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Francine Pascal

Autor de Double Love (Sweet Valley High #1)

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Francine Pascal grew up in New York City and attended New York University. She is the author of the Sweet Valley High series, featuring twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. She had originally planned the idea for a daytime soap for teens, but a close friend talked her into making the idea into a mostrar más book series instead. Pascal has also written "Hangin' Out with Cici, which became an ABC After School Special called "My Mother Was Never a Kid", "The Hand-Me-Down Kid," also made into an ABC After School Special, "My First Love and Other Disasters," and "Love and Betrayal & Hold the Mayo." She has also worked on a musical and several adult books, and is the executive director for the Sweet Valley High TV show. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
Nota de desambiguación:

(eng) Francine Pascal was the creator of the Sweet Valley series, to represent ghost-writers of her series, she created the pen names of Jamie Suzanne (a combination of the names of her daughters), Laurie John, or Kate William (but not Kate Williams, who is a real and separate person. Even though there may be Sweet Valley books incorrectly attributed to her.)


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Double Love (Sweet Valley High #1) (1984) — Creator — 522 copias
Best Friends (1986) — Creator — 374 copias
Secrets (1983) — Creator — 356 copias
Teacher's Pet (1986) — Creator — 285 copias
Fearless (1999) 283 copias
Jugando con fuego / Mellizas de Sweet Valley (1983) — Creator — 270 copias
Power Play (1984) — Creator — 247 copias
Choosing Sides (1986) 236 copias
Dear Sister (1984) — Creator — 230 copias
Three's a Crowd (1987) — Creator — 224 copias
Sneaking Out (1987) 223 copias
All Night Long (1984) — Creator — 219 copias
Dangerous Love (1984) 218 copias
Wakefields of Sweet Valley (1991) — Creator — 214 copias
The New Girl (1987) 207 copias
Sam (1999) 195 copias
Kidnapped! (1984) — Creator — 190 copias
First Place (1987) 188 copias
Run (1999) 177 copias
Rompe corazones / Mellizas de Sweet Valley (1984) — Creator — 175 copias
Malas compañías / Mellizas de Sweet Valley (1984) — Creator — 174 copias
Crash Landing! (1985) — Creator — 171 copias
Against the Rules (1987) 170 copias
Tug of War (1987) 167 copias
When Love Dies (1984) — Creator — 167 copias
Demasiado perfecta (1984) — Creator — 164 copias
Keeping Secrets (1987) 158 copias
Buried Treasure (1987) 157 copias
Fearless: Fearless; Sam; Run (2012) 156 copias
The Wakefield Legacy (1992) — Creator — 156 copias
Perfect Summer (1985) 155 copias
One of the Gang (1987) 155 copias
Out of Place (1988) 151 copias
Nueva Jessica (1986) — Creator — 151 copias
Kiss (2000) 150 copias
Second Best (1988) 146 copias
Twisted (Fearless 4) (2000) 146 copias
Love Letters (1985) 145 copias
Head Over Heels (1985) — Creator — 145 copias
The Older Boy (1987) 144 copias
Stretching the Truth (1987) 143 copias
Runaway (1986) — Creator — 141 copias
Deceptions (1984) — Creator — 140 copias
Rags to Riches (1985) — Creator — 140 copias
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Payback (2000) 138 copias
College Girls (1993) 138 copias
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Hostage! (Sweet Valley High, No 26) (1986) — Creator — 137 copias
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Rebel (Fearless 7) (2000) 134 copias
Centro de atención (1988) 133 copias
The Evil Twin (1993) 133 copias
Playing Hooky (1988) 131 copias
Malibu Summer (1986) 126 copias
Runaway Hamster (1989) 125 copias
The Christmas Ghost (1989) 125 copias
Bitter Rivals (1986) — Creator — 124 copias
Say Goodbye (1985) 124 copias
Taking Sides (1986) — Creator — 123 copias
Surprise! Surprise! (1989) 122 copias
The War Between the Twins (1990) 121 copias
Alone in the Crowd (1986) — Creator — 121 copias
Heat (2000) 121 copias
Spring Break (1986) 121 copias
Standing Out (1989) 121 copias
Memories (1986) — Creator — 120 copias
On the Edge (1987) — Creator — 120 copias
Claim to Fame (1988) 118 copias
The Carnival Ghost (1990) 118 copias
Nowhere to Run (1986) 117 copias
April Fool! (1989) 116 copias
Liar (2000) 116 copias
Hangin' out with Cici (1977) 116 copias
Elizabeth's First Kiss (1990) 116 copias
Special Christmas (1985) 115 copias
Too Much in Love (1985) — Creator — 115 copias
Jumping to Conclusions (1988) 115 copias
Mary is Missing (1990) 114 copias
Slam Book Fever (1988) — Creator — 113 copias
Double Jeopardy (1987) 113 copias
Troublemaker (1988) — Creator — 113 copias
Jealous Lies (1986) — Creator — 113 copias
The Bully (1988) 113 copias
Teamwork (1989) 112 copias
Winter Carnival (1986) 112 copias
The Magic Christmas (1992) 112 copias
The Ghost in the Graveyard (1990) 110 copias
Jessica's Cat Trick (1990) 108 copias
Blood (2000) 107 copias
Outcast (1987) — Creator — 107 copias
Taking Charge (1989) 106 copias
Jessica on Stage (1989) 106 copias
Rumors (1987) — Creator — 105 copias
Left Behind (1988) 105 copias
On the Run (1988) 104 copias
Lovestruck (1986) — Creator — 103 copias
Leaving Home (1987) — Creator — 102 copias
Holiday Mischief (1988) 102 copias
Out of Control (1987) — Creator — 102 copias
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Secret Admirer (1987) — Creator — 100 copias
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Trust (2000) 98 copias
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No Place to Hide (1988) 95 copias
Killer (2000) 95 copias
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Kill Game (2005) 93 copias
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Sex (2002) 75 copias
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Almost Married (1994) — Creator — 73 copias
The Ruling Class (2004) 73 copias
Twins (2002) 71 copias
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Date with a Werewolf (1994) — Creator — 66 copias
Boy Trouble (1990) 66 copias
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Murder on the Line (1992) 64 copias
Agent Out (2006) 64 copias
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Fear (2002) 62 copias
Your Basic Nightmare (1999) 62 copias
Regina's Legacy (1991) 61 copias
Get Real (1999) 61 copias
Sweet Valley Trick or Treat (1990) 61 copias
Jessica's Big Mistake (1990) 61 copias
Kidnapped by the Cult! (1992) 60 copias
Betrayed (2011) 60 copias
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Anything for Love (1994) 60 copias
A Deadly Christmas (1994) — Creator — 60 copias
Escape (2003) 60 copias
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The Boyfriend War (1994) 59 copias
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Alone (2002) 58 copias
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Take Back the Night (1995) 58 copias
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Home for Christmas (1994) 56 copias
Kiss of the Vampire (1995) 56 copias
S. S. Heartbreak (1995) 56 copias
Freak (2003) 56 copias
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I've Got a Secret (1999) 55 copias
Aftershock (1998) 55 copias
Earthquake (1998) 55 copias
The Charm School Mystery (1992) 55 copias
Jessica the Thief (1993) 55 copias
The Roommate (1996) 55 copias
The House of Death (1808) 55 copias
"V" for Victory (1995) 55 copias
Naked Eye (2006) 54 copias
The Perfect Girl (1991) 54 copias
Operation Love Match (1994) 54 copias
Maria Who? (1999) 54 copias
One Last Kiss (1997) 54 copias
The One That Got Away (1999) 54 copias
Wanted for Murder (1888) 54 copias
Happily Ever After (1997) — Creator — 54 copias
So Cool (1999) 53 copias
Kiss of a Killer (1996) 53 copias
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Normal (2004) 53 copias
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Fake (2004) 51 copias
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R for Revenge (1997) — Creator — 50 copias
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The Other Woman (1995) 50 copias
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If You Only Knew (1999) 50 copias
Soap Star (1992) 50 copias
Gone (2004) 50 copias
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Once Upon a Time (1997) 49 copias
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Gaia Abducted (2000) 49 copias
So Not Me (2000) 49 copias
University, Interrupted (2001) 49 copias
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Left at the Alter (1994) 48 copias
As If I Care (2000) 47 copias
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Spy Girl (1997) 44 copias
College Weekend (1995) 44 copias
Killer at Sea (1997) 44 copias
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Falling Apart (2000) 44 copias
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Here Comes the Bride (1996) 41 copias
Meant to Be (1600) 40 copias
Lila's Secret Valentine (1995) 40 copias
Please Forgive Me (1998) 40 copias
Never Let Go (2000) 40 copias
Too Scared to Sleep (1996) 40 copias
Elizabeth Is Mine (1998) 40 copias
Downstairs, Upstairs (2001) 39 copias
Patty's Last Dance (1993) 39 copias
The Beast Must Die (1996) 39 copias
Lila's Little Sister (1994) 39 copias
The Gossip War (1994) 39 copias
Elizabeth the Hero (1993) 39 copias
Straight Up (1600) 39 copias
Evil Elizabeth (1995) 39 copias
Steven the Zombie (1994) 39 copias
Maria's Movie Comeback (1994) 39 copias
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Model Flirt (1997) 39 copias
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Party Weekend (1998) 38 copias
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Where We Belong (2001) 38 copias
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I Need You (2001) 37 copias
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It Can't Happen Here (1995) 36 copias
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Stay or Go (2001) 35 copias
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I'll Never Love Again (1766) 35 copias
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Elizabeth's Broken Arm (1992) 34 copias
The Year Without Christmas (1997) 34 copias
Stranded (1999) 34 copias
Escape from Terror Island (1995) 34 copias
Love Me Always (1998) 34 copias
The Mother-Daughter Switch (1995) 34 copias
Face It (2000) 34 copias
The Price of Love (1998) 34 copias
Jessica's Cookie Disaster (1995) 34 copias
Caroline's Mystery Dolls (1991) 33 copias
Elizabeth's Summer Love (1996) 33 copias
Unicorns in Love (1994) 33 copias
Steven's Enemy (1994) 33 copias
How to Ruin a Friendship (1999) 33 copias
Jessica the TV Star (1991) 33 copias
Boy. Friend. (1999) 33 copias
Loving the Enemy (1999) 33 copias
Jessica's Animal Instincts (1996) 32 copias
Me, Me, Me (2001) 32 copias
Get a Clue (2002) 32 copias
Robbery at the Mall (1994) 32 copias
The First Time (2000) 32 copias
Left-Out Elizabeth (1990) 32 copias
Love Lost (1985) 32 copias
Very Bad Things (2000) 32 copias
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One 2 Many (1999) 31 copias
Crybaby Lois (1990) 31 copias
Be Mine (2002) 31 copias
Sneaking In (1998) 31 copias
Best of Enemies (2002) 31 copias
Todd Runs Away (1994) 31 copias
Lacey's Crush (1999) 31 copias
Whatever (2000) 30 copias
Control Freak (2001) 30 copias
Don't Go in the Basement (1997) 30 copias
Bossy Steven (1991) 30 copias
Jessica's Unburied Treasure (1992) 30 copias
Playing Dirty (2001) 30 copias
Senior Cut Day (2002) 30 copias
Living Together (1999) 30 copias
Rush Week (2000) 30 copias
The Unicorns at War (1995) 30 copias
Elizabeth in Love (2000) 30 copias
You're Not My Sister (1999) 30 copias
The Dreaded Ex (2000) 30 copias
Dropping Out (2000) 29 copias
Trapped in Toyland (1994) 29 copias
He's Back (2002) 29 copias
Who Knew? (2000) 29 copias
If Wishes Were Horses... (1994) 29 copias
No Rules (1999) 29 copias
Fooling Around (1999) 28 copias
Truth or Dare (1999) 28 copias
Twins in Love (1996) 28 copias
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Deadly Voyage (1995) 28 copias
Caroline's Halloween Spell (1992) 28 copias
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True Love (1985) 27 copias
If Looks Could Kill (1998) 27 copias
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California Love (1995) 25 copias
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The Twins Go to College (1997) 23 copias
Jessica + Jessica = Trouble (1995) 23 copias
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Ellen is Home Alone (1993) 23 copias
The Big Race (1993) 23 copias
Jessica's No Angel (1998) 23 copias
Cheating on Anna (1999) 23 copias
No Escape! (1998) 23 copias
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Tender Promises (1986) 23 copias
No Girls Allowed (1995) 23 copias
Secret Love Diaries: Chloe (2000) 22 copias
The Boyfriend Mess (1998) 22 copias
A Curse on Elizabeth (1995) 22 copias
Good-Bye, Middle School! (1998) 22 copias
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Clueless (2000) 22 copias
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Wild Child (2000) 20 copias
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Don't Talk to Brian (1996) 19 copias
Julie the Karate Kid (1994) 19 copias
Left Back (1992) 19 copias
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She Loves Me... Not (2000) 19 copias
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Hands Off! (2000) 19 copias
My Perfect Guy (2000) 19 copias
Fearless 3-Book Set (1999) 18 copias
Together Forever (1988) 18 copias
Lila's April Fool (1994) 18 copias
Robin in the Middle (1993) 18 copias
He's the One (2001) 18 copias
Forever and Always (1987) 18 copias
Keepin' it Real (2000) 18 copias
Get the Teacher! (1994) 18 copias
Elizabeth's Piano Lessons (1994) 18 copias
Sweet Valley High, Books 1-12 (2015) — Creator — 17 copias
Jessica Plays Cupid (1995) 17 copias
Invisible Me (2000) 17 copias
Jessica Gets Spooked (1993) 17 copias
Drama Queen (2001) 17 copias
Lila on the Loose (1996) 17 copias
The Magic Puppets (1994) 16 copias
No More Mr. Nice Guy (2001) 16 copias
Lila's Christmas Angel (1995) 16 copias
Rachel's In, Lila's Out (1997) 16 copias
Kimberly Rides Again (1995) 15 copias
Too Many Good-byes (2001) 15 copias
Jessica's Secret Friend (1997) 15 copias
Steven's Twin (1994) 15 copias
Scaredy-Cat Elizabeth (1995) 15 copias
Elizabeth Hatches an Egg (1996) 14 copias
Little Drummer Girls (1998) 14 copias
Trapped in the Mall (1998) 14 copias
Jessica Takes Charge (1998) 14 copias
Steven's Big Crush (1602) 14 copias
Star of the Parade (1994) 14 copias
Boyfriends for Everyone (1997) 14 copias
The Amazing Jessica (1995) 14 copias
Angels Keep Out (1996) 14 copias
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Sweet Valley Twins (1990) 6 copias
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The Silent Hand (2004) 2 copias
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Uusi alku (2000) 2 copias
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Sams eller osams? (2000) 1 copia
Segraren får allt (1992) 1 copia
Amor Perigoso 1 copia
A Nova Aluna (1995) 1 copia
Särkyneet sydämet (1999) 1 copia
Mönstereleven (1997) 1 copia
Fearless:… (2000) 1 copia
Julspöket : Spökjakten (1998) 1 copia
HEMLIGHETER (1997) 1 copia
Teaterdrömmar (1994) 1 copia
Rivaler (2002) 1 copia
Separação 1 copia
Busungarna (1993) 1 copia
Oväntat bekymmer (1998) 1 copia
Inte som förr (1996) 1 copia
Pojkvännen (1992) 1 copia
Tvillingarna 49: Filmen (1997) 1 copia
En ny vän (2008) 1 copia
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Geheimen 1 copia

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Conocimiento común

Nombre legal
Rubin Pascal, Francine
Otros nombres
Pascal, Fran
Fecha de nacimiento
Lugar de nacimiento
Manhattan, New York, USA
Lugares de residencia
New York, New York, USA
Scarsdale, New York, USA
Cannes, France
New York University (BA ∙ 1958)
Pascal, John (writer, second husband)
Stewart, Michael (playwright, brother)
Biografía breve
Creator of mass-market young adult series Sweet Valley and Fearless. Author of several other children's novels, some of which became ABC Afterschool Specials, as well as a few adult novels. With husband John Pascal and brother Michael Stewart, wrote book for Broadway musical "George M!" Worked with John Pascal as screenwriter for ABC soap "The Young Marrieds," and author of novel "The Strange Case of Patty Hearst." Had three daughters, Jamie, Laurie, and Susan, from first marriage. Oldest daughter Jamie died in 2008 of liver disease. Never remarried after John Pascal died of cancer in 1981. Divides her time between homes in New York and the south of France.
Aviso de desambiguación
Francine Pascal was the creator of the Sweet Valley series, to represent ghost-writers of her series, she created the pen names of Jamie Suzanne (a combination of the names of her daughters), Laurie John, or Kate William (but not Kate Williams, who is a real and separate person. Even though there may be Sweet Valley books incorrectly attributed to her.)



It's Halloween (for the fifth time) and a famous puppeteer is visiting Sweet Valley to put on a show and judge a costume competition. The twins befriend his daughter, who believes her father loves his puppets more than her.

There's a lot of focus in this one on one-off characters, which means that the usual characters are thrust into the background, unfortunately. I wanted more about Lila stealing Jess's Halloween costume idea and less about Sam Who We Will Never See Again.
Tara_Calaby | Jan 20, 2024 |
All miniseries long, I've been waiting for the Christmas season to hit, and boom! Here it is. Chapter one, the twins are dressing for their last day of classes before the winter break. They are both musing over the disaster that was the Jungle Prom, Sam's death, and their estrangement ever since. Both twins have premonitions that something bad is going to happen, but they are so mired in their anger and sadness that they can't really tell if its a true feeling or not.

There is another great early canon touch with the Secret Santa candy canes given out during the last day of school, though Margo has slipped some nasty anonymous messages to both Jessica and Elizabeth. Margo has started regularly impersonating both twins - at school, at home, with friends, etc. Margo thinks she's doing a fabulous job of pulling the wool over everyone's eyes, but in reality, everyone she's with knows that she's not Liz, at least if their interaction is more than a few words. She has an easier time impersonating Jessica, and even contemplates switching her murderous ire to the feisty twin for awhile, but ultimately can't shake her ultimate desire to take over Liz's life. She has a countdown clock running, too: she's going to murder Elizabeth at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve.

The Wakefields have a strained Christmas celebration (with Margo watching from the shadows), and then the parents are off on their wild goose chase in San Francisco that Margo had arranged in the previous book. Margo has figured out how to sneak into the Wakefield home from a basement window, so she starts coming and going with great regularity. She sneaks into Liz's room, reads her diary, lays in her bed, and even hides in her closet when Liz arrives home unexpectedly. It's really creepy. Liz sees her room in disarray and blames Jessica. She's still mad about Jess hiding the note from Todd, but she can't understand "Jessica's" strange behavior in rifling through her things.

Meanwhile, Margo is making dates with Todd, who is having weird flashbacks to his earlier fling with Jessica, and is also wondering what "Jessica" is trying to pull by impersonating Liz. He doesn't trust his instincts (until its too late). Only Enid looks at Margo-playing-Liz and tells her outright that she doesn't believe its Liz she's talking to; she, too, suspects Jessica, though she doesn't understand the motive.

Margo is also impersonating Jessica, especially around Lila. Lila and her family are off to Paris for Christmas, but are returning just in time to throw a huge, formal ball for New Year's. Margo worms her way into Fowler Crest by pretending to be Jessica, and makes plans to kill Liz at the ball and bury her in the woods behind the pool house.

Jessica is wracked with guilt about spiking Liz's punch at the Jungle Prom, but can't quite bring herself to come clean. James has suddenly dumped her, and she has no idea why. He calls one night and asks her to meet him so he can explain, but unfortunately Margo intercepts the call - and the meeting - and pushes James off a pier.

Josh Smith is still dogging Margo's trail, and when she realizes it, she leads him directly to James, and leaves it looking as if he was the one who killed James instead of her, so he's neatly removed from her plans by being arrested for the murder. After all, who arrives just after but the Wakefield twins and Todd, and who do they see but Josh, standing on the pier looking over?

James's sudden death plunges Jessica into pretty deep despair. Margo, being a sociopath, does not have real emotions and goes on impersonating both twins, though each set of friends finds it incredibly odd that "Jess" and "Liz" are so chirpy and talkative. Nobody really puts two and two together though, which is pretty frustrating. Especially since Margo's interactions with everyone are not convincing - if these people had exchanged notes more regularly, they would've figured out what was going on way before the end of the book.

But alas. The Wakefield parents make it to San Francisco and find nothing is as they thought. The letter Mr Wakefield received is confirmed as a forgery by the company, and they decide to return to Sweet Valley early. Mrs Wakefield is beside herself with worry about her children; every time she calls home she speaks with "Liz" (aka Margo), who assures her that everything is fine, but her mother's intuition keeps telling her something is wrong.

Playing against everyone is the fact that it's apparently the storm of the century in southern California, raining seven straight days from Christmas through New Year's, with plenty of electrical storms and fog. It slows the Wakefield parents' return to Sweet Valley, and obscures the actions going on at the New Year's ball.

Margo finagles the dresses that she and Liz are wearing to the party; when Todd arrives to pick Liz up, he has to look and her long and hard to make sure that she really is Elizabeth. He's determined to stick to her like glue for the entire evening, but of course Liz has to go to the bathroom at some point, and that's when they are separated. Todd thinks he finds her in a dark room at Fowler Crest, but instead he realizes that he's with Margo and she knocks him out with a brass statuette (the tiny picture on the bottom left of the stepback).

Jessica goes to the party alone, for once wearing a completely different outfit from her sister. Steven and Billie are at the Wakefield homestead, watching movies/making out to celebrate the new year. Everyone hears the news when Josh breaks out of the county jail in one last attempt to stop Margo, and everyone is fearful that because he knows Todd and the twins, that he'll be gunning for them.

Jessica goes looking for Liz at Fowler Crest and sees her going into the pool house; she follows her and finds Margo standing over Liz, about to kill her. Todd has regained consciousness and is stumbling around; Steven and Billie have raced to Fowler Crest to check on the twins after finding the phones down; Enid spots Josh Smith near the pool house and sends as rescue party to stop Josh in his tracks.

Meanwhile, Jessica, Liz, and Margo are struggling for the butcher knife. Jess and Liz have both had the prophetic dream about the "twin" with dark hair and the butcher knife at Secca Lake, so they immediately understand what's going on. Jess gets the knife in hand at one point and points it at both girls in pink, unable to figure out which one is which. This is the moment that sticks with me, even thirty years later. Jessica realizes which one is Liz a split second too late; Margo grabs the knife and threatens them both. Mercifully, Jess throws herself over Liz, and Josh slams into the pool house at just the right moment, to knock Margo off the twins, through the plate glass window, and onto the patio below. Margo is killed when a slice of glass cuts into her carotid artery and she bleeds to death.

Josh is telling his story to the police, who believe him now that there's a third "twin" dead nearby. Neither Elizabeth nor Jessica can understand it, but they are so thankful to be alive that they immediately forgive each other, and rush into their mother's arms.

This is certainly a thriller, and it works on every level. It's also a standalone; you don't have to read A Night to Remember or #95-99 in order to understand what's going on here - all of the relevant info is recapped. Margo has finally put all of her plans into motion, and while she is clever, she's not nearly as clever as she thinks. No one that she interacts with for any length of time believes that she's Elizabeth, not even Mrs Wakefield or Todd. If anything, she'd have had an easier time slotting herself into Jessica's life, but she thinks Jess is weak and pathetic.

Reading this as an adult, I kinda felt sorry for Margo. She's absolutely insane, but she's also deluding herself for thinking that she'd get away with it. Her answer to not getting her way is to kill, and what makes her think that even if she did successfully off Elizabeth and take over her identity, and anyone would believe that Liz would kill as easily and as often as Margo did? Sure, she was on trial for involuntary manslaughter for Sam's death, but she was acquitted. Only someone who was totally bananapants beyond-the-bend would think that was a good cover for committing murder.

Anyway. Margo is a sad, mad, awful, evil person, but knowing that she'd never get away with it - when she hesitates to kill Elizabeth at the end - takes away some of the suspenseful feeling. Also: no one is as dumb as pretty much everyone acts here, and no way is Josh the only person on Margo's trail throughout all of this.

Other disappointing factors: that Josh never explains how he put together Margo's murderous past; and that Jessica never tells Elizabeth about spiking the punch at the Jungle Prom (supposedly Liz 'intuits' it from a series of dreams, where her subconscious magically allows her to see Jessica doing it, and why she did it).

But, this is rightly considered the best book of the entire SVH series, and it definitely holds up as such. There was no going back to the slim, white-spined, early canon series after this, and indeed, SVH quickly goes off the rails in increasingly dramatic and idiotic ways, but damn. What a helluva way to celebrate reaching a milestone series number!

Unfortunately, one of the terribad books that follows this is an actual sequel to the Evil Twin, which is so OTT that I remember being angry that they even attempted to pull it off. Hopefully I will find it less anger-inducing this time around, as we close out our re-read (and this year)!
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eurohackie | 3 reseñas más. | Dec 27, 2023 |
The penultimate book in TGMOAT finds Margo coming completely unhinged, and has a rather irritating subplot of Wacky Baby-sitting Hijinks with a side order of All Adults are Morons, apparently. I think this is the weakest book in the miniseries; maybe this is colored by my adoration of the previous book.

Let's cover the wacky subplot first. One of Winston's neighbors has to go to some unnamed central American country that just had a military coup in order to rescue her husband. She has an eight-month-old baby that she doesn't want to take with her (for obvious reasons), so she stops by to leave the baby with Winston and his parents, promising that she'll be back overnight. There are just two problems with this: Winston's parents are on a weeklong vacation to see relatives, and the baby's mother doesn't come back the next day. Hence, Winston finds himself caring for baby Daisy solo, and for some reason he decides he can't tell any adult person, ever, about this situation. He doesn't want to tell anyone, actually, but he is so comically horrible at caring for Daisy by himself that he relents and tells his girlfriend, who proceeds to invite pretty much every girl in their junior class to Winston's house to assist him. They all instantly fall in love with Daisy, and of course, being girls, know exactly what to do to care for her. (Of course.) Winston and Amy Sutton even make a side bet: if Winston can learn how to properly change a diaper by the end of the week, he gets to dictate the costume Amy wears to Olivia Davidson's upcoming costume party. If he doesn't, Amy will chose his costume.

Winston misses three days of school and returns on a Thursday, carrying baby Daisy in a duffel bag(!). His female friends have agreed to help him watch her while they're at school, each of them taking her for one of the periods. He hides the fact that he brought a baby to school from Chrome Dome Cooper, and they even fool Mr Collins. This whole sequence was just cringingly awful. No adult is going to be that stupid, not even the Sweet Valley adults. But of course they have no idea of this coordinated effort by a group of sixteen year olds, and of course no idea why said kids are taking turns taking care of an eight-month-old baby. I basically had to grit my teeth while reading these scenes; not even the scene where Daisy accidentally unties Bruce's shoelaces while he's rocking out to The Who, and then he unceremoniously falls over his feet when he stands up, was enough to wipe away the absolute cringe of it all.

The main plot follows Margo as she creeps ever close to Elizabeth, sometimes quite literally. She's staking out the Wakefield home, and even greets Alice one afternoon as Liz. She then sees Liz hurrying away from the house and hotwires a car to follow her. She follows Liz all the way to Todd's house and witnesses their happy reunion.( Apparently Jessica kept the note she intercepted from Todd back in #97 instead of tearing it up. Really, Jessica??) Liz is equally happy to be reunited with Todd as she is furious with Jessica for keeping the note from her. Oh, Liz, if only you knew that was the least of Jessica's secrets!

Liz and Todd are blissfully unaware of their witness hiding in the bushes, but Margo has become unhinged to the point of carrying around a butcher knife on the off chance that she can kill Elizabeth at any moment. I'd forgotten this; I thought Margo's plans were much more cold and calculating. But it seems that now that she's close to the twins, she's becoming openly psychotic. The raspy voice she hears in her head is now coming out of her mouth (a creepy notion), and her patience is wearing thin with everyone, not just the twins.

Margo gets a job at the Little Darlings Day Care center, where she starts pumping the kids for information about the ever-popular Wakefields.

James, Jessica's new boyfriend who's also been feeding Margo information about the twins in exchange for money, is starting to second-guess this deal. Margo is creeping him out, and he's both annoyed and frightened by her. He's also starting to care for Jessica. This doesn't stop him from giving Margo all the details about Jessica's costume for the ball, of course, but he does wonder if he did the right thing. (Spoiler alert: no, he didn't.)

The main plot and the subplot intersect when Winston is convinced to take baby Daisy to Little Darlings after her parents have been gone for nearly a week, because he can't take care of her anymore. He talks to Margo on several occasions, and even leaves Daisy with her in the second-to-last chapter. This is where my lone memory of the book comes in: Winston driving Daisy around in his orange VW Beetle. Winston, too, is creeped out by Margo, though he can't put his finger on why. It doesn't help that she shows up to his house one day in the middle of the book, offering to take care of Daisy.

Margo has honed in on Daisy because she's seen Elizabeth interact with the baby and feels that this is the key to getting close to her. She's more right than she realizes, when Liz unexpectedly shows up at Winston's house that same day. For the first time ever, Margo is speechless and unprepared to be so close to her prey. She actually runs away.

The subplot is wrapped up when Winston takes Daisy to the day care center and leaves her in Margo's care, then the baby's parents return. They race to the day care center and have no idea how close they came to finding a dead baby instead of a live one; Daisy's cries have driven Margo to try to suffocate her. But, she's still alive, the parents are happy, and Margo disappears before Winston can talk to her and ask her to keep his secret that his parents weren't home to care for Daisy.

Perhaps the best scenes of the book are at Olivia's costume ball, which is being held at her wealthy boyfriend Harry's house in Bridgewater. All of her classmates come in costume, including the Wakefields: both Liz and Jess independently decide to go as Cinderella, and choose pale pink gowns and shimmery veils. They don't realize they've chosen the same costume until they come face to face with each other when they go down to meet their dates. Both girls have deja vu from the night of preparing for the Jungle Prom; they weren't talking to each other then, either, and of course Jessica knows better than anyone else what else happened that night.

They decide to go to the costume party in their near-identical outfits, but there's no picture taking this time. They mingle with the other guests, but Elizabeth in particular feels very weirded out by everything. She has some surreal moments as well, and these were described quite nicely: how everyone looks just a little bit off, how odd it is to see familiar people in unfamiliar surroundings.

Margo is also at this party, dressed almost exactly the same as Jessica. Only their earrings are different, Jessica at the last moment deciding to wear pearls she was given by Sam. Margo encounters both twins, and is mistaken as Jessica by nearly everyone at the party. She enjoys this so much that I'm not sure why she decides she'd rather be Elizabeth. Margo also snags a dance with Todd - but unlike what the back blurb says, Todd is not fooled by this. He thinks he's dancing with Jessica, but maybe not because Jessica is not usually so forward and touchy-feely. Margo thoroughly creeps Todd out and he quite literally runs away from her.

Josh Smith is also at the costume party, having decided to crash it during his search for Margo. He's seen Liz around town and is convinced that he's seeing Margo, so imagine his surprise when he sees three Margos at the party. He grabs one of them, only to realize that it's not Margo, but some girl named Jessica. The third Margo rushes up in the commotion, and he realizes that Margo is likely stalking these two twin girls and that they're in danger from her. He's kicked out of the party before he can say or do anything, but he's FINALLY stumbled upon the reason why Margo came to California in the first place. We still have no explanation of how he put together Margo's past crimes, which is disappointing, but alas.

Josh, James, Winston, and Liz are all feeling very unnerved by Margo, whether they realize its her or not, and Margo is so far gone that she doesn't realize or care. She wants Liz's life and she's tired of waiting for it, so she puts her plans into motion: she writes a letter to Ned Wakefield, inviting him and Alice down to San Francisco for a two-day business meeting at a lavish hotel. Ned, being a moronic adult in this book, immediately accepts and is excited by the idea.

The setup for The Evil Twin is there, but this was a rather painful way to get to it. I've been a bit disappointed by how sloppy Margo has gotten in this book (or maybe I'm just disappointed with myself for forgetting it? LOL), so I'm hoping #100 is as good as I remember it to be. This miniseries started off strongly, and I'm ready for it to finish the same way.
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eurohackie | otra reseña | Dec 15, 2023 |
It's a fast read, nothing really outstanding for me in this book, I can see why this was compiled into 3 books in one with the first and 3rd book it really didn't have anything to really grab onto. The whole thing of her trying to get rid of her virginity because she thought she was going to get shot and yes I am phrasing it that way because that is exactly how it seemed, well was a bit cringy and even for a teenage targeted book a bit inappropriate but by the same token I can also understand the non thinking of it being that I was once a teenager and probably thought as dumb as Gaia. The little action that occurred was just 🤷 I mean the girl is supposed to have all these badass skills and she can't handle one guy, which by all means is just a bully. Most Bullies once you stand up to them they are done with. The most interesting part to me was the last few minutes of the book.

I'll chalk it up to just a guilty pleasure of liking something fast and cheesy to get through., I will give the narrator 5 stars, she did an awesome job
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Enid007 | 4 reseñas más. | Dec 5, 2023 |



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