Vlastenec 1 copia
Obras completas. 5 Tomos (1958) 1 copia
Cielo cinese 1 copia
Orkide 1 copia
Ponosno srce 1 copia
Jezna žena 1 copia
Sin título 1 copia
Ein Stern am Himmel (2005) 1 copia
Novelas 1 copia
Amor (1960) 1 copia
Stories of China (1941) 1 copia
Opere 1 copia
Imperial Woman, Part 2 (1977) 1 copia
The Good Deed 1 copia
Novelas. II 1 copia
Die große Liebe. Roman. (1993) 1 copia
Novelas. I 1 copia
O Patríota 1 copia
الأم 1 copia
ÄITI 1 copia
Peónia 1 copia

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Conocimiento común

Otros nombres
Sedges, John
Buck, Pearl S.
Fecha de nacimiento
Fecha de fallecimiento
Lugar de sepultura
Green Hills Farm, Perkasie, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA
Lugar de nacimiento
Hillsboro, West Virginia, Amerika
Lugar de fallecimiento
Danby, Vermont, USA
Causa de fallecimiento
cancer (lung)
Lugares de residencia
Randolph-Macon Woman's College (AB|1914 ∙ Classics)
Cornell University (MA|1926)
Spurling, Hilary (biographer)
American Academy of Arts and Letters ( [1936])
Presbyterian Church in the United States
Kappa Delta
Oprichtster East and West Association (1942)
Oprichtster Welcome House (1949)
Oprichtster Pearl S. Buck Foundation (1964)
Premios y honores
Nobelprijs voor Literatuur (1938)
Biografía breve
Pearl Sydenstricker was the daughter of Southern Presbyterian missionaries. She spent much of her life in China, though she graduated from Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Lynchburg, Virginia. From childhood she was bilingual in English and Chinese. She married an agricultural economist named John Lossing Buck in 1917, and together they lived in rural Anhwei province, an impoverished area. Her Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Good Earth, and other stories set in China are based on what she learned while living there. In 1935, after divorcing John Buck, Pearl married publisher Richard Walsh. In 1938, Buck became the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize in literature. She is buried at Green Hills Farm, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.



Found: Children's Book about Giant Wave in Japan en Name that Book (diciembre 2022)


En plena Revolución Cultural, uno de los periodos más convulsos del régimen comunista de Mao, Madame Liang regenta en Shanghai un restaurante en el que ofrece a una selecta clientela, de ricos comerciantes y mandatarios del gobierno, los platos más delicados. Frente a las consignas de los Guardias Rojos y la supuesta austeridad del régimen, continúa ocupándose de su trabajo y de sus tres hijas, Grace, Joy y Mercy, que estudian en Estados Unidos. A través de las peripecias que componen el argumento el lector contemplará dos mundos paralelos pero muy distintos: la China eterna y la China revolucionaria.… (más)
Natt90 | 7 reseñas más. | Feb 14, 2023 |
La madre es la historia de una mujer china, en el marco histórico de la década de 1930, a quien no se da nombre propio alguno en la novela, pues sólo se hablará, en alguna ocasión, y como incidentalmente, de una tal familia Li, y que personifica a la sufrida madre rural china, constituyendo una contrafuga de la O-Lang que aparece en La buena tierra.
Natt90 | 10 reseñas más. | Feb 6, 2023 |
Poderoso retrato de China en medio de la revolución.
Wang Yuan está atrapado entre las ideas opuestas de diferentes generaciones. Después de 6 años en el extranjero, Yuan regresa a China en medio de un levantamiento campesino. Su prima es capitana del ejército revolucionario, su hermana ha escandalizado a la familia por su embarazo prematrimonial y su padre caudillo sigue aferrado a sus ideales tradicionales. Es a través de los esfuerzos de Yuan que se restaura una especie de paz en la familia.… (más)
Natt90 | 10 reseñas más. | Nov 16, 2022 |


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Asia (1)
1930s (2)
1940s (1)


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