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The Night Gardener (2016) 578 copias
Ocean Meets Sky (2018) 320 copias
It Fell from the Sky (2021) 290 copias
The Barnabus Project (2020) 167 copias
Night Lunch (2022) 66 copias
Lizzy and the Cloud (2023) 2 copias

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The text and illustrations carry the reader away into a fantasy world and suspenseful story that celebrates uniqueness and freedom. Barnabus lives in a bell jar deep in a lab with other “failed” perfect pet projects. Barnabus wonders about the world outside his jar and once he realizes he may be “recycled” into a perfect pet, he worries about losing his uniqueness and just wants to be himself. So, he decides it's time for an escape. With his little trunk and help from others, Barnabus and the “failed” pets set out to find freedom where they are accepted for who they are.

While some reviews suggested this book was too dark, I found the illustrations to compliment the surreal/fantasy feel of the setting. Give children some credit, not all readers may understand the message with one read, but this is a book is to be read again and again.
… (más)
AnnesLibrary | 12 reseñas más. | Jan 28, 2024 |
I thought this sweet and whimsical picture book offers an interesting perspective -- to look at an everyday object from a bug's point of view. Another review noted that most of the bugs are male except the ladybug and luna moth - I noted that as well while reading. I am also not sure about the anti-capitalist message (with the greedy spider) thrown in, but I did enjoy the introduction of "new" objects to the story. The illustrations are great - I enjoyed the use of color versus black & white illustrations.… (más)
AnnesLibrary | 5 reseñas más. | Jan 28, 2024 |
I've never read a book written and illustrated by the Fan Brothers. It is difficult to choose which is my favorite, but this one is at the top.

Young Finn misses his grandfather. Remembering that he told Finn about "a magical place where the ocean meets the sky, where whales and jellyfish soar and birds and castles float," Finn decides to build a boat. Tired after his accomplishment, he falls asleep and dreams of the place that his grandfather so lovingly portrayed.

It would have been his grandfather's 90th birthday. Dreaming of the place his grandfather so lovingly portrayed, Finn dreams of what was planned. As a great golden fish shows the way, the journey is beyond his dreams could portray.

I confess that the Fan Brothers are by far my favorite illustrators. It is difficult to find other books as beautiful. The depth of their artistry canot be beat. Every book is magical and special.

I highly recommend readers to open one of their magical books and to spend time as you are transported to a journey of sheer beauty beyond words.
… (más)
Whisper1 | 19 reseñas más. | Oct 29, 2023 |
The Fan brothers have created an award-winning children's book celebrating diversity. Barnabus, half mouse and half elephant is hidden away with the other outcast projects which is portrayed through illustrations that give off a sinister tone. Barnabus's dream of freedom leads him and his group of misfit friends on an adventure. After freeing the outcast characters, Barnabus and his friends work together to escape their captors. They escape into the outside world, a world they've never known, to find a place to call home.… (más)
KristiLM | 12 reseñas más. | Jul 27, 2023 |



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