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LibraryThing es un océano. Aquí puedes ver algunas de las otras características que el sitio y la comunidad ofrecen.

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Aplicaciones y Sitios de LibraryThing

LibraryThing Mobile Logo

Aplicaciones para Móviles LibraryThing

¡LibraryThing tiene una aplicación móvil para iPhone (iOS) y usuarios de Android!

TinyCat Logo


Turn your LibraryThing library into a real, online catalog for your friends and patrons! Inexpensive for small schools, churches, and other small collections. Free for personal use.

Útil y Divertido

Import/Export Logo


LibraryThing can import and export in various formats, including Excel, text and library (MARC) records.

Early Reviewers Logo

LibraryThing Early Reviewers

Every month LibraryThing's Early Reviewer program gives away thousands of new and forthcoming books from publishers and authors who want honest reviews.

LibraryThing Widget Logo

LibraryThing Widget

Muestra tu colección en tu blog, página de inicio o cualquier otra página Web.

LibraryThing Store Logo

LibraryThing Store

LibraryThing offers barcode scanners, barcode labels, book stamps, t-shirts and more.

Conéctate con Otras Aplicaciones

Facebook Logo


Share your books, reviews, ratings, and more to your Facebook timeline from your News Feed.

Twitter Logo


Share your books, reviews, ratings, or other LibraryThing activities on Twitter from your News Feed.

Litsy Logo


Litsy es como Instagram para los amantes de los libros.

LibraryThing took over running Litsy in 2018.

BookMooch Logo

Swap Sites

LibraryThing integrates with over a dozen "swap sites," websites where people swap books by mail. You can see what books are available within LibraryThing.

Juegos y Proyectos Comunitarios

WikiThing Logo


WikiThing is LibraryThing's wiki, a storehouse of help, fun and LibraryThing culture.

Legacy Libraries Logo (Benjamin Fraklink reading)

Legacy Libraries

Legacy Libraries are the libraries of historical people, entered into LibraryThing by dedicated members. Libraries include Marilyn Monroe, Emily Dickinson, Robert Graves, Thomas Jefferson and Frederick Douglass.

Treasure Hunt Logo (an owl)

Cazas del tesoro

LibraryThing periodically posts "Treasure Hunts," in which members read clues (in poem form) and try to find pages on the site.

State of the Thing Logo

State of the Thing

"State of the Thing" is LibraryThing's newsletter. It goes out to some 1,007,313 book lovers around the world.

Helpers Logo


LibraryThing members can improve their own data, help each other and improve the quality of the information on LibraryThing.

CoverGuess Logo


CoverGuess is a cover game. We give you covers and you describe them in words. If you guess the same things as other players, you get points.

Book Haiku Logo (a crysanthemum)

Libro en haiku

LibraryThing members write haiku summaries of popular books.

Flash Mob Cataloging Logo

Flash Mob Cataloging

Flash-Mob Cataloging is when a horde of LibraryThing members descend on some small library, catalog their books in LibraryThing, eat some pizza, talk some talk and leave them with a gleaming new LibraryThing catalog.

Book Pile Contests Logo

Book Pile Contests

LibraryThing members have periodically engaged in general or themed book photography.

¿Qué más?

Other Widgets Logo

Otros widgets de LibraryThing

Syndetics Unbound Logo

Syndetics Unbound

Syndetics Unbound is a joint product by LibraryThing and ProQuest to enrich library catalogs with information and discovery.