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Muriel Spark (1918–2006)

Autor de La primavera de una solterona

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Muriel Spark has been called "our most chillingly comic writer since Evelyn Waugh" by the London Spectator, and the New Yorker praised her novel Memento Mori ri (1959) as "flawless." Her fiction is marked by its remarkable diversity, wit, and craftsmanship. "She happens to be, by some rare mostrar más concatenation of grace and talent, an artist, a serious---and most accomplished---writer, a moralist engaged with the human predicament, wildly entertaining, and a joy to read" (SRSR). She became widely known in the United States when the New Yorker devoted almost an entire issue to The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1961). Set in Edinburgh in the 1930s, this is the story of a schoolteacher, her unorthodox approach to life, and its effect on her select group of adolescent girls. Though their idol turns out to have feet of clay, she leaves an indelible mark on their lives. The Girls of Slender Means (1963), also warmly praised, is a sardonic look at the vivacity of youth and the anxieties of young womanhood. Reviewing The Mandelbaum Gate (1965) for the New Republic, Honor Tracy wrote: "There is an abundance here of invention, humor, poetry, wit, perception, that all but takes the breath away. . . . The story, in fact, is pure adventure, with the suspense as artfully maintained as anywhere by Graham Greene, but this is only one ingredient. There are memorable descriptions of the Holy Land, fascinating insights into the jumble of intrigue and piety surrounding the Holy Places, and penetrating studies of Arabs. . . . In each of [Spark's] novels heretofore one of her qualities has tended to predominate over the others. Here for the first time they are all impressively marshaled side by side, resulting in her best work so far." The daughter of an Englishwoman and a Scottish-Jewish father, Spark was born and educated in Edinburgh. After her marriage in 1938, she lived for some years in Central Africa, a period rarely reflected in her work. During World War II, she returned to Britain, where she worked in the Political Intelligence Department of the Foreign Office after the breakup of her marriage. She has been a magazine editor and written poetry and literary criticism. Spark has lived in London's Camberwell section, the setting of The Ballad of Peckham Rye (1960), but now makes her home in New York. Her novels reflect her conversion to Roman Catholicism. (Bowker Author Biography) Writer Muriel Spark was born in Edinburgh on February 1, 1918. In 1934-1935 she took a course in commercial correspondence and précis writing at Heriot-Watt College. After her marriage in 1937, she lived for some years in Central Africa. During World War II, she returned to Britain, where she worked in the Political Intelligence Department of the Foreign Office after the breakup of her marriage. After the war, she began her literary career. She became General Secretary of the Poetry Society, worked as an editor and wrote studies of Mary Shelley, John Masefield and the Brontë sisters. Her first book of poetry, The Fanfarlo and Other Verse, was published in 1952 and her first novel, The Comforters, was published in 1957. She wrote over twenty books including The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and The Finishing School. She won numerous awards and honors including the 1965 James Tait Black Memorial Prize for The Mandelbaum Gate, the 1992 U. S. Ingersoll Foundation T. S. Eliot Award, the 1997 David Cohen British Literature Prize for Lifetime Achievement, and in 1993 she became Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of her services to literature. The Scottish Arts Council created the Muriel Spark International Fellowship in 2004. She died on April 13, 2006. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

Obras de Muriel Spark

La primavera de una solterona (1961) 5,134 copias
Memento mori (1959) 1,714 copias
Muy lejos de Kensington (1988) 1,234 copias
El asiento del conductor (1970) 955 copias
The Ballad of Peckham Rye (1960) 723 copias
Los Encubridores (2000) 572 copias
The Finishing School (2004) 515 copias
The Mandelbaum Gate (1965) 501 copias
Los consoladores (1957) 495 copias
El banquete (1990) 478 copias
La abadesa de Crewe (1974) 460 copias
The Bachelors (1960) 444 copias
La imagen pública (1968) 306 copias
El Único Problema (1984) 284 copias
Not to Disturb (1971) 272 copias
Territorial Rights (1979) 262 copias
Reality and Dreams (1996) 237 copias
Robinson (1958) 236 copias
The Takeover (1976) 215 copias
Mary Shelley (1951) 214 copias
The Stories of Muriel Spark (1985) 123 copias
The Complete Short Stories (2001) 112 copias
Muriel Spark Omnibus 1 (1993) 66 copias
Muriel Spark Omnibus 2 (1994) 60 copias
The Informed Air: Essays (1656) 41 copias
Voices at Play (1961) 36 copias
The Very Fine Clock (1968) 20 copias
The Golden Fleece (2014) 18 copias
Muriel Spark Omnibus 1 & 2 (1995) 13 copias
Modern Short Stories 2: 1940-1980 (1982) — Contribuidor — 12 copias
John Masefield (1992) 10 copias
Complete Poems (2004) 10 copias
Muriel Spark Omnibus 4 (1997) 9 copias
Novelists' Theatre: Penguin Plays (1963) — Playwright, algunas ediciones8 copias
The Brontë Letters (1966) — Editor — 8 copias
Collected Poems (1967) 7 copias
Spark's Satire (2016) 6 copias
Muriel Spark Omnibus 3 (1996) 6 copias
The Hanging Judge (1995) 5 copias
Spark's Europe (2016) 4 copias
Chimes (2014) 2 copias
Rose di Scozia (1997) 2 copias
Madam X (1996) 1 copia

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Realizations: Newman's Own Selection of His Sermons (1964) — Prólogo — 27 copias
Studies in Fiction (1965) — Contribuidor — 22 copias
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Group Read, October 2021: Memento Mori en 1001 Books to read before you die (octubre 2021)
BRITISH AUTHOR CHALLENGE NOVEMBER - SPARK & BOYD en 75 Books Challenge for 2015 (diciembre 2015)
Muriel Spark Reading Week (23-29 April) en Virago Modern Classics (mayo 2012)


Esta es la historia de una cena, un grupo de personas con pasado y conexiones que al principio parecen pocas, pero más adelante se descubre que son muchas...
Natt90 | 14 reseñas más. | Mar 22, 2023 |
Un abogado, un falso «párroco», un detective, un profesor de instituto que trabaja en el British Council, un epiléptico experto en grafología, un irlandés enamoradizo que evita a toda costa el contacto con el sexo opuesto… Solteros londinenses. Personajes mordazmente británicos que pasan las tardes charlando en los bares o comprando en Fortnum & Mason, atenazados por horrores de todo tipo, como la escandalosa subida del precio de los guisantes. No obstante, su apacible existencia urbanita se verá amenazada con la irrupción de un misterioso personaje: el médium Patrick Seton, que conseguirá que todos ellos transformen sus vidas hasta verse inmersos en una sucesión de estafas, robos, chantajes y desaforadas sesiones de espiritismo, que acabarán desembocando en un juicio grotesco.… (más)
1 vota
Natt90 | 14 reseñas más. | Feb 13, 2023 |
Ambientada en las ruinas de Londres durante la difícil primavera y el verano indigente de 1945, recién acabada la Segunda Guerra Mundial, Las señoritas de escasos medios (1963), considerada una de las mejores novelas de Muriel Spark, se ocupa del mundo deliciosamente despreocupado de unas chicas que viven en un club residencial para mujeres solteras, y que van pasando por varios estados de ligue. En un contexto cerrado, que proporciona el cristal a través del cual contemplar el panorama histórico de un austero Londres que resurge de sus cenizas, seductora y de una comicidad deslenguada, Las señoritas de escasos medios es una divertidísima novela de costumbres y un despiadado análisis de afectos y filiaciones, que pertenece a la gran tradición de la novela inglesa de posguerra, de la que es un referente ineludible.… (más)
Natt90 | 57 reseñas más. | Feb 13, 2023 |
A mitad de siglo, en el Londres de la postguerra, Fleur, una joven autora inédita, se entrega apasionadamente a la redacción de su primera novela. Pero son tiempos difíciles, el racionamiento sigue en vigor, y ha de ganarse la vida. Por eso, empieza a trabajar, en calidad de secretaria, para la Sociedad Autobiográfica, un extraño grupo de neuróticos guiados por el carismático y no menos extraño sir Quentin. Pero, gradualmente, el misterio se adueña de la vida de Fleur. Los hechos reales se asemejan sospechosamente a los sucesos descritos en su novela inacabada: sir Quentin y sus lunáticos seguidores parecen imitar a los personajes que ella ha creado en la intimidad de su cuarto. Hasta que, cuando el manuscrito de la novela desaparece, realidad y ficción se confunden definitivamente, y entonces...… (más)
Natt90 | 26 reseñas más. | Nov 23, 2022 |


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