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Fantasy fiction author Mercedes Richie Lackey was born in Chicago on June 24, 1950, and she received a B.S. from Purdue University in 1972. She is also a professional lyricist and has rehabilitated raptors. Lackey started writing her own short stories when her favorite science fiction and fantasy mostrar más authors weren't producing new books fast enough for her. She began writing professionally with the encouragement of author C. J. Cherryh, whom Lackey had met at a science fiction convention. Many of Lackey's books, including the Queen's Own trilogy, the Vows and Honor series, Valdemar: family Spies, and the Last Herald-Mage and Mage Winds trilogies, take place in the imaginary world of Valdemar. She has authored numerous series, including the Bardic Voices series and a series of occult mysteries featuring Diana Tregarde, a modern-day witch. Lackey enjoys collaborating and has co-written books with authors such as C.J. Cherryh, Anne McCaffrey, Piers Anthony, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Mark Shepherd, and Ru Emerson. Her title Redoubt made The New York Times Best Seller List for 2012. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Obras de Mercedes Lackey

Las flechas de la reina (1987) 3,873 copias
Magic's Pawn (1989) 3,716 copias
Arrow's Flight (1987) 3,240 copias
Magic's Price (1990) 3,240 copias
Magic's Promise (1990) 3,201 copias
Winds of Fate (1991) 3,033 copias
By the Sword (1991) 2,956 copias
Winds of Change (1992) 2,785 copias
Winds of Fury (1993) 2,747 copias
The Black Gryphon (1994) 2,717 copias
The Oathbound (1988) 2,711 copias
Storm Warning (1994) 2,593 copias
Take a Thief (2001) 2,524 copias
Oathbreakers (1989) 2,502 copias
Storm Rising (1995) 2,495 copias
Storm Breaking (1996) 2,438 copias
The Fairy Godmother (2004) 2,433 copias
The White Gryphon (1995) 2,406 copias
The Elvenbane (1991) 2,363 copias
Brightly Burning (2000) 2,351 copias
Oathblood (1998) 2,239 copias
The Silver Gryphon (1996) 2,227 copias
Owlflight (1997) 2,211 copias
Exile's Honor (2002) 2,204 copias
Owlsight (1998) — Autor — 2,062 copias
Exile's Valor (2003) 2,018 copias
The Serpent's Shadow (2001) 2,007 copias
The Ship Who Searched (1992) 1,977 copias
The Fire Rose (1995) 1,938 copias
Owlknight (1999) 1,891 copias
The Outstretched Shadow (2003) 1,862 copias
The Gates of Sleep (2002) 1,787 copias
Elvenblood (1995) 1,733 copias
Joust (2003) 1,728 copias
The Black Swan (1999) 1,717 copias
Phoenix and Ashes (2004) 1,714 copias
The Lark and the Wren (1992) 1,661 copias
One Good Knight (2006) 1,562 copias
Foundation (2008) 1,559 copias
Burning Water (1989) 1,557 copias
The Wizard of London (2005) 1,539 copias
Children of the Night (1990) 1,488 copias
Alta (2004) 1,457 copias
To Light a Candle (2004) 1,393 copias
Firebird (1996) 1,372 copias
Fortune's Fool (2007) 1,299 copias
Reserved for the Cat (2007) 1,285 copias
Sanctuary (2005) 1,246 copias
When Darkness Falls (2006) 1,208 copias
Jinx High (1991) 1,184 copias
The Robin and the Kestrel (1993) 1,133 copias
Elvenborn (2002) 1,080 copias
The Eagle and the Nightingales (1995) 1,039 copias
Four & Twenty Blackbirds (1991) 1,036 copias
Sun in Glory and Other Tales of Valdemar (2003) — Editor — 1,030 copias
Aerie (2007) 1,006 copias
Intrigues (2010) 980 copias
The Snow Queen (2008) 975 copias
If I Pay Thee Not in Gold (1993) 957 copias
Sacred Ground (1994) 945 copias
Beyond World's End (2000) 936 copias
Bedlam's Bard (1991) 913 copias
Rediscovery (1993) 908 copias
Born to Run (1992) 862 copias
Knight of Ghosts and Shadows (1990) 850 copias
The Shadow Of The Lion (2002) 842 copias
Tiger Burning Bright (1995) 834 copias
Spirits White as Lightning (2001) 824 copias
Crossroads and Other Tales of Valdemar (2005) — Editor; Contribuidor — 814 copias
The Phoenix Unchained (2007) 803 copias
Fiddler Fair (1989) 796 copias
Changes (2011) 794 copias
The Sleeping Beauty (2010) 786 copias
WereHunter (1999) 775 copias
The Last Herald-Mage (1990) 772 copias
Beauty and the Werewolf (2011) 723 copias
Wheels of Fire (1992) 700 copias
A Cast of Corbies (1994) 691 copias
The Valdemar Companion (1990) — Contribuidor — 683 copias
Mad Maudlin (2003) 675 copias
Unnatural Issue (2011) 671 copias
Chrome Circle (1994) 666 copias
Winter Moon (3-in-1) (2005) 665 copias
Redoubt (2012) 655 copias
Moving Targets and Other Tales of Valdemar (2008) — Editor; Contribuidor — 602 copias
When the Bough Breaks (1993) 586 copias
The Phoenix Endangered (2008) 576 copias
Hunter (2015) 575 copias
Castle of Deception (1992) 574 copias
Gwenhwyfar: The White Spirit (2009) 559 copias
Summoned to Tourney (1992) 554 copias
Bastion (2013) 552 copias
This Scepter'd Isle (2004) 549 copias
Home from the Sea (2012) 544 copias
The Wizard of Karres (2004) 526 copias
Closer to Home (2014) 524 copias
Changing the World: All-New Tales of Valdemar (2009) — Editor — 521 copias
The Chrome Borne (1999) 517 copias
Music to My Sorrow (2005) 509 copias
This Rough Magic (2003) 501 copias
Steadfast (2013) — Autor — 463 copias
Fortress of Frost and Fire (1993) 458 copias
Charmed Destinies [Anthology 3-in-1] (2003) — Autor — 435 copias
Blood Red (2014) 429 copias
The Phoenix Transformed (2009) 426 copias
The Otherworld (2000) 418 copias
Closer to the Heart (2015) 400 copias
Ill Met by Moonlight (2005) 386 copias
Finding the Way and Other Tales of Valdemar (2010) — Editor — 383 copias
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Legacies (2010) 364 copias
Bedlam's Edge (2005) — Editor, Contributor — 354 copias
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The Hills Have Spies (2018) 345 copias
Closer to the Chest (2016) 332 copias
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Under the Vale and Other Tales of Valdemar (2011) — Editor — 301 copias
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Invasion (2011) 285 copias
By Slanderous Tongues (2007) 284 copias
Reap the Whirlwind (1989) 276 copias
Elite (2016) 273 copias
Eye Spy (2019) — Autor — 269 copias
Crown of Vengeance (2012) 263 copias
Flights of Fantasy (1999) 263 copias
A Scandal in Battersea (2017) 259 copias
Elemental Magic (2012) — Editor, Contributor — 246 copias
Brain Ships (2003) — Autor — 244 copias
No True Way: All-New Tales of Valdemar (2014) — Editor; Contribuidor — 239 copias
Beyond (2021) — Autor — 239 copias
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Elementary (2013) — Editor, Contributor — 237 copias
Spy, Spy Again (2020) 228 copias
And Less Than Kind (2008) 227 copias
The River's Gift (1999) 215 copias
Crucible: All-New Tales of Valdemar (2015) — Editor — 192 copias
Much Fall of Blood (2010) 188 copias
Conspiracies (2011) — Autor — 187 copias
Apex (2017) 184 copias
Tempest: All-New Tales of Valdemar (2016) — Editor — 171 copias
Jolene (2020) 164 copias
Dead Reckoning (2012) 160 copias
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Into the West (2022) — Autor — 150 copias
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Choices: All-New Tales of Valdemar (2018) — Editor; Contribuidor — 112 copias
Burdens of the Dead (2013) 104 copias
Passages (2020) 100 copias
Arcanum 101: Welcome New Students (2012) — Autor — 100 copias
Silence (2016) 96 copias
Blade of Empire (2017) 91 copias
Victories (2014) 82 copias
Dragon's Teeth (2013) 74 copias
Magic 101 (2014) 67 copias
Revolution (2014) 65 copias
Gryphon in Light (2023) 64 copias
Nebula Awards Showcase 2016 (2016) — Editor — 63 copias
Shenanigans (2022) 62 copias
The Waters and the Wild (2013) 52 copias
Reboots (2012) 47 copias
Breaking Silence (2020) 40 copias
Collision (2014) 39 copias
Grey's Ghost (1999) 35 copias
A Host of Furious Fancies (2012) 34 copias
Once Upon a Tale (2011) 33 copias
Stoned Souls (2006) 31 copias
Killer Byte (1994) 31 copias
Stolen Silver (Valdemar) (1991) 29 copias
Nightside (1990) 28 copias
Satanic, Versus (1990) 28 copias
SKitty (1991) 28 copias
Grey (1997) 27 copias
Sword Sworn (1985) 26 copias
Tail of Two SKittys (1994) 24 copias
Once Upon a Tale, Volume 2 (2012) 23 copias
Avalanche (2017) 21 copias
A Better Mousetrap (1999) 20 copias
Dragon in Distress (2010) 20 copias
SCat (1996) 18 copias
Fierce: Sixteen Authors of Fantasy (2014) — Autor — 18 copias
Shipscat Collection (2012) 11 copias
Valdemar (2023) — Autor — 11 copias
Aliens Ate My Pickup (1998) 11 copias
Last Rights (1993) 11 copias
Balance (1988) 11 copias
The Cup and the Cauldron (1992) 10 copias
The Princess, the Dragon, and the Frog Prince (2012) — Autor — 10 copias
Exemplar (2014) 10 copias
Diabolical Streak (2014) 9 copias
Dance Track (1989) 8 copias
Poetic License (Darkover) (1994) 8 copias
Strike a Pose (2011) 8 copias
Scam Artistry (2011) 7 copias
Keys [novelette] (1988) 7 copias
Sgian Dubh (2011) 7 copias
Jihad (1993) 6 copias
The Last of the Season (1987) 6 copias
Small Print (1994) 6 copias
Elvenbred 6 copias
Lovers, Lore & Loss (1995) 6 copias
White Bird (2011) 5 copias
Once And Future (1995) 5 copias
Operation Desert Fox (1993) 5 copias
Wet Wings (1995) 5 copias
Object Lesson (Darkover) (2010) 5 copias
Hallowmas Night (2010) 4 copias
Dumb Feast (1993) 3 copias
Roadkill (1990) 3 copias
After Midnight 2 copias
Thrice Bound 2 copias
The Red Sea 2 copias
Out Of The Deep 2 copias
Thicker Than Water (2010) 2 copias
Blue Heart (1997) 2 copias
Bull God 2 copias
Sun & Shadow (2005) 2 copias
Navy Seal 1 copia
Werehunter [novelette] (1989) 1 copia
Turnabout [novelette] (1986) 1 copia
Sun in Glory [novelette] (2003) 1 copia
The Fire Bird 1 copia

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Lackey, Mercedes Ritchie
Otros nombres
Lackey, Misty
Fecha de nacimiento
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Chicago, Illinois, USA
Lugares de residencia
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Purdue University (grad. 1972)
Dixon, Larry (husband)
American Airlines (IT ∙ previous employment)
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
Ball-jointed doll community
Premios y honores
Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award (2021)
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Ms. Lackey has written/edited books with others. Some of those are listed with both names. Do not combine those dual listings with this author page. Thank you.



Short story - Fantasy Feast for the dead en Name that Book (agosto 26)
Mercedes Lackey series' en FantasyFans (julio 2018)
Fantasy - probably YA Dragons en Name that Book (marzo 2018)
Tales of the 500 Kingdoms en Fairy Tales Retold (julio 2011)


The Fire Rose by Mercedes Lackey offers a gaslit mashup of Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella with salamanders and sylphs. As a bonus, you get an evil butler who is into the sex and drug trade. The novel is set in San Francisco just before the quake but provides less local color than I wanted. Lackey has a readable style and a likable heroine, even though she carries laudanum in her pocket just in case she feels like suicide today. Finally, there are just too many lapses of logic, detail, and (even for the nineties) political correctness.… (más)
Tom-e | 35 reseñas más. | Dec 6, 2023 |
The third book in the Founding of Valdemar series brings the Companions and the first Heralds. Kordas has stopped being able to dodge the will of his people and has been crowned King. He is the sort of man who is always thinking and planning for the good of his people in this new and dangerous land. With the Tayledras withdrawing to cleanse new parts of a Pelagirs, Kordas is concerned about his people's future.

Kordas feels that he and his son won't be tempted to form their kingdom into an empire with all the abuses he fled to get to this new land. But he worries about his future descendants and petitions the gods for some sort of solution. The arrival of the Companions is an answer to that prayer. And the answer is timely because an Adept is planning to take over Valdemar and has an army of magical creatures at her disposal.

I enjoyed this epic fantasy which had great worldbuilding. There is interesting magic and huge magical battles. There was a pair of cursed lovers whose story winds its way through many of the later Valdemar stories in the songs of the Bards. And there are also small things like grieving the loss of a cat. I enjoyed the people in the story and their trials in building a new world.

This was engaging epic fantasy whether you are new to world of Valdemar or someone like me who has been reading in that world for more than thirty years.
… (más)
kmartin802 | otra reseña | Nov 25, 2023 |
This is a collection of short stories and novelettes published in 1999. The title story is taken from an anthology of stories set in Andre Norton's "Witchworld" and references events in Norton's Year of the Unicorn. I found it a bit predictable and derivative. Four stories centre around a space cat in a future where cats have been engineered to be more intelligent, to be loyal to a handler and given paws more like a racoon's so as to be able to manipulate objects. They are probably nice stories for cat lovers, but I found a few implausible aspects which made it hard to suspend my disbelief such as, if these cats are so valuable that they are leased by the company which creates them, why would they allow kittens to be sold off by the leasees without at least having a financial interest in them? And the premise introduced in the first story, that a newly contacted alien race has been beset for their whole history by a parasitical insectoid species with no natural predator, for me pulled the rug out from under all four stories - the parasites are native to the planet and the intelligent bipeds they beset have not wiped out their natural predator, parasite or disease, so the idea that nothing has evolved to put any curb on their numbers was too incredible. I couldn't believe that there could be a creature which nothing would have used as a food source, especially if the parasites were as plentiful as suggested. It also didn't help that there were a number of changed premises and/or continuity errors between stories, such as a character changing their mind about going back to space when they had been keen to do so, between story 2 and 3 - this was eventually handled by there being a job incentive mentioned in story 4 - and the alien city being spotlessly clean because the bipeds keep it so to try to deprive the parasites of food sources - but then by the end of the sequence it is the parasites themselves who keep the place clean. Small points, but when the stories are read back to back they stand out and 'niggle'.

Having said all that, the stories in the collection do, by and large, improve in the second half. Although there is a huge backstory/info dump in 'Operation Desert Fox', the idea of an intelligent AI-controlled tank and its relationship with its unusual driver, based on their mutual love of the history of WWII German General Rommel, was engaging. 'Satanic, Versus' was a nicely light-hearted romp about a witch who is also a crack shot and her vampire sidekick, attending a Halloweed party as Mrs Peel and Steed from the (British show) "The Avengers". 'Stolen Silver' was a rare Valdemar short story, set in Karse - I think a whole novel could have been developed around that idea and lead character. And the last two stories, 'Grey' and 'Grey's Ghost', set in Victorian London, featured a working class East End girl called Nan, and her friendship with the daughter of African missionaries, the said daughter staying at an unusual school. The background of Indian colonial influences and, in the second story, fraudulent mediums, was engaging and the stories were well written and had some good character development, especially of Nan. So these better stories brought up the level of the collection as a whole and it balances out at a respectable 3 stars.
… (más)
kitsune_reader | 7 reseñas más. | Nov 23, 2023 |
I read 'By the Sword' before this book - which begins when the two protagonists of this series are older women - and liked both characters, especially the swordswoman Tarma, so decided to give this a try. I had originally decided to give it away after finding Lackey's Last Herald Mage series full of angsty wallow and sadomasocism, but was pleasantly surprised to find 'By the Sword' a workmanlike fantasy - with various flaws as I mentioned in my review, but still interesting. So I was expecting something similar from this book and wanted to read about the earlier lives of these two characters.

Unfortunately I was somewhat disappointed. Firstly, this book starts off when the two characters have already met - their origin story was published in a volume of the Sword and Sorceress series. That is rather odd - it isn't unusual for science fiction or fantasy novels to start off as short stories published in SF/F magazines, which are either expanded subsequently or else have other segments added on - Anne McCaffrey's DragonFlight, for example, where the opening 'Weyr Search' story won a Hugo award in its own right, or Vonday McIntyre's 'Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand' which won a Nebula award and appeared in a couple of collections of short stories, but still became the first part of her novel 'Dreamsnake'. So it is odd that the story of how the two main characters met is not reprinted here, though the events it covers are mentioned sufficiently that it's possible to work out the rough sequence.

Tarma is a plains warrior whose tribe had been wiped out by bandits. She had pledged herself to the tribal warrior goddess in her quest for vengeance and now is a superb fighter, who has been trained by the spirits of various deceased members of her tribe. Kethry is a mage from the White Winds school whose ethos is to travel while they are Journeymen until they develop the power and abilities necessary to progress to Master level whereupon they usually set up their own mage school. Somehow - and this is where it would have been useful for that original story to be included - she became bonded with a magic sword, Need, which works for women but not against women and has a tendency to force her to go to the aid of women who are endangered. In that first story, the two women apparently ended up bonded magically by the goddess and, because Tarma's vows make her "asexual" Kethry agrees to rebuild Tamra's tribe by eventually having as many kids as she can manage.

Slightly odd but I knew from reading 'By the Sword' that eventually she went on to have seven children whom the two women brought up and who formed the core group of the tribe, going on to marry people in other tribes who then joined, plus their eventual reputation etc lead orphans from other tribes to join. By the time of that later novel, the tribe is back up to strength and is wealthy from breeding the superb horses for which the tribes are famed.

This book, however, doesn't get the two far towards that goal. It is rather oddly structured with some episodic tales of how they become involved in a few incidents where Kethry is forced to answer Need's drive - a woman who is accused of her husband's murder in a classic "locked room" mystery, for example. But in at least some cases, the build up is there but then in a very odd structural quirk, the story then switches to afterwards, where the characters are sitting around with friends in a pub, discussing what has happened - the dramatic scene the reader didn't get to see - and congratulating each other on their legal expertise or whatever which resolved the problem. So that was one rather odd aspect of it. There was, in fact, quite a lot of exposition and people discussing and telling each other things rather than showing it dramatically: a tendency which was a little problem in 'By the Sword' but seems a big feature here.

There is also a large and disturbing aspect which might be a trigger warning for some readers. This book has a lot of rape - not described in detail, but it is there as a constant theme. Kethry had suffered it from an abusive husband - eventually she tells Tarma about it in a conversation. Tarma herself had apparently been gang raped by the murderers of her tribe, and in this story ends up having the same done again. But even odder she - and it seems Kethry - get over it in no time with no apparent lasting trauma. The only ones who don't are the poor young girls abducted by murderers and, very oddly, part of the retribution the two protagonists dish out is to put a glamour (spell of illusion) on the chief murderer so that he will end up subjected to the same treatment by his surviving men. This turns out to be a bad move on their part. And there is some very odd stuff in the last part of the book, also around this theme.

There were some aspects to the book that I liked: the relationship between the two women and the sentient wolf-cat creature who becomes the third member of their team, the details about horses - the author must have real knowledge of them - which are intelligent and trained to be as deadly in battle as their riders - and the friendship the women form with two mercenaries who give them good advice and don't subject them to unwanted advances. So those balancing points are enough to bring the book back up from the one star where it was headed to an overall 2 stars.
… (más)
kitsune_reader | 19 reseñas más. | Nov 23, 2023 |


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Fiona Patton Contributor
Elisabeth Waters Contributor
Tanya Huff Contributor
Kristin Schwengel Contributor
Brenda Cooper Contributor
Nancy Asire Contributor
Judith Tarr Contributor
Ben Ohlander Contributor
Kate Paulk Contributor
Diana L. Paxson Contributor
Sarah A Hoyt Contributor
Michael Longcor Contributor
Stephanie Shaver Contributor
Jennifer Brozek Contributor
Dayle A. Dermatis Contributor
Michele Lang Contributor
Ron Collins Contributor
Richard Lee Byers Contributor
Janni Lee Simner Contributor
Louisa Swann Contributor
Gail Sanders Contributor
Michelle West Contributor
Dylan Birtolo Contributor
Denise McCune Contributor
Rebecca Fox Contributor
Jody Lynn Nye Contributor
Phaedra Weldon Contributor
Anthea Sharp Contributor
Angela Penrose Contributor
Brigid Collins Contributor
Cedric Johnson Contributor
John Yezeguielian Contributor
Lawrence Schimel Contributor
Mel. White Contributor
Philip M. Austin Contributor
Gary A. Braunbeck Contributor
Janny Wurts Contributor
Samuel Conway Contributor
Bob Eggleton Cover artist
Jessica Schlenker Contributor
Teri Lee Contributor
Russell Davis Contributor
Kerri Hughes Contributor
D. Shull Contributor
Sarah Hoyt Contributor
James Schmitz Series Creator
S.M. Stirling Contributor
Jan Stirling Contributor
Laura Ann Gilman Contributor
Susan M. Shwartz Contributor
Doranna Durgin Contributor
Gael Baudino Contributor
Mark Garland Contributor
Ardath Mayhar Contributor
Jason Henderson Contributor
Christie Golden Contributor
Catherine Asaro Contributor
Rachel Lee Contributor
Kristen Schwengel Contributor
Michael B. Caffrey Contributor
Ashley McConnell Contributor
India Edghill Contributor
Barb Caffrey Contributor
Jenn Saint-John Contributor
Michelle Sagara Contributor
Cameron Haley Contributor
Daniel P. Mahoney Contributor
Roxanne Conrad Contributor
James Gunn Contributor
Richard Garfinkle Contributor
Sarah Zettel Contributor
Marguerite Krause Contributor
Leah Wilson Contributor
Elisabeth DeVos Contributor
Daniel P. Moloney Contributor
Joyce Millman Contributor
Martha Wells Contributor
Susan R. Matthews Contributor
Adam-Troy Castro Contributor
Daniel Shull Contributor
Kerrie L. Hughes Contributor
Alyssa Wong Contributor
Rachel Swirsky Contributor
Richard Bowes Contributor
Kai Ashante Wilson Contributor
Ursula Vernon Contributor
Jeff VanderMeer Contributor
Lawrence M. Schoen Contributor
Ken Liu Contributor
Usman T. Malik Contributor
Sam J. Miller Contributor
Aliette de Bodard Contributor
Matthew Kressel Contributor
Tom Crosshill Contributor
Sarah Pinsker Contributor
Nancy Kress Contributor
Alaya Dawn Johnson Contributor
Eugie Foster Contributor
Daryl Gregory Contributor
M. Rickert Contributor
David Adams Contributor
Shae Ford Contributor
C. Greenwood Contributor
Daniel Arenson Contributor
Endi Webb Contributor
Terah Edun Contributor
Michael Wallace Contributor
Michael G. Manning Contributor
David Dalglish Contributor
Amy Raby Contributor
Kate Sparkes Contributor
K.F. Breene Contributor
Morgan Rice Contributor
Darrell K. Sweet Cover artist
Todd Lockwood Cover artist
Stephen Hickman Cover artist
John Barber Cover artist
Jon Sullivan Cover artist
Nick Podehl Narrator
Paul Woodson Narrator
Michelle Ford Narrator
Larry Elmore Cover artist, Illustrator
Carol Russo Cover designer
Aasne Vigesaa Narrator
Boris Vallejo Cover artist
Mark Salwowski Cover artist
Carol Russo Design Cover designer
Clyde Caldwell Cover artist
Dawn Wilson Cover artist
Julie Bell Cover artist
Patti Perret Photographer, Author Photo
Mike Posen Cover artist
Gary Furlong Narrator
Tom Kidd Cover artist
Mark Harrison Cover artist
Adam Burn Cover artist
Geoff Taylor Cover artist
Christa Lewis Narrator
Daniel Horne Cover artist
Hugh Syme Cover artist
Vladimir Nenov Cover artist
Barclay Shaw Cover artist
Wojtek Siudmak Cover artist
Daniel Barradas Cover designer
Romas Kukalis Cover artist
George Long Cover designer
Donato Giancola Cover artist
Marion Balkenhol Translator
Amy Landon Narrator
Shane Rebenschied Cover artist
Marci Senders Cover designer
Jeff Easley Cover artist
Victoria Poyser Cover artist
jennie Faries Cover designer
Rosemary Edgehill Contributor
Carlo Russo Cover designer
Adam Auerbach Cover designer
David Jermann Cover artist
Cliff Nielsen Cover artist
Jody Lee Cover artist
Reiko Murakami Cover artist


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