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Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man

por Emmanuel Acho

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Absolutely read this one. It's not Acho's job to explain racism to Americans, but I'm so grateful he was willing to tackle some of these tough topics.

"Everyone, and I mean everyone, has biases. It’s the job of empathetic and considerate people not to let them dictate actions that harm others.”
“Do good work, but don’t make the mistake of caring more about your intentions than about the impact of your intentions, or seeking out gratitude or praise. Make sure you aren’t engaged in optical allyship—the kind that goes only so far as it takes to get the right post for social media. True allyship is a commitment to fight this fight for the long haul."

“White privilege is about the word white, not rich. It's having advantage built into your life. It's not saying your life hasn't been hard; it's saying your skin color hasn't contributed to the difficulty in your life.” ( )
  bookworm12 | Jul 22, 2021 |
nonfiction (racism in U.S.)

an excellent, accessible intro to the things really everyone should know in 2020 (see also the author's video series on the same topic). You can certainly read through the entire book in one sitting, and will be better informed for it, but please don't stop there. The author provides next steps for learning more and doing more, because there is still so much more work we all need to do.

Another really good, accessible book to start with is [b:So You Want to Talk About Race|35099718|So You Want to Talk About Race|Ijeoma Oluo|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1499224833l/35099718._SX50_.jpg|56405219].

Acho's favorite reading recommendations (alphabetical by author's last name):

[bc:The Invention of the White Race: The Origin of Racial Oppression in Anglo-America, Volume 2|184135|The Invention of the White Race The Origin of Racial Oppression in Anglo-America, Volume 2|Theodore W. Allen|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1387651849l/184135._SY75_.jpg|15875518] [bc:White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide|26073085|White Rage The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide|Carol Anderson|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1456093492l/26073085._SY75_.jpg|46010383] [bc:The N Word: Who Can Say It, Who Shouldn't, and Why|449506|The N Word Who Can Say It, Who Shouldn't, and Why|Jabari Asim|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1433391524l/449506._SY75_.jpg|503442] [bc:The Fire Next Time|464260|The Fire Next Time|James Baldwin|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1562890148l/464260._SY75_.jpg|1129041] [bc:Racism without Racists: Color-Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in the United States|433281|Racism without Racists Color-Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in the United States|Eduardo Bonilla-Silva|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1387731429l/433281._SX50_.jpg|422224] [bc:Woke Baby|39073417|Woke Baby|Mahogany L. Browne|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1533032624l/39073417._SX50_.jpg|60627517]
[bc:White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism|43708708|White Fragility Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism|Robin DiAngelo|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1548478235l/43708708._SY75_.jpg|58159636] [bc:Racecraft: The Soul of Inequality in American Life|14451357|Racecraft The Soul of Inequality in American Life|Karen E. Fields|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1374000394l/14451357._SY75_.jpg|20093759] [bc:How the Irish Became White|305686|How the Irish Became White|Noel Ignatiev|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1387746793l/305686._SX50_.jpg|2793515] [bc:How to Be an Antiracist|40265832|How to Be an Antiracist|Ibram X. Kendi|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1560163756l/40265832._SY75_.jpg|62549152] [bc:Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You|52220686|Stamped Racism, Antiracism, and You|Jason Reynolds|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1568739320l/52220686._SX50_SY75_.jpg|73010857] [bc:The Bluest Eye|11337|The Bluest Eye|Toni Morrison|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1388208495l/11337._SX50_.jpg|1987778]
[bc:The Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime, and the Making of Modern Urban America|7093931|The Condemnation of Blackness Race, Crime, and the Making of Modern Urban America|Khalil Gibran Muhammad|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1348433553l/7093931._SY75_.jpg|7350632] [bc:Fatal Invention: How Science, Politics, and Big Business Re-create Race in the Twenty-First Century|10055524|Fatal Invention How Science, Politics, and Big Business Re-create Race in the Twenty-First Century|Dorothy Roberts|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1328751704l/10055524._SY75_.jpg|14951627] [bc:Race Matters|250825|Race Matters|Cornel West|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1403181946l/250825._SY75_.jpg|12287] [bc:Native Son|15622|Native Son|Richard Wright|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1440820866l/15622._SY75_.jpg|3159084] [bc:The Autobiography of Malcolm X|92057|The Autobiography of Malcolm X|Malcolm X|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1434682864l/92057._SY75_.jpg|47400]

There is also a long list of essays, reports, documentaries, podcasts, etc., which I won't list here, but you may want to check out:

"How to Talk to Relatives Who Care More About Looting Than Black Lives" by Rachel Miller

"How to Be an Ally If You Are a Person with Privilege" by Frances E. Kendall

"100 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice" by Corinne Shutack, which gets updated regularly so that it stays current. ( )
  reader1009 | Jul 3, 2021 |
A quick introduction to systemic racism, white privilege, appropriation, and other topics we all need to have more conversations on. Acho references many deeper dives for those wishing to continue on. This is very conversational, based on his YouTube series. Highly recommended. ( )
  illmunkeys | Apr 22, 2021 |
In Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man, Acho takes on all the questions, large and small, insensitive and taboo, many White Americans are afraid to ask - yet which all Americans need the answers to, now more than ever. With the same open-hearted generosity that has made his video series a phenomenon, Acho explains the vital core of such fraught concepts as white privilege, cultural appropriation, and “reverse racism”.

In his own words, he provides a space of compassion and understanding in a discussion that can lack both. He asks only for the listener's curiosity - but along the way, he will galvanize all of us to join the antiracist fight ~Amazon
  stlukeschurch | Mar 9, 2021 |
An outstanding example of how to discuss a difficult topic in a personable and engaging way, while not flinching away from hard truths and shameful history. This is a great way to begin to talk about the unpleasant realities of racism in America. ( )
  RandyRasa | Mar 1, 2021 |
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