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George Macy biographical profile

Ene 4, 12:37am

Late last night my time I saw a booklet for sale which appeared to be of some interest to me. It was a biographical profile of George Macy written by Nunnaly Johnson and published by the Limited Editions Club. I was too tired to make online purchases and so put it off for the next day. Today morning sadly it was no longer available for sale. Does anyone here have a copy of it? It only seemed to be 10-20 pages long and should really be scanned and shared with everyone here.

Ene 4, 10:11am

>1 blue.eyes: If I'm correct, it was a memoir by Johnson, a close friend of Macy although they lived on opposite coasts, for Macy's memorial service. It may be reproduced in Chris Adamson's "Books and Vines" blog. I seem to remember some months ago trying to copy and print it unsuccessfully (I ran out of ink and then was distracted and never did). I agree it should be scanned and shared. Please take a look there and see if I'm right.

Ene 4, 5:36pm

>2 laotzu225: I have a copy of a book titled "The Letters of Nunnaly Johnson". I bought it because it contained two letters of definite interest to me; one was a detailed analysis of the personality and character of Marilyn Monroe (written at the request of a person writing a Marilyn biography). The other was a letter about the famous detective story writer Dashiell Hammett in which Johnson gave, among other things, his perspective on why Hammett stopped writing abruptly. Johnson had known both Marilyn and Hammett personally.

I just took a look at this book to see if there is any reference to Macy in it, but quickly realized that if there is, it will take quite some time to find it. There is no index, and the table of contents just divide the letters into four or five sections on the basis of the years when they were written.

Ene 4, 8:59pm

The information online about Nunnally Johnson is almost as sketchy as the information about Macy--odd when you consider Johnson wrote and produced many classic films including the Tyrone Power "Jesse James," 'The Grapes of Wrath," "Roxie Hart," "The Southerner," "The Gunfighter," "The Desert Fox," and "Man in the Gray Flannel Suit," and these are just a few of his best-known credits.

I suspect Johnson got to know Macy during the production of "The Grapes of Wrath," because the billboard used to promote the film reproduced a painting Thomas Hart Benton did for them based on his LEC illustration of the Joads packing up to leave, and the souvenir program for the film's premiere reproduced the original illustration.

Ene 4, 10:19pm

>5 RuefulCountenance: Here are some images of that program that I happened to see recently, for anyone interested -

Ene 4, 11:37pm

>5 RuefulCountenance:

The portrait of Rosasharn is obviously not the one in the Limited Editions Club or HP edition, and clearly resembles the actress Doris Bowdon who played the part.

Ene 5, 11:10am

>1 blue.eyes: My memory as expressed in message 2 was correct. The booklet was produced for Macy's funeral service. It was sent out to Heritage Club members. The letter of transmittal from Helen Macy is quite touching. The letter and booklet can be seen at Books and Vines.
Perhaps someone technically adept can reproduce it for this group and maybe in a way that it could be printed out as a keepsake as the original was meant to be.
Here is the link:

Ene 5, 1:10pm

>7 laotzu225: Many thanks for the link.

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