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Falsa identidad (2002)

por Sarah Waters

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MiembrosReseñasPopularidadValoración promediaConversaciones / Menciones
7,1562701,011 (4.05)1 / 1139
Sue, una huérfana de 17 años,es enviada al campo como doncella de la joven Maud, para ayudar a que Caballero la seduzca y se quede con su dinero.
Añadido recientemente porJFB87, StacyThjorne, Tosta, biblioteca privada, jenniferw88, Arina8888
Bibliotecas de Figuras NotablesDavid Robert Jones
  1. 181
    La dama de blanco por Wilkie Collins (wonderlake, teelgee)
    teelgee: Definitely see where Sarah Waters got her inspiration!
  2. 110
    Afinidad por Sarah Waters (Booksloth)
  3. 112
    Pétalo carmesí, flor blanca por Michel Faber (starfishian, Booksloth, YossarianXeno)
    YossarianXeno: Both rollicking reads covering the more seedy aspects of life in 19th Century London
  4. 40
    La pasión por Jeanette Winterson (kaionvin)
  5. 62
    El cuento número trece por Diane Setterfield (Alialibobali, BookshelfMonstrosity)
    BookshelfMonstrosity: These novels offer gothic suspense's classic creepy atmosphere, though with somewhat different story-lines. Fingersmith takes place in Victorian England while The Thirteenth Tale is contemporary, but both emphasize books, mysteries about birth and identity, insanity, and grand houses.… (más)
  6. 52
    Una esposa de fiar por Robert Goolrick (teelgee)
  7. 41
    Slammerkin por Emma Donoghue (rich_as_a_queen)
  8. 20
    Observaciones por Jane Harris (wandering_star)
  9. 20
    The Talented Mr. Ripley / Ripley Under Ground / Ripley's Game por Patricia Highsmith (charlie68)
    charlie68: Also a series of stories of the anti-hero.
  10. 20
    She Rises por Kate Worsley (JoEnglish)
  11. 10
    Wildthorn por Jane Eagland (blacksylph)
  12. 10
    Ronda nocturna por Sarah Waters (withwill)
  13. 10
    Summit Avenue por Mary Sharratt (Anisland)
  14. 10
    The Dark Lantern por Gerri Brightwell (Electablue)
  15. 00
    After Mrs Hamilton por Clare Ashton (Charmella1)
  16. 11
    The Book of Human Skin por Michelle Lovric (Cecilturtle)
  17. 00
    Grandes esperanzas por Charles Dickens (charlie68)
  18. 11
    Jonathan Strange y el señor Norrell/ Jonathan Strange And Mr Norrell (Narrativa) (Spanish Edition) por Susanna Clarke (themulhern)
    themulhern: Books set in an historical English and evoking the writers of that time.
  19. 00
    Church of Marvels por Leslie Parry (Electablue)
  20. 00
    The Asylum por John Harwood (HollyMS)

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Issue d’un sombre quartier londonien, Sue est engagée comme femme de chambre de Maud. Mais c’est la fortune familiale qu’elle et l’homme qui l’a introduite convoitent. Un roman fleuve dans une époque victorienne parfaitement restituée, où l’on retrouve l’inspiration de Dickens, subtilement émaillé de touches contemporaines notamment dans la psychologie des personnages. Malgré quelques longueurs, un roman choral qui, de retournements de situation en coups de théâtre, devient de plus en plus difficile à lâcher au fil des pages. ( )
  Steph. | Dec 24, 2021 |
Wow! LOVED this!!! Read 600 pages in about 2 days. When I started the book I had no idea what it was really about. I saw it as a recomendation from another reader who has similar taste as I do. I am glad that I didn't read a synopsis of this book beforhand as I probably would not have read it...especially if I had read amazon.com's review.

Here is a great review from Eric Anderson:
Sarah Waters' third novel begins simply enough. Sue Trinder is a teenage orphan who lives amongst a group of confidence men, thieves, baby farmers and fingersmiths (a 19th-century term for a pickpockets). An unscrupulous man commonly and ironically known as Gentleman compels Sue to join in his plot to win the heart of an elderly bookish man's niece named Maud. Maud is heiress to a fortune, but she can only claim it if she marries. The plan is: win the lady, ditch the wife in an insane asylum and split the fortune. Sue becomes Maud's maid and when the plot is reaching its timely conclusion is the exact point where it is fractured and split like a forest path into numerous twisting paths revealing long held secrets and hidden strife. Sue and Maud are made to endure separate trials in their journey including the incarceration in a mad house, the subjection of reading and transcribing appalling pornography to a perverted old man and a dangerous journey through treacherous London in search of a friend in order for them to discover what their true pasts consist of and what predestined traits may tweak their futures.
It is fitting that at the beginning of this novel a reference is made to Dickens' Oliver Twist. Fingersmith is a novel descended from Dickens voluminous library as well as much 19th century sensualist fiction. Waters skilled use of language to evoke characters and a sense of place through physical detail and psychological mapping of experience is a distinct characteristic of this descent. She also has a tremendous ability to use fabulous names such as (Mrs Sucksby and Miss Bacon) as Dickens did to mark poignant traits of her characters. Where Waters veers from Dickens is in her conjuring of robust female characters who can dominate the novel, not through the circumstances of their plight and their representation of certain social injustice, but through the powerful voice they use to assert their individual positions. Of course the great descriptions and plotting Waters uses to conjure this tale of a 19th century English plot to capture a family fortune makes a great many statements about the ways in which women were marginalised and the bizarre social positions they were forced to inhabit. However, the great strength of her brilliant protagonists Sue and Maud is in the way their actions are guided more by their impulsive desire to survive rather than to spur the trim, thrilling plot or subscribe to any societal roles presented to them. Their struggles led by these natures produces a longing for a happy resolution built not out of sentimentally contrived conventions, but a deserved reward for revealing to us their faulty human natures.

Sue and Maud are not angels. They both deceive and betray each other, but they discover in this Darwinian world a rare affection for each other and a chance to share confidence when one's closest family is apt to betray you. The curious mirroring effect Waters uses with them, mixing pasts and characteristics of them, is descended from a more recent literary genius, Angela Carter. There are elements of her ideas (particularly realised in her novel Wise Children) on the way identity can be splintered, performed and reimagined which correspond to the ways Susan and Maud's fates are intertwined. Their relationship is drawn out as a struggle to express their mutual love and define their suppressed lesbian desires. But this is also presented as an arduous task to realise the aspects which make them powerful individuals. This novel makes the remote past enticingly familiar and relates a harrowing story that makes you wish it to continue on and on.
( )
  Erica8 | Dec 8, 2021 |
I've thought of reading this off and on since finishing "The Paying Guests" a couple of years ago, and am really glad I did. The length was daunting, but considering it's nearly 600 pages it took me less time to read it than some other books half its length. You are in a consciously Dickensian world, but not one he had the liberty to explore. He is also not particularly good at writing women, with a few notable exceptions. Sarah Waters really knows how to pull you in and keep you in with mounting suspense. Very much enjoyed it. ( )
  Octavia78 | Nov 28, 2021 |
Wauw! ( )
  KarlaWinters | Nov 19, 2021 |
Great writing. Interesting lives. ( )
  avdesertgirl | Aug 22, 2021 |
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Queen Victoria, while accepting homosexuality in men, is said not to have been able to believe lesbians existed.

Sarah Waters sets out once again to prove Her Majesty wrong in her latest novel, Fingersmith, set - as her other two novels, Tipping the Velvet and Affinity - in Victorian London.

This is hardly niche writing - or even erotic fiction, although the few love scenes are tenderly drawn.

It is instead a tremendous read that draws the reader swiftly into the teeming life that thrived underneath the various repressions of the Victorian era.
añadido por Ariane65 | editarBBC News Online, Jackie Finlay (Oct 10, 2002)
let's just say that Dickens, the great performer of his own work, would surely have blushed to read it.
añadido por Ariane65 | editarNew York times, Tom Gilling (Feb 24, 2002)

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Houstrup, VibekeTraductorautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado
최용준Traductorautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado
McMahon, JuanitaNarradorautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado
Öjerskog, MarianneTraductorautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado
Puchalská, Barbora PungeTraductorautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado
Retterbush, Stefanieautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado
Ropret, AlenkaTraductorautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado
Vujičić, IrinaTraductorautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado
Zulaika, JaimeTraductorautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado
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Усова, НинаTraductorautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado

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"You've heard, perhaps, of my Index? ... Has there ever been its like? A universal bibliography, and on such a theme? They say the science is a dead one amongst Englishmen. ... Fantastic, when one knows the degrees of obscurity in which my subject is shrouded. ... the authors of the texts I collect must cloak their identity in deception and anonymity. The texts themselves are stamped with every kind of false and misleading detail as to place and date of publication and impress. They are burdened with obscure titles. They must pass darkly, via secret channels, or on the wings of rumour and supposition. Consider those checks to the bibliographer's progress. Then speak to me, sir, of fantastic labour!" ... "And the Index is organized --?" "By title, by name, by date when we have it; and, mark this, sir; by species of pleasure. We have them tabled, most precisely."
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Sue, una huérfana de 17 años,es enviada al campo como doncella de la joven Maud, para ayudar a que Caballero la seduzca y se quede con su dinero.

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