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Margaret Sutton (1903–2001)

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Margaret Sutton, 1903 - 2001 Margaret Sutton was born in 1903 to the name of Rachel Beebe, in Odin, Pennsylvania. She grew up in Coudersport, near the border of New York State, and learned her story telling ability form her mother. She began writing stories for her husband's daughter after she mostrar más married William Sutton in 1924. Sutton's first book, "The Vanishing Shadow" began the Judy Bolton series and was published in 1932. This began a series containing 38 books and spanning 35 years, the last book, "The Secret of the Sand Castle" being published in 1967. The books were all stories about real life events in and around Coudersport and other parts of Potter County where Sutton grew up. Her books sold more than 5 million copies. Sutton went on to teach creative writing for adult education classes as well as working towards fair housing and civil rights in Berkeley, California. Margaret Sutton died on June 21, 2001 in Pennsylvania at the age of 98. mostrar menos
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The Vanishing Shadow (1932) 218 copias
The Invisible Chimes (1932) 136 copias
Seven Strange Clues (1932) 95 copias
El espectro amarillo (1933) 88 copias
The Voice in the Suitcase (1935) 85 copias
The Mystic Ball (1934) 81 copias
The Ghost Parade (1933) 80 copias
The Mysterious Half Cat (1936) 75 copias
The Unfinished House (1938) 68 copias
The Name on the Bracelet (1940) 67 copias
The Rainbow Riddle (1946) 63 copias
The Mark on the Mirror (1942) 60 copias
The Midnight Visitor (1939) 56 copias
The Warning on the Window (1949) 47 copias
The Living Portrait (1947) 45 copias
The Black Cat's Clue (1952) 44 copias
The Haunted Fountain (1957) 43 copias
The Trail of the Green Doll (1956) 42 copias
The Spirit of Fog Island (1951) 40 copias
The Haunted Road (1954) 34 copias
The Forbidden Chest (1953) 32 copias
The Phantom Friend (1959) 31 copias
The Clue of the Broken Wing (1958) 31 copias
Britannica Junior Encyclopedia for Boys and Girls (1971) — Editor — 28 copias
The Puzzle in the Pond (1963) 25 copias
The Secret Quest (1962) 24 copias
The Hidden Clue (1964) 24 copias
The Whispered Watchword (1961) 22 copias
A Shepherd Boy of Australia (1941) 19 copias
Two Boys of the Ohio Valley (1943) 13 copias
The Strange Likeness (2012) 9 copias
We Love You Beatles (1971) 8 copias
Who Will Play With Me? (1951) 6 copias
Gail Gardner Wins Her Cap (1944) 4 copias
The Talking Snowman a Judy Bolton Mystery (2004) — Autor — 3 copias
The Weed Walk (1965) 2 copias

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Children's Britannica (20 Volume Set) (1969)algunas ediciones87 copias


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Nombre canónico
Sutton, Margaret
Nombre legal
Hunting, Margaret Sutton
Otros nombres
Beebe, Rachel
Fecha de nacimiento
Fecha de fallecimiento
Lugar de nacimiento
Odin, Pennsylvania, USA
Lugar de fallecimiento
Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, USA
Causa de fallecimiento
natural causes
Rochester Business Institute
children's book author




Disappointed that it was less mystery, and more like a Sweet Valley High book (minus the romance) where a high school girl named Judy Bolton is trying to fit in in a new school of upper-crust girls. This is not the kind of story I expected. I'm headed back to the comforts of Nancy Drew mysteries!
JohnnyRue | 3 reseñas más. | Aug 1, 2023 |
The Riddle of the Double Ring is the tenth volume in Ms. Sutton's Judy Bolton mystery series. Judy Bolton was a rival to Nancy Drew, but her series stopped being published in 1967. This book takes place after Judy has graduated from Farringdon Girls' High School.

Judy Bolton has two serious boyfriends. One is rich Arthur Farringdon-Pett, engineer, the brother of Judy's friend, Lois. Judy and her family live in the town of Farringdon. Judy's brother, Horace, is a reporter for the local newspaper, 'The Farringdon Daily Herald'. That newspaper is edited by Richard Thorton Lee, father of lovely Lorraine Lee. Not only is Lorraine Lois' other best friend, Lorraine is in love with Arthur. Lois, Lorraine, and Arthur have known each other since childhood.

Judy's other boyfriend, Peter Dobbs, is a lawyer who is currently working at a law firm in New York. His sister, Honey, Judy's best friend, is attending art school in New York.

Judy goes on a picnic with Lois and Arthur. Lorraine was invited along, but turned down the invitation. Lorraine and Judy both have a spinel ruby friendship ring that was a gift from Lois. Lorraine borrows Judy's ring, with her permission.

The picnic is
… (más)
JalenV | otra reseña | Jul 12, 2023 |
Read June 2015, didn't like much. 5 of 10
michael.gauwitz | Oct 23, 2015 |


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