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Thursday Next: First Among Sequels por…

Thursday Next: First Among Sequels (edición 2007)

por Jasper Fforde

Series: Thursday Next (5)

MiembrosReseñasPopularidadValoración promediaConversaciones / Menciones
5,0751652,173 (3.96)1 / 335
Positivo I: Hacia un Cambio de Actitud
Título:Thursday Next: First Among Sequels
Autores:Jasper Fforde
Información:Viking Adult (2007), Hardcover, 400 pages
Colecciones:Tu biblioteca

Información de la obra

First Among Sequels por Jasper Fforde

  1. 10
    La ciudad de los libros soñadores por Walter Moers (ljbwell)
    ljbwell: Funny, fantasy/alternative celebrations of books and writers and the magical worlds they create.
  2. 00
    The Wee Musketeers por Robert Bresloff (FMRox)
  3. 00
    Libriomancer por Jim C. Hines (TomWaitsTables)
  4. 01
    Who's Afraid of Beowulf? por Tom Holt (Dr.Science)
    Dr.Science: The English author Tom Holt is relatively unknown in America, but very popular in England. If you enjoy Jasper Fforde or Christopher Moore you will most certainly enjoy Tom Holt's wry sense of English humor and the absurd. He has written a number of excellent books including Expecting Someone Taller, and Flying Dutch, but they may be difficult to find at your library or bookstore.… (más)
  5. 01
    Fables, Vol. 02: Animal Farm por Bill Willingham (TomWaitsTables)

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 Fforde Ffans: First Among Sequels Discussion Thread13 no leídos / 13reading_fox, Septiembre 2008

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Besser als der 4. Teil, und mit einem fiesen Cliffhanger am Ende... ( )
  Katzenkindliest | Apr 23, 2024 |
I enjoyed this Thursday Next tale. It felt a little like a reboot and that was okay with me. It brought some new freshness to the story. There was a time I was unsure if I would keep going with is series. This book changed my mind. ( )
  cdaley | Nov 2, 2023 |
Part of my "catching up with series" month-or-two, again, this book was originally marked down as "read" but I cant remember it, so probably haven't.

Fifth in the Thursday Next books and Thursday is having to cope with not being a LiteraryAgent (whilst she is really), having 3 children (including one with an existence problem in that she doesn't actually exist), multiple versions of herself running around BookWorld (none of whom she actually likes), and trying to sort out various issues in and out of BookWorld.

Another great Next book, stepping out of the quadriology of the 1st four books, and giving the series a suitable jumping off point for the next set of books in the series (with the concept of multiple Thursdays in the same story line). Not for those who have not read a Thursday Next book before, it can take a while to get used to the multiverse world of Thursday. ( )
  nordie | Oct 14, 2023 |
Book 5 of the Thursday Next series. Its been years since the last book and Thursday has actually had books written about her. So her character exists in Book World, actually 2 versions of her. In this adventure, the world is going to come to an end because Time is ending because no one has invented time travel yet. Sure its been in use by the Chronoguard for years, they just assumed that someone was going to invent how to do it sometime in the future. Hilarity ensues. ( )
  mahsdad | Sep 28, 2023 |
Friday Next to his Mom Thursday : "Keep reading books Mum, it helps to reinforce and strengthen the indefinable Moment that anchors us in the here and now.Strive for the Long Now. It's the only thing that will save us."
( )
  kevinkevbo | Jul 14, 2023 |
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By the time we reach the fifth volume, First Among Sequels, Fforde has firmly regained his footing, and the plot moves along like a well-turned simile.
añadido por Katya0133 | editarYale Review, David Galef (Oct 1, 2008)
First Among Sequels is for adults who want sophisticated wit with their fantasy, but who still possess an appreciation for the intricate worldbuilding of a well-imagined children’s novel.
añadido por Katya0133 | editarNew Statesman, Jean Edelstein (Aug 13, 2007)
While Fforde's humor can be affecting, it can also grate with its self-consciousness, as the author nudges readers to admire his verbal dexterity.
añadido por Katya0133 | editarKirkus (Jul 23, 2007)
It's an ingenious premise that makes for a thrill ride of a read. And it's not entirely necessary — though perhaps more fun — to read the books in the proper order. Fforde gives enough background in "Thursday Next" to inform readers of all they need to know to find both books hilarious, exhilarating and just a bit exhausting.
añadido por Shortride | editarAssociated Press, Kim Curtis (Jul 18, 2007)
Fans of satiric literary humor are in for a treat.
añadido por Katya0133 | editarPublishers Weekly (May 14, 2007)

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Fforde, Jasperautor principaltodas las edicionesconfirmado
Gray, EmilyNarradorautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado
Koen, ViktorArtista de Cubiertaautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado
Meconis, DylanIlustradorautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado
Mudron, BillIlustradorautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado
Perez, JosephDiseñador de cubiertaautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado
Thomas, MarkArtista de Cubiertaautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado
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Positivo I: Hacia un Cambio de Actitud

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