75 Books Challenge for 2024

Anyone can join. Just start a thread and begin listing the books you have read in 2024. You don't have to begin on January 1!

New folks, start here: Welcome To New Friends

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FijadoGroup Announcements127 no leídos / 127SilverWolf28, Ayer 10:40pm
FijadoWelcome, Friends!134 no leídos / 134mahsdad, Ayer 11:04am
Curioussquared reads off her own shelves in 2024, part 382 no leídos / 82curioussquared, Hoy 3:21pm
Amy's reading journal 202412 no leídos / 12highlandcow, Hoy 3:19pm
mahsdad's (Jeff) 2024 Thread - Q2187 no leídos / 187quondame, Hoy 3:19pm
foggidawn's Books & More, 2024, Part 2258 no leídos / 258foggidawn, Hoy 3:16pm
Familyhistorian's 2024 Reading Adventure - Part 579 no leídos / 79Familyhistorian, Hoy 3:15pm
Susan's Books for 2024 quondame #2212 no leídos / 212quondame, Hoy 3:14pm
richardderus's eleventh 2024 thread58 no leídos / 58klobrien2, Hoy 3:09pm
Elizabeth, ever-hopeful reader, for 202426 no leídos / 26ejj1955, Hoy 3:02pm
Klobrien2 Karen O Books and Life in 2024 - Part 4265 no leídos / 265klobrien2, Hoy 3:00pm
karenmarie's 17th year in the 75ers - part IV248 no leídos / 248ffortsa, Hoy 2:55pm
Memorial Day Readathon - Social Distancing #219 - May 24 - 2710 no leídos / 10benitastrnad, Hoy 2:53pm
Mark's Reading Place: Chapter Eight278 no leídos / 278jessibud2, Hoy 2:51pm
Caroline's 2024 Reading (Part 2)177 no leídos / 177laytonwoman3rd, Hoy 2:47pm
SandDune reads in 2024 - Part 2122 no leídos / 122SandDune, Hoy 2:18pm
Alcott Acre's Home, Room 5208 no leídos / 208Kristelh, Hoy 2:08pm
Torontoc's 2024 Books and maybe some films66 no leídos / 66SqueakyChu, Hoy 1:56pm
Joe’s Fourth Book Cafe 2024161 no leídos / 161benitastrnad, Hoy 1:53pm
Weird_O Bill's Magically Real ADD Library (2)110 no leídos / 110benitastrnad, Hoy 1:51pm
Anita (FAMeulstee) goes on wherever the books take her in 2024 (5)135 no leídos / 135RebaRelishesReading, Hoy 1:46pm
Streamsong #2; Loving the Light - Early Montana Spring249 no leídos / 249cindydavid4, Hoy 1:42pm
Katie's Reading Retreat - Chapter 7228 no leídos / 228RebaRelishesReading, Hoy 1:42pm
Laura (lauralkeet)'s 2024 Reading Nook - Part 5151 no leídos / 151RebaRelishesReading, Hoy 1:41pm
Nonfiction Challenge - Chapter 299 no leídos / 99cindydavid4, Hoy 1:40pm
mstrust-Books & Tiki #282 no leídos / 82mstrust, Hoy 1:38pm
PAUL C in the War Room - XIV : AT Quatre Bras Waiting for Blucher197 no leídos / 197Tess_W, Hoy 1:34pm
RebaRelishesReading 2024 - page 2201 no leídos / 201RebaRelishesReading, Hoy 1:29pm
Lori (thornton37814) reads and stitches in 2024 - thread 247 no leídos / 47thornton37814, Hoy 1:28pm
Cecilturtle Returns80 no leídos / 80Cecilturtle, Hoy 1:16pm
Here's To Our Health!117 no leídos / 117PawsforThought, Hoy 1:01pm
WitchyRichy Reads the Roots for 2024187 no leídos / 187witchyrichy, Hoy 12:52pm
2024*2: LizzieD at Home with a Book217 no leídos / 217richardderus, Hoy 12:48pm
AMERICAN AUTHORS CHALLENGE--MAY 2024--WILLIAM MAXWELL41 no leídos / 41cbl_tn, Hoy 12:42pm
Storeetllr Mary Keeps Track in 2024, Q2134 no leídos / 134Storeetllr, Hoy 11:52am
The Retired Librarian 202431 no leídos / 31theretiredlibrarian, Hoy 10:59am
Jim's (drneutron's) Life in Books - 3146 no leídos / 146drneutron, Hoy 10:58am
CBL reads and knits in 2024 Row 265 no leídos / 65cbl_tn, Hoy 10:45am
Meanderer-ing through 202481 no leídos / 81meanderer, Hoy 10:27am
lindapanzo's 2024 reading89 no leídos / 89lindapanzo, Hoy 10:11am
Interesting Articles8 no leídos / 8bell7, Hoy 9:58am
Mary's (bell7's) Reading Log in 2024 - Thread #530 no leídos / 30bell7, Hoy 9:56am
Donna's Life Is An Open Book, Chapter 243 no leídos / 43The_Hibernator, Hoy 9:51am
BanjoReadsOn2024249 no leídos / 249The_Hibernator, Hoy 9:43am
Shelley Starts Again in 2024 - chapter two275 no leídos / 275jessibud2, Hoy 9:43am
Anita ( figs) Spring in full bloom ( Thread #4)106 no leídos / 106msf59, Hoy 8:38am
Hibernator's third 2024 thread113 no leídos / 113The_Hibernator, Hoy 8:33am
PawsforThought reading in 202475 no leídos / 75PawsforThought, Hoy 8:30am
Kristel's 2024 Reading Journal, 2nd Quarter198 no leídos / 198Kristelh, Hoy 8:18am
Lynda (Carmenere) - 75 or bust! 2nd Quarter95 no leídos / 95Carmenere, Hoy 6:31am
Beth's (BLBera) Books in 2024 - Chapter 3234 no leídos / 234Tess_W, Hoy 4:14am
LovingLit reads once more ~ thread i192 no leídos / 192FAMeulstee, Hoy 3:28am
Dianeham - keeping more normal hours - but far from normal!46 no leídos / 46dianeham, Hoy 12:43am
TIFFIN'S first for 202479 no leídos / 79tiffin, Ayer 11:59pm
SilverWolf28's 2024 Books52 no leídos / 52SilverWolf28, Ayer 10:39pm
fuzzi Hopes To Soar in '24147 no leídos / 147SilverWolf28, Ayer 10:39pm
Social Distancing Readathon #218 - May 17 - 1923 no leídos / 23SilverWolf28, Ayer 10:39pm
Irene's (atozgrl) Reading 2024 - Thread 2152 no leídos / 152atozgrl, Ayer 10:30pm
Joanne (copperskye) Reads in 2024272 no leídos / 272Whisper1, Ayer 10:28pm
John Simpson - Back to Basics in 2024 part Two95 no leídos / 95LovingLit, Ayer 9:48pm
Ellen reads more in 2024 - Book 477 no leídos / 77LovingLit, Ayer 9:44pm
Juli (SuziQoregon) 2024 - Thread 1135 no leídos / 135happygirthday, Ayer 9:21pm
75ers' Organizing/Decluttering Support Group: Round 2156 no leídos / 156elorin, Ayer 9:12pm
Elorin's reads in 2024214 no leídos / 214elorin, Ayer 9:01pm
avatiakh (Kerry) reads from her shelves #2100 no leídos / 100avatiakh, Ayer 7:27pm
lottpoet's 2024 reading31 no leídos / 31lottpoet, Ayer 6:54pm
Norabelle414's Trilogy in Two Parts149 no leídos / 149katiekrug, Ayer 6:28pm
Owltherian (owl)'s thread #393 no leídos / 93freakzillaaaa, Ayer 6:16pm
granny jojo funeral shart giga chad tic tok skibiti rizz party11 no leídos / 11freakzillaaaa, Ayer 6:11pm
THE WAR ROOM CHALLENGE : MAY 2024 - THE NAPOLEONIC WARS55 no leídos / 55ArlieS, Ayer 6:03pm
Kyler's 2024 reading33 no leídos / 33Kyler_Marie, Ayer 5:22pm
Catalina7's 2024 Reading Log16 no leídos / 16catalina7, Ayer 3:25pm
Arlie Reads Some More in 2024 (Thread 2)42 no leídos / 42ArlieS, Ayer 2:50pm
Tess & her tomes 2024269 no leídos / 269Girth_gamer, Ayer 1:09pm
ffortsa forges ahead in 2024171 no leídos / 171RebaRelishesReading, Ayer 12:40pm
QuestingA's 75 Book Challenge for 202432 no leídos / 32QuestingA, Ayer 12:32pm
Oberon Tries Harder in 2024119 no leídos / 119Oberon, Ayer 12:04pm
DFed Reads More in 202424 no leídos / 24DFED, Ayer 11:49am
This Just In!149 no leídos / 149benitastrnad, Ayer 11:40am
Thread Number Four for Whisper1 (Linda) 2024107 no leídos / 107BLBera, Ayer 9:55am
Scraps tries to keep track7 no leídos / 7scraps, Ayer 2:58am
Deborah (vancouverdeb) reads in 2024 Thread 474 no leídos / 74Whisper1, miércoles 9:28pm
EllaTim, hoping for the best in 2024171 no leídos / 171EllaTim, miércoles 8:04pm
MickyFine Is in the Corner Reading, Thread 353 no leídos / 53MickyFine, miércoles 4:42pm
Humouress settling in for 2024 - second thread94 no leídos / 94FAMeulstee, miércoles 4:24pm
ChrisG reads on and on in 2024152 no leídos / 152ChrisG1, miércoles 4:10pm
alsvidur's 2024 list66 no leídos / 66alsvidur, miércoles 3:25pm
Raven's (On Time) Attempt at 75 books in 2024! (Part 1)160 no leídos / 160curioussquared, miércoles 2:55pm
Ron reads in 202472 no leídos / 72RBeffa, miércoles 2:50pm
lycomayflower is trapped under a cat with a book in 2024102 no leídos / 102laytonwoman3rd, miércoles 1:50pm
richardderus's tenth 2024 thread295 no leídos / 295richardderus, miércoles 12:26pm
Murphy Remembers She Knows How To Read63 no leídos / 63Murphy-Jacobs, miércoles 12:19pm
Berly Browses Books - 560 no leídos / 60justchris, miércoles 11:31am
Steve's (swynn) thread for 2024108 no leídos / 108drneutron, miércoles 10:39am
Lavinia (PlatinumWarlock) loves reading in 202479 no leídos / 79BLBera, miércoles 9:32am
Kerry (CDVicarage) starts a Baker's Dozen thread in the 2024 75 Books Challenge114 no leídos / 114thornton37814, miércoles 8:35am
Terri (tymfos) tries and tries to read more45 no leídos / 45thornton37814, miércoles 8:34am
Roni's Reading in 2024219 no leídos / 219figsfromthistle, miércoles 7:08am
tjblue's 2024 book challenge41 no leídos / 41tjblue, miércoles 7:02am
Owltherian (owl)'s thread #2247 no leídos / 247Owltherian, miércoles 6:34am
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