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Doris Grumbach (1918–2022)

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Incluye los nombres: Grumbach Doris, Doris Grumbach

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When she was twenty-seven years old, writer Doris Grumbach had an epiphany. It was as if God were right there beside her, and she had a “feeling of peace so intense that it seemed to expand into ineffable joy.” After this fleeting moment, Grumbach became determined to recapture what she had felt. The Presence of Absence is the story of her fifty-year search.

Grumbach is an open-minded and skilled seeker, and she writes candidly of the people she has met along the way. She details how she lost her path after decades of going to her Protestant church and writes of her turn to personal spirituality. In her quest to find God, she encounters a multitude of philosophies and gives all of them their due. She reads the works of Thomas Merton and Simone Weil, seeks the advice of her seminary-attending daughter, and studies the Psalms. Despite the setbacks of disease, injury, and ego, Grumbach perseveres in her pursuit of beauty and proof in the absence.… (más)
PendleHillLibrary | Sep 16, 2023 |
Book got on my nerves. Felt like it was one of those books where people give up something, usually for a year (buying things from China, TV, etc) and then write a book. But she didn't try very hard since she moves to rural Maine for 50 days (around 6 weeks, duh!) but still listens to music, the radio, goes to church, answers the door, picks up neighbors on the road, goes to the store.. and also gets letters from friends and family. Many of us were much more isolated during the pandemic.
ilovemycat1 | 5 reseñas más. | Mar 17, 2023 |
A charming and thoughtful little book in which nothing much happens but we get a detailed look into the inner life of this self-styled iconoclast and admitted introvert and grump. Grumbach was almost 77 when she wrote this and very conscious of aging. She's still around and will turn 103 in two weeks. One of my favorite authors. Happy birthday, Doris.

- Tim Bazzett, author of the memoir, BOOKLOVER
TimBazzett | Jun 29, 2021 |
The book was interesting and had several passages with observations that were worth of further reflection. At times her observations were clothed in more drama than the actual experience may have deserved. Then again it was her experience and who am I to judge? I'm glad I read the short book.
hazel1123 | 5 reseñas más. | Jun 29, 2017 |



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