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David and the Phoenix (1957) 481 copias
Time at the Top (1963) 190 copias
Broderick (1656) 76 copias
Theodore (1966) 61 copias
All in Good Time (1965) 56 copias
Castaways on Long Ago (1973) 46 copias
Theodore's Rival (1971) 37 copias
Johnny Castleseed (1985) 25 copias
The Tale of Alain (1960) 7 copias
Imagination Greene (1973) 6 copias
Michael the Upstairs Dog (1967) 2 copias


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I honestly do not know how this book came to be on my kindle. It is a mystery since I am the only person who ever adds books to it. I decided to read it despite not knowing how I came to possess it. It is a charming fantasy story of a boy and a phoenix. I enjoyed the stories very much, particularly the wry sense of humor displayed by the Phoenix, who seems to know everything and promises to give David an education - a promise that he keeps. David also helps to protect the Phoenix from the Scientist. Being a scientist myself, I felt bad about the negative connotations in this book but alas, it could not be helped. Unfortunately, my copy did not contain the images that were in the original book, which would have improved it, but I still enjoyed the story.… (más)
krazy4katz | 8 reseñas más. | Mar 27, 2022 |
Time at the Top by Edward Ormondroyd

One unremarkable afternoon in the month of March some time in the 1960s, a girl called Susan Shaw vanishes from the New York apartment building where she lives with her widowed father. After several days of frantic searching by the local residents and police, she suddenly reappears and relates a bizarre tale involving an eccentric old woman she met on the street, an elevator ride back in time to 1881, and an adventure with two children who are anxious to prevent their mother from making a terrible mistake.

Susan’s father and the eavesdropping cleaning lady naturally have trouble accepting her version of events. Susan has always seemed a very sensible girl, even if she does have a flair for dramatics and enjoys taking the lead in school plays.

Ormondroyd’s writing is light, quirky and humorous, and the pace of the story carries the reader along with enough tension to arouse curiosity about what is going to occur next and how the problems which arise are to be resolved.

Part of what makes the story successful is the fact that the author includes himself as one of the tenants living in the apartment building, makes wry comments about the various happenings, and relates an account of the adventure which he heard firsthand from Susan.

While this book does not have much depth to it, it is nevertheless intelligent and imaginative. The time-travel mechanism is original, and the conclusion is somewhat unexpected. In my opinion, it is definitely worth reading if you are interested in children’s timeslip literature. Although the plot is wrapped up in a satisfying way, there is a sequel, All in Good Time, which continues the tale.

… (más)
Hoppy500 | 8 reseñas más. | Mar 14, 2022 |
Reading children's literature as an adult is a tricky venture, when the object is to perceive what makes it magical in the memory of fellow adults who read it as a child. This instance proved easier than most. It's been too long since I read Nesbit's phoenix story to recall it well, but other than this one's too abrupt ending I think this would bear up under a quality comparison.

David moves to a new home with his family, one that features a too-tempting mountain in its backyard. Near its summit he meet with the phoenix, and it's the phoenix's august personality that really makes this book shine. He's a proper English gentleman, but one that speaks to David on an equal level. Rather than ponderous adult wisdom he offers an education in the form of adventure, and they enjoy several together. The phoenix acquaints David with a great many other mythical beasties who turn out to be just as real, though not always a match for their myths. With the exception of an exploding cigar gag (who knew that would ever get old?) this novel has aged very well and I'd read it to any child today with expectation of success.… (más)
Cecrow | 8 reseñas más. | Feb 8, 2022 |
Still in a state of revolt regarding my library's decision to weed books like this, I borrowed my husband's academic ILL account and got this one.* I was a bit nervous. I loved it as a kid and what if my memories were wrong?

So I was so happy to find that my memories were largely correct.This is a lovely little historical novel, with a touch of fantasy that Ormondroyd introduces and sets up in a very creative way. Just letting the author describe the sights and sounds of the country is therapy when contrasted with the usual action packed into your newer novels for MG/YA. It would make a great TV/streaming movie. (Hint, hint)

*Husband, getting PhD. Has used ILL once.
Wife, not getting PhD. Has used ILL 10 times. And mostly for nostalgic purposes. Take that, Library system.
… (más)
1 vota
OutOfTheBestBooks | 8 reseñas más. | Sep 24, 2021 |



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