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I haven't cataloged everything, maybe only a third or a quarter of it. I add a few at a time.
Sobre mí
I like reading mostly novels, with a special interest in 19th and 20th century English writers. Some memoirs and letters.

I generally don't write reviews that are intended to be helpful to other people--sorry. I just write a note to remind myself that I read it, and whether I liked it very much or not. But if you prod me about a particular book I'll tell you what I did or didn't like about it.

My star ratings are entirely subjective and not finely-tuned. I work mostly in the 3 and 4 star range. Four stars means that I really enjoyed reading it. Three stars meant that was more or less entertained, but with reservations. Five stars is reserved for things that really knocked my socks off.

Two stars means I didn't like it much but for some reason I kept reading it. I don't feel compelled to read more than 50 pages or so of a one star book.
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