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The Field Guide to the North American…

The Field Guide to the North American Teenager (edición 2020)

por Ben Philippe (Autor)

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2741374,633 (3.79)6
When Norris, a Black French Canadian, starts his junior year at an Austin, Texas, high school, he views his fellow students as clichés from "a bad 90s teen movie."
Título:The Field Guide to the North American Teenager
Autores:Ben Philippe (Autor)
Info:Balzer Bray (2020), Edition: 1, 384 pages
Colecciones:Tu biblioteca

Detalles de la obra

The Field Guide to the North American Teenager por Ben Philippe


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Well Norris Kaplan is no Simon Spier (instantly adorably likable), but I couldn’t help but get caught up in his sarcastic narration that chronicles his move from Montreal, Quebec (CANADA!!!) to Austin, Texas. Kaplan’s story is pretty predictable in that he is expectedly out of place in his new high school (especially being a black AND French kid), with the arrival of an unexpected cheerleader ally, a quirky loner best friend, and a totally not appropriate for him love interest, but his story was still a fun read. We see Norris slowly reign in his sarcasm (except when it accidentally makes him allies!) and grow up a bit as he encounters the expected social drama that accompanies any highschooler, much less one as sassy as Norris. What I liked most about the book (besides Norris’ attitude problem haha) was that there were little bits of Canada thrown in to distinguish Norris from all the other teenage protagonists. An occasionally placed Quebecois-ism, Spring Break at Whistler instead of Florida, and the creation of a hockey team in the deep south made Norris a character whose story I wanted to read, just to support a fellow Canadian. What would have made it a more unique read would have been the inclusion of pages of the notebook that Norris is handed on his first day at his new school, which he apparently starts jotting down his field guide observations in, and which isn’t really utilized as a plot device until the final conflict. Yes, this has been done before in many forms, but from the title I quite literally expected more “field guiding” than the title and intro paragraphs to each chapter. ( )
  JaimieRiella | Jul 15, 2021 |
I would like to read more of this author because there's a lot of clever-funny going on here. But I am mystified by the decision to write this in 3rd person when the narrative screams 1st. ( )
  fionaanne | Nov 19, 2020 |
Norris moves with his mom from Montreal to Austin, Texas and must try to survive the heat, the separation from his best friend, and most of all, navigating the Typical Texas Teenagers in his new school. It doesn't help that he's a black French Canadian or that his mouth is sometimes faster than his sense of tact.
Part YA sweet romance, part coming-of-age, part #ownvoices narrative of a black teen in the modern-day South. I enjoyed this one immensely and think it definitely deserves this year's Morris Award. The characters were very well drawn: complex in their motivations and wants/needs and all easy to empathize with and root for and love. And although that too-precocious-for-a-teen element was present in the writing, it wasn't as bothersome as it is in other YA authors. ( )
  electrascaife | Sep 28, 2020 |
I read this novel at the request of a friend. She wanted an opinion on finding something to engage her teenager in the current news-media dialogue on racism. This book isn’t a good choice because it is more about a middle-school kid (Norris) trying to fit in at a new high school. Beyond that, the fact he is black, French-Canadian does not come across as the source of the drama that pervades this novel.

In fact, there was too much high-school drama which didn’t convey an authentic situation. I was disappointed at the amount of stereotyping (jocks, cheer leaders, an introductory school counsellor). I’ve read a number of YA novels in the contemporary fiction genre and this one fell flat. Too busy being snarky and sarcastic, Norris didn’t come across as a realistic teen voice. ( )
  SandyAMcPherson | Sep 27, 2020 |
I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud so much while reading a book! I loved Norris' brand of sarcastic humor, and he's not afraid to direct it at himself either. He's so snarky and I just loved his entire demeanor - unlikable, but real... which made him likeable and relatable. Even his situation with this parents was relatable. I definitely felt that.

What I liked about the romance element of the book is how authentic it was, angst and all. Oh, and I don't want to spoil much, but the twist that was pulled... definitely saw it coming, and I was rooting for it too! I also have to say that I love the way the book ended, leaving an open door with major possibility. ( )
  genieinanovel | Sep 15, 2020 |
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People would have died.
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When Norris, a Black French Canadian, starts his junior year at an Austin, Texas, high school, he views his fellow students as clichés from "a bad 90s teen movie."

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