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The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid item 3628

Editado: Ene 22, 1:13pm

This looks like one I will be very tempted to purchase (American West theme). Does anyone have an EP copy they can comment on? I have copies from Palladium Press and Time Life, but this looks much nicer.

Editado: Ene 31, 11:02pm

I received mine today. The fonts are broken pretty badly as we often see in reproductions from that era, symptomatic of EP’s continued refusal to reset the type. But the design of the front cover is attractive and fun with the title “An Authentic Life of Billy the Kid, the Noted Desperado of the Southwest, by Pat F. Garrett, Sheriff of Lincoln County, by whose hands he was killed.”

From Garrett’s introduction: “ ‘The Kid’ had a lurking devil in him; it was a good-humored, jovial imp, or a cruel and blood-thirsty fiend, as circumstances prompted. Circumstances favored the worser angel, and ‘The Kid’ fell.”

Ene 31, 8:45pm

>3 jroger1: "...EP’s continued refusal to reset the type."

It's more than that, though. OCR technology is sufficiently advanced and cheap where it would be trivial to identify all the characters and words, including the ones where the ink is only partially present, with a high degree of accuracy. They'd have the choice to either save/print a "facsimile" using the original typeface and layout *or* switch to a different font and a new layout. Either way, the result would be as good as any modern offset printer could provide.

Sometimes it seems almost as if MBI put a permanent freeze on all capital expenditures and EP is forced to make it's master copies using their one working 1970's fax machine. Given the prices they charge for their facsimiles, they shouldn't have any problem doing a better job fighting fading and partial ink.

Ene 31, 9:01pm

>3 jroger1: >4 treereader: it is upsetting. I read all of mine ep limited editions and get upset when I see fading font and ink. I guess EP will continue doing nothing. Their books sell like hot cakes. So, why do anything. I think just a small percentage of people complaint about this issue. I’m wondering what kind of quality control they have? Probably none at all.

Ene 31, 9:19pm

>5 fancythings:

I think you've hit upon both the problem and the solution: people need to complain about the problem. The most efficient way to complain is to exchange/return things but enough people need to do it such that they get the message.

Feb 1, 1:58pm

>3 jroger1: Thank you for your review of 'The Authentic Life Of Billy The Kid'.

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