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Apr 25, 2007
Nombre verdadero
Daniela Capistrano
Sobre mi biblioteca
I moved to NYC three years ago, and had to leave most all of my material possessions behind. The most painful part of that was giving my books away.

All of the books that I now add to my growing library are very special to me, because they were all purchased here in NYC at times in my life when I was seeking something that a particular book seemed to help satisfy. I have moved several times since coming here, and always have had to weigh the importance of each book purchase since (like most NYC apartments) I have a limited amount of space.

I collect books to read, cart around, make notes in, and basically manhandle. I am not a collector who is afraid to bend pages or ruin binding, although I refuse to purchase a book off of a shelf that is already a little creased or bent. All damage must be inflicted by me alone, over time. There are some books I hesitate to share with others, only in that I love them so much and can't bare the thought of someone else putting their fingers on the pages.

My books are a part of who I am, who I am becoming. They chronicle my experiences over the past three years and remind me of how far I have come.

Favorite Magazines (a sampling):
Fast Company
Business 2.0
National Geographic
Sobre mí
I am a creative nomad currently residing in NYC. I take several trains/buses each day, and as a result the subway has become my mobile library. I am always carrying a book or two around with me as I go from one place to another.

I enjoy identifying, tracking, and predicting trends as technology becomes more and more integrated with personal experience and identity.

I love to watch/discuss movies, make short films, travel, play chess, take pictures, go to brunch + movie on sundays, go to the beach at night, experiment with eyeliner,
set goals and reach them, spend time with my Little Sister (BBBS) and watch Adult Swim.

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