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Mexican Gothic (2020) 4,791 copias
Gods of Jade and Shadow (2019) 2,197 copias
Certain Dark Things (2016) 855 copias
Velvet Was the Night (2021) 821 copias
The Beautiful Ones (2017) 713 copias
Silver Nitrate (2023) 505 copias
Signal to Noise (2015) 497 copias
Cthulhu's Daughters: Stories of Lovecraftian Horror (2015) — Editor — 232 copias
Untamed Shore (2020) 212 copias
Prime Meridian (2017) 139 copias
Future Lovecraft (2011) — Editor — 111 copias
The Lover - story (2023) 90 copias
Fungi (2012) — Editor — 79 copias
The Return of the Sorceress (2021) 54 copias
Sword and Mythos (2014) — Editor — 44 copias
Fractured: Tales of the Canadian Post-Apocalypse (2014) — Editor — 32 copias
Nebula Awards Showcase 2019 (2019) — Editor — 29 copias
Dead North: Canadian Zombie Fiction (2013) — Editor — 26 copias
Innsmouth Magazine: Collected Issues 1-4 (2012) — Editor — 22 copias
The Seventh Veil of Salome (2024) 15 copias
Other Lives 6 copias
Innsmouth Magazine: Collected Issues 5-7 (2012) — Editor — 5 copias
Innsmouth Free Press 2 (2009) — Editor — 5 copias
Innsmouth Magazine 3 (2010) — Editor — 3 copias
Innsmouth Free Press 1 (2009) — Editor — 3 copias
Flash Frame 3 copias
The Dark #038: July 2018 (2018) — Editor — 3 copias
Maquech 3 copias
The Dark #042: November 2018 — Editor — 2 copias
Innsmouth Magazine # 4 (2010) — Editor — 2 copias
Innsmouth Magazine # 5 (2010) — Editor — 2 copias
Dreamlands: Two Novellas (2021) 2 copias
Innsmouth Magazine # 7 (2011) — Editor — 2 copias
Innsmouth Magazine 8 (2011) — Editor — 2 copias
Innsmouth Magazine # 9 (2012) — Editor — 2 copias
Innsmouth Magazine: 15 (2014) 2 copias
Innsmouth Magazine: Issue 11 (2012) — Editor — 2 copias
Innsmouth Magazine: 14 (2013) 1 copia
Innsmouth Magazine # 6 (2011) — Editor — 1 copia
Innsmouth Magazine #10 (2012) — Editor — 1 copia
Seeds 1 copia
The Dark #028: September 2017 — Editor — 1 copia
Strange Days 1 copia

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SILVER NITRATE by Silvia Moreno-Garcia en The Weird Tradition (julio 2023)


Mexican Gothic ♦ Silvia Moreno-Garcia | Review

Mexican Gothic had already fascinated me with the mysterious but beautiful cover. The blurb also impressed me. But what happened next, I wasn’t prepared for. Despite how exciting it seems, this story is lacking depth. The charm, or challenge, depending on how you look at it, of this weird yet engaging story is found in the final third of the narrative.

Mexican Gothic ♦ Silvia Moreno-Garcia


Noemí Taboada, a young, wealthy, and wild party girl in the 1950s in Mexico, travels to isolated High Place, a very old estate that has been contaminated with the decay of dead and mold all over the place of the mansion. A strange letter from her ailing cousin, Catalina, in which she is pleading for rescue from High Place and an unidentified oppressor, is the reason for Noemí’s trip.

When Noemí arrives at the spooky place with its creepy residents, very quickly she realizes that something is seriously wrong. She experiences dreams, delusions, and voices Francis Doyle, a weak young man intimidated by his powerful elders is the only Doyle family member, Catalina married into, that Noemí can possibly trust. The story is pretty disgusting when I realized what is happening. As much as I enjoyed the haunting story and the exposure of all the physical horrors and sacrifices, I had to get used to this narrative. This book is for people who like light horror and some creepy stuff. I have no regrets reading this book, but it was definitely not what I expected.

Silvia Moreno-Garcia is a truly talented writer. Her emotional style of writing quickly captivates her readers. The final third of the book was wonderful despite being weird, whereas the first two thirds were a touch dull and slow-paced. It got off to a great start. I loved the ominous mood and the spooky relatives. Some of them I wanted to slap into reality. The storytelling got somewhat unreliable, that at some point I couldn’t really follow it no more and I got confused quickly. The part of the family patriarch’s old and mysterious secret took an immense toll on my imagination. Everything turned out to be absurd and strange.



Even though it was a peculiar read I’m pleased I read Mexican Gothic because now I finally understand the commotion about it. Silvia Moreno-Garcia is a talented writer with a distinctive style of expression, which I already experience in her book The Beautiful Ones. I’ll attempt reading the German edition of this book once more, although my first read left a strange feeling, which I couldn’t shake off yet. Sometimes a translation can carry a complete different feeling.

This review was first published at The Art of Reading.
… (más)
RoXXieSiXX | 238 reseñas más. | May 20, 2024 |
Auch die deutsche Übersetzung konnte mich von dem Buch nicht überzeugen. Klar, es war atmosphärisch, teils auch wirklich gruselig. Aber auch sehr, na ja ... anders. Und am Ende blieb es ein wenig verwirrend.
RoXXieSiXX | 238 reseñas más. | May 20, 2024 |
The Beautiful Ones ♦ Silvia Moreno-Garcia | Review

[b:The Beautiful Ones|55311334|The Beautiful Ones|Silvia Moreno-Garcia||54122902] is my first book of [a:Silvia Moreno-Garcia|4088550|Silvia Moreno-Garcia|], and I was left delighted afterwards. In all honesty, I don’t believe Silvia Moreno-Garcia is capable of producing a subpar book. I have read multiple other reviews of other books she already published. And lucky for me, I already have three more of her books here patiently waiting.

The Beautiful Ones ♦ Silvia Moreno-Garcia


The story of The Beautiful Ones revolves around two telekinetic characters named Hector Auvrey and Nina Beaulieu. Although Nina has spent her entire life in the country, her cousin, Gaétan Beaulieu and his wife, Valérie Beaulieu, bring her to the city, so she can mingle with the socialites also known as The Beautiful Ones. Hector, who also happens to be the wife’s betrayed boyfriend, uses Nina’s quest to learn more about her abilities as a chance to rekindle his relationship with Valérie.

I’m not sure how to express how much I adored this book. In a fascinating unique style, it combines different genre — and it made me fall in love with this mix of historical fantasy romance. Silvia Moreno-Garcia also does a fantastic job of bringing this universe to life. The setting is very intriguing, and I nearly felt as though I was right there with the characters. Which are flawless, as well as her world building.

»The world remained and there was something remarkably comforting about this thought, since heartbreak often invoked images of cataclysms that would devour every speck of ground beneath one’s feet.«

― Silvia Moreno-Garcia, The Beautiful Ones, p. 134

There was also the romance between Nina and Hector, and I could feel all those emotions. The age difference did bother me a little, because it was hard to tell Hector’s age. The author never revealed that about him. Therefore, I just hoped both were just a decade apart. Besides that, I adored them to pieces. With all the drama and the second chances, and Hector ultimately learning to live in the here and now and to leave the past behind, it just hit all the perfect notes for me. Even now, pondering that I want to reread should say a lot about this book.

"You are beautiful, Valérie. I don’t think you’ll ever cease to be beautiful, and you’ll continue to drive men crazy with your beauty. But there is no goodness in you, just poison, and a desire to wound", he said without malice, as if he were explaining a difficult arithmetic operation.

― Silvia Moreno-Garcia, The Beautiful Ones, p. 219

Valérie’s lack of depth as a villain is probably the only thing I have to criticize. Not that I cared much for this character, but there were occasions when a tiny feeling of pity rose up inside of me for her. But every next move or word of her extinguished this little flame over and over again. Honestly, it’s a very odd situation I hardly find myself in while reading a book. But Valérie’s character gave me mixed emotions of feeling sadly sympathetic with her, but also hating her to the core. There was simply no kindness from her in the midst of everything, which is what I was hoping for. Nevertheless, her character didn’t ruin the book for me. But on the contrary, it gave the whole plot and pace the right spice, which made me cheer for Nina and Hector even more and to see Valérie go down and swallow her own poison.



The Beautiful Ones is basically a passionate, fast-paced romance with the magic of telekinesis peppered throughout. It just works, and I’m not sure how. Just don’t ask. But believe me, when I say: Silvia Moreno-Garcia is that gifted as a writer.

This review was first published at The Art of Reading.
… (más)
RoXXieSiXX | 33 reseñas más. | May 20, 2024 |
I was drawn to this because I thought it was a fantasy read but I ended up feeling like this story could have been told just as well without the small fantasy element’s inclusion. I found myself loving this even though it’s not my usual read and not what I anticipated when I chose it!

A beautiful (non-spicy) romance story perfect for February! ♥️
ehoustonmyatt | 33 reseñas más. | May 19, 2024 |



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