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A Summery Saturday Morning por Margaret Mahy

A Summery Saturday Morning (edición 1998)

por Margaret Mahy

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Though their Saturday morning walk is not as peaceful as planned, a group of children and their dogs, with one brave adult, enjoy themselves.
Título:A Summery Saturday Morning
Autores:Margaret Mahy
Info:Scholastic (1998), Paperback, 26 pages
Colecciones:Tu biblioteca
Etiquetas:Contemporary Fiction, nature, walk

Detalles de la obra

A Summery Saturday Morning por Margaret Mahy


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A woman walks her kids and the dogs down to the beach and along the way they describe what they see, heavy cadence and repetition drives this fun read along book about an easy afternoon.

Personal Reaction:
This took me back to just being able to get out of the house and walk across town, either to the park, or over to see friends, but in any account, being able to have a fun day out.

Classroom Extension:
Maybe ask the class to detail their trips to and from school, or if they went anywhere on the weekend. ( )
  TimothyOtotivo77 | Mar 26, 2015 |
Summary: A story about a family who goes to the beach with their dogs and the dogs chase the cats, geese, playing in the mud, then the gLearneese chase them.

Personal reflection: A fun book that has a rhyming tone to it, that could be sung, if you had that kind of talent.

Classroom Extension:
1. Use to teach which words rhyme, and how to use them in a sentence or to write a song or poem.

2. To take an imaginary trip to the beach and figure out all the things one might see on that trip.
  jerryrichardson | Mar 22, 2015 |
Summery: It's Saturday morning and nothing is going as it should. Even though everything is wrong, the kids and animals all seem to be having a blast.

Personal Reaction: This is such a fun book to read out loud to young kids. This book has such character to it that you can be lyrical with it. Fun words and animals, everything is silly.

Classroom Extension:I would have kids draw a crazy Saturday morning for them. Then I would have them use their imagination and draw a fun, imaginative day they could only dream of. Then, individually they would tell the class about their drawings.
  sarah_desrosier | Oct 28, 2014 |
Summary: This book was about dogs and what they like to chase on summery saturday morning's. They chase cat's, bikes, children and even geese. Seven geese and their mother run away from the dogs who just wanted to play. They chased them along the beach and far away. The family decided to take another trail to walk on, but this time they put their dogs on leeshes.

Personal Reaction: I thought this was a cute story. The pictures were colorful and kept my attention the whole time. I thought it was cute how the dogs just wanted to play. Good book.

Classroom Extension Ideas:
1) The class can make cookies in the shape of dog biscuits

2) Research geese and find out where they live

3) Paint or draw one of the pictures from the book ( )
  ElizabethJackson7 | Mar 24, 2014 |
A Summery Saturday Morning is a good contemporary fiction book. It is about a family who takes their dogs for a walk on a wiggly track on a summery Saturday morning. The dogs make it quite an adventure. First they chase a cat, next a boy on a bike, and then the dogs try to play with the geese and start running with them. So the family tries to chase after the dog. Unexpectedly, the geese turn around and start chasing after them! Finally they got away, and decided if you ever want to walk in peace do not let your dogs chase the geese.

Personal Reaction.
This good was funny to me. It reminded me a lot about my family. We would always go out walking around or just on family outings and our dogs would always find ways to get into trouble! This is a good book of a family that does things together.

Classroom extensions:
1. I would be talking about families and how you should do things together.
2. I would have them draw a picture of there family and write a story on something their family does together for fun.
  olivialawson | Mar 12, 2014 |
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Margaret Mahyautor principaltodas las edicionescalculado
Young, SelinaIlustradorautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado
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Margaret Mahy is the author, Selina Young the illustrator.
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Though their Saturday morning walk is not as peaceful as planned, a group of children and their dogs, with one brave adult, enjoy themselves.

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