Fixing Touchstones so they show a link to the work

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Fixing Touchstones so they show a link to the work

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Ene 15, 2010, 9:51am

I originally posted in the thread Recommended Site Improvements: List your top 5 small improvements!. It's to address a bug, at least in Firefox, where if you click the Touchstones they never display a link and the Javascript action that should show a hidden div just shows and hides some whitespace.

This fix doesn't need a plugin, you just need to modify your custom stylesheet in firefox. I found a good description, Per-site custom CSS in Firefox, of how to do this for windows and Mac. Linux users will want to look in ~/.mozilla for the steps to work. The post walks you through modifying the user stylesheet for any site so you can have your styles override the sites.

What you'll want to put in this file (you may need to create it) is something like the following...

@-moz-document domain( {
div.touchstones div.pick div.hidden {
visibility:visible !important;

At least for me when that code is there in my userContent.css file, I see the touchstones like normal. However, when I click on them they expand and I see two links. Highlighting doesn't seem to work for me, but the other is a simple work id url. you can click or right click on that.

I'm guessing this is just something wonky with the initial starting state of the javascript + css. I've had similar things happen in my own code. I think I remember some issue if a div is set to be visiblity: hidden at page load, Firefox doesn't render enough space for it in the page. So you have to have it visible, but hide it via javascript, which might cause blinking for some users if connection is slow. Don't know if I'm remembering correctly.