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Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867–1957)

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Wilder was born near Pepin, Wisconsin; attended school in DeSmet, South Dakota; and became a teacher before she was 16, teaching for seven years in Dakota Territory schools. She and her husband, Almanzo Wilder, farmed near DeSmet for about nine years and then moved to Mansfield, Missouri, where mostrar más they lived out the rest of their days. Wilder did not write her first book, Little House in the Big Woods, about her early years in Wisconsin, until late in life, on the urging of her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane. It was first published in 1932. She followed this with Farmer Boy (1933), a book about her husband's childhood in New York State. She then completed a series of books about her life as she and her family moved westward along the frontier. Little House on the Prairie (1935) records the family's move to Kansas. On the Banks of Plum Creek (1937) describes the family's move to Minnesota. By the Shores of Silver Lake (1939) records the family's move to South Dakota, as do the final three books in the series: The Long Winter, Little Town on the Prairie (1941), and These Happy Golden Years (1943), which ends with her marriage to Almanzo Wilder. Three of Wilder's books were published posthumously: On the Way Home, a diary of her trip to Mansfield; The First Four Years, an unfinished book about her first four years of marriage; and West from Home, letters she wrote on a visit to her daughter in San Francisco, none of them up to the quality of her earlier books. At her best, Wilder employs a clear, simple style, a wealth of fascinating detail, and a straightforward narrative style. Her tales of a strong, traditional frontier family that endures the hardships of the late eighteenth century are seen through the eyes of a child, which endears them to young readers. Her work is possibly the best example of historical realistic fiction for children. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


Obras de Laura Ingalls Wilder

La casa del bosque (1932) 16,348 copias
La casa de la pradera (1935) 15,680 copias
A orillas del río Plum (1937) 11,285 copias
Farmer Boy (1933) 10,592 copias
El largo invierno (1940) 10,172 copias
Aquellos años dorados (1943) 8,908 copias
The First Four Years (1953) — Autor — 8,081 copias
La casa de la pradera / Little House on the Prairie (1971) — Autor — 4,618 copias
Winter Days in the Big Woods (1994) 1,615 copias
Dance at Grandpa's (1994) 1,174 copias
Christmas in the Big Woods (1995) 1,030 copias
Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography (1930) — Autor — 982 copias
Summertime in the Big Woods (1996) 741 copias
Winter on the Farm (1996) 722 copias
A Little House (1997) 715 copias
The Deer in the Wood (1995) 662 copias
Going to Town (1995) 609 copias
Going West (1996) 595 copias
A Little House Sampler (1988) 493 copias
County Fair (1997) 377 copias
Little House Treasury (1932) 340 copias
Laura's Pa (Little House Chapter Book) (1999) — Autor — 221 copias
Laura's Ma (Little House Chapter Book) (1999)algunas ediciones200 copias
A Farmer Boy Birthday (1998) 149 copias
Santa Comes to Little House (2001) 122 copias
My Little House Crafts Book (1999) 42 copias
Little House Coloring Book (2016) 40 copias
My Little House Diary (1995) 13 copias
La casa nella prateria (2020) 1 copia
Cobblestone 1 copia
Det lille hus pren 2 (1992) 1 copia
Det lille hus pren 1 (1992) 1 copia
Długa zima (1994) 1 copia

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Spring World, Awake: Stories, Poems, and Essays (1970) — Contribuidor — 9 copias
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Un año en la vida de dos niñas que crecen en la frontera de Wisconsin, ya que ayudan a su madre con las tareas diarias, disfrutar de las historias de su padre y el canto, y compartir ocasiones especiales con familiares y vecinos.
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