Heritage NY - Grapes of Wrath

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Heritage NY - Grapes of Wrath

Editado: Ene 6, 6:40pm

I went through Django's google doc spreadsheet looking for information on Heritage Press - Grapes of Wrath. I don't see any mention of a leather cover on that spreadsheet. However, I see brown cloth copies and brown leather copies for sale. Both the leather edition and the cloth edition are Heritage Press releases and not LEC. They also seem to be from the same year. Why the difference in cover? Anybody have more knowledge about this book? Thanks. I did go ahead and buy a brown cloth copy in great condition other than a sunned spine. $60. How did I do?

Feb 15, 12:43pm

I apologize for the tardy response, but I just saw your post.

The Grapes of Wrath was issued in December, 1940 in both a cloth version and a much rarer full calfskin leather binding. This was a practice the Heritage Club usually did about once every other series in the earlier days, and thus you will find leather versions of the Lives of the Artists volumes (Lust for Life, Romance of Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt van Rijn) as well as Lorna Doone and The Rubaiyat and Leaves of Grass. I would love to know just how many of the leather versions were printed, but that information isn't in the few references available, but there can't have been very many (the special productions for company gifts, such as the ones for the Illinois Gear company are a different kettle of fish).

Your copy for $60 is a pretty good deal: I have yet to see a cloth copy where the spine isn't sunned and I think my copy cost me $45 when I bought it in the mid-90s. Mine is also in excellent condition inside and on the front and rear boards, but the titling on the spine is nearly illegible. For all of the leather versions I have seen, and there aren't many, the bindings are in what I would call Poor to Almost Good condition, and most are listed at or more than $100.

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