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Kevin DeYoung (PhD, University of Leicester) is the senior pastor at Christ Covenant Church in Matthews, North Carolina, and assistant professor of systematic theology at Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte. He serves as board chairman of the Gospel Coalition and blogs at DeYoung, Restless, mostrar más and Reformed He is the author of several books, including Just Do Something; Crazy Busy; and The Biggest Story. Kevin and his wife, Trisha, have nine children. mostrar menos

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The Biggest Story ABC (2017) 287 copias
The Art of Turning (2017) 223 copias
Amaze them with God (1888) 95 copias
Acts: A Visual Guide (2018) 65 copias
The Cross in Four Words (2020) 46 copias
Doe iets! 2 copias
Die größte Geschichte (2023) 1 copia
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This book was easy to read and immensely practical. Holiness is a tough issue and DeYoung strikes a nice balance between exhortation and encouragement. He also includes a great section on dating which I will be using in the instruction of my children.
jfranzone | 9 reseñas más. | Feb 14, 2024 |
Este livro do premiado autor Kevin DeYoung chega na hora certa e desafia cada um de nós - céticos ou interessados, seguros ou confusos - a olhar humildemente o que a Palavra de Deus diz sobre o assunto da homossexualidade. DeYoung examina importantes passagens da Bíblia e o seu ensino sobre a sexualidade, e responde às questões e objeções que têm sido levantadas por cristãos e não cristãos sobre este assunto, tornando este livro uma leitura indispensável para se considerar biblicamente uma das questões mais debatidas e controversas de nossos dias.… (más)
Rawderson_Rangel | 5 reseñas más. | Dec 29, 2023 |
Este livro relaciona estas histórias clássicas à mensagem principal das Escrituras sobre o glorioso plano de redenção de Deus para o ser humano.
Em A Maior de Todas as Histórias, Kevin DeYoung um autor best-seller conduz os leitores em uma emocionante jornada pela Bíblia. Ele vai ligando os pontos desde o Jardim do Éden até a morte de Cristo na cruz, falando, até mesmo, dos novos céus e a nova Terra. Com as lindas ilustrações do premiado Don Clark, esta releitura cheia de imaginação da mensagem bíblica central como a do destruidor da serpente, que nos leva de volta ao Jardim que atrairá as pessoas para a Palavra de Deus, ensinando-as que as promessas do Senhor são ainda maiores e melhores do que pensamos.… (más)
bibliotecaipr | Dec 25, 2023 |
This review was also posted here -

As Christian parents of young children, we are always trying to incorporate the Gospel presentation to our children as they are our number one outreach audience we want to see come to salvation in Jesus Christ. And with young children, using pictures and stories is a big help in communicating that message. For the most part, young children's Christian literature involves the fun stories without the consequences. We get the small Ark with the giraffes' heads poking out but we don't get the reason for the Flood to have occurred and being tied to God's judgment. We get David facing off against Goliath but after the rock knocks out the giant, we don't see David ending the confrontation with a beheading. The stories of Jesus healing and feeding people and letting the little children come to Him are there but the cross seems to be missing from the stories. We remove death and judgment and the outcomes of sin from the stories to our children and wonder why there's no drive from them to see Jesus as anything other than our friend. Why see Him as a Savior if we're not showing them what He's saving us from - apart from an apple with a bite taken from it?

But then we'll read to our young children stories of swashbuckling pirates, wizards in battle with orcs, monsters being defeated by knights, or hereos of might. Works of fiction we'll communicate the hero's journey, but in the ultimate Hero's journey we remove the conflict and make the brave One feckless and just another hippie lost to an era long ago.

The Biggest Story from the cover offers the hero's journey - "The Snake Crusher Brings Us Back To The Garden" and the cover offers a literal path to follow. Here's a story that recognizes God as a Storyteller and His story being not just the hero winning in the end but offering redemption unable to be realized in a world without the pain and suffering to be redeemed from.

There is judgment, there is death, and there is the Cross - put into their proper context and designed from there the parent to limit or expand upon as needed depending on the age of the child. Yes, there are no lopped-off heads in here but failure by man, judgment, death, and the snake loom around every rock - but so is the God of life and hope and salvation. There is the Cross AND the empty tomb.

The pictures are going to be the big seller of the book and cannot be separated for why this is a good story. The style is that of symbolism and shape and form. There's almost too much on some pages but done so for a purpose. This isn't going to Picasso's cubism as a way of denying reality but in showing the epic nature of the story we exist in and travel in today. The mood is one that feels almost esoteric in weirdness and cosmic in grandeur. Again, one done with a purpose.

The story doesn't conclude at the empty tomb or with Jesus just smiling after coming back to life as we might see in other books. The story continues because we're in the midst of the story. The one drawback is I would have liked to seen maybe one page or a few talking about the role of the church in history and the people who have made it up to continue but the story goes to where the title promised us - "back to the Garden". However, this story shows the grandeur of God's plan even with the Fall and the salvation of HIs people. This is a resource and tool that should be a gift to all parents who have been given the Gift of New Life - Final Grade - A+
… (más)
agentx216 | 9 reseñas más. | Aug 27, 2023 |



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