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Reina Lucía (1920)

por E. F. Benson

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Series: Mapp and Lucia (1)

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1,0274415,276 (3.94)219
England between the wars was a paradise of calm and leisure for the rich. But Emmeline Lucas, known as La Lucia is determined to lead a different life and thus upend the greats of society and her small English town.
  1. 10
    Miss Marjoribanks por Margaret Oliphant (noveltea)
    noveltea: Lucia reminds me of a self-deluded version of Lucilla Marjoribanks

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Cliche though it may be, it is always a joy to revisit the pretentious, social-climbing, class-obsessed, bitingly funny world of the towns of Riseholme and Tilling. Queen Lucia, the first book in Benson's series, introduces us to part of this world - although the full glory of the series would not become apparent until the fourth novel, when Emmeline "Lucia" Lucas, demented heroine of this one, finally comes face to face with Elizabeth Mapp, determined heroine of the next.

For lovers of classic British comedies of manners, especially if you're seeking someone as laughter-inducing as Wodehouse yet more savage to the characters than he, and as carefully studied as Austen yet far less serious.

The 2014 TV adaptation, with Miranda Richardson, was pleasant enough although - to my mind - overdone. The 1980s adaptation with Geraldine McEwan and Prunella Scales is languid at times, but well worth seeking out for its picture-perfect portrayal of the novels. ( )
  therebelprince | Oct 5, 2021 |
Mrs. Emmeline Lucas, self-renamed Lucia, together with her husband, Philip, whom she calls Peppino, has used his wealth to buy and refurbish three adjoining cottages in the sleepy village of Riseholme. Lucia christens the resulting villa The Hurst, whose rooms all bear names of characters in Shakespeare’s plays. She plants the front garden with all the flowers mentioned by the Bard. Located not far from Stratford, The Hurst serves as a setting for her to create an ideal world, far removed from the banality of modern industrialization. A world in which she is the undisputed queen.
A queen needs a court. In addition to her consort, Peppino, with whom she shares their few phrases of Italian, there is Georgie Pillson, her Georgino, an effete middle-aged dabbler who seems not quite to have grown up, who serves as her lord-in-waiting.
A queen must take care; there may be a pretender to the throne. In this case, it is Daisy Quantock, as short and round as Lucia is tall and imperious. Daisy’s interest in a succession of fads — Christian Science, yoga, spiritualism — poses a sometime threat to Lucia’s dominance whenever other villagers enthusiastically take one of them up. Lucia deals with each in turn, at times with haughty dismissal, although she is also not above co-opting the fad as her own.
The more severe threat to her sovereignty arrives not in the form of a quack or a charlatan, but in the energetic presence of Olga Bracely, an opera diva, whose humble origins have left her as fresh and spontaneous as Lucia is pretentious and calculated. Worse, her genuine cultural accomplishments can’t help but make Lucia’s deficits in the area of her greatest pride all too evident. Olga unwittingly destabilizes the ideal world Lucia has painstakingly created for herself.
Will Lucia recover her eminence? Can she regather her court and have them once again emit a sigh as she finishes her rendition of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (solely the first movement, of course, the other two being too formless and too fast to truly edify)?
This book is an entertaining read, well-suited for commuting, or just before bedtime. Yet beneath the laughs, there is the disquieting feeling that Benson, the author, is a perceptive observer of human nature. ( )
  HenrySt123 | Jul 19, 2021 |
  pszolovits | Feb 3, 2021 |
I first read E. F. Benson's Lucia and Mapp novels in the 1980's when I chanced upon a volume of the collected novels in the remaindered section of Barnes and Noble. Since then, there has been a BBC series of the novels, but nothing is as good as the books, and, in this time of Covid and toxic politics, they are a wonderful tonic for what ails you.

Queen Lucia is the first novel in the series and introduces us to Mrs. Emmeline Lucas, who with her husband Phillip (Peppino) and her faithful walker, Georgie Pillson ( he's a confirmed bachelor & likes to do needlework - get it?), rules the social life of Riseholme with an iron fist. in a wonderful send-up of provincial English society, Mrs. Lucas has pretensions of being able to speak Italian (hence the Lucia moniker) to have ability to play the piano & to understand art. Her rivals like Daisy Quantock, a former Christian Scientist, who falls into the thrall of a bogus Indian yogi, and the imperious, but stupid Lady Amermere, are not match for Lucia's will of iron. However, when a real opera singer, Olga Bracely, arrives in town, Lucia finds her reign as the Queen of Riseholme society in danger.

This book is a delight from start to finish & the perfect antidote to what's happening today. ( )
  etxgardener | Sep 21, 2020 |
I tried to like it, but I really struggled to even finish it. Honestly, other than Olga (who grew on me), I just didn't like any of these characters and I didn't care what happened in their superficial petty little lives. ( )
  AliceAnna | Sep 10, 2020 |
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E. F. Bensonautor principaltodas las edicionescalculado
May, NadiaNarradorautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado
Riess, LyndaArtista de la Cubiertaautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado
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Though the sun was hot on this July morning Mrs. Lucas preferred to cover the half-mile that lay between the station and her house on her own feet, and sent on her maid and her luggage in the fly that her husband had ordered to meet her.
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A couple of volumes of these prose poems had been published ... at "Ye Signe of Ye Daffodile", on the village green, where type was set up by hand, and very little, but that of the best, was printed.... [His poems] were printed in blunt type on thick yellowish paper, the edges of which seemed as if they had been cut by the forefinger of an impatient reader, so ragged and irregular were they, and they were bound in vellum.
Anyhow he would not tell her that Olga and her husband were dining at The Hall tonight; he would not even tell her that her husband's name was Shuttleworth, and Lucia might make a dreadful mistake, and ask Mr and Mrs Bracely. That would be jam for Georgie, and he could easily imagine himself saying to Lucia, "My dear, I thought you must have known that she had married Mr Shuttleworth and kept her maiden name! How tarsome for you! They are so touchy about that sort of thing."
"How kind of you to come and see us," she said. "Georgie, this is Mr Pillson. My husband."
"How do you do, Mr Shuttleworth," said Georgie to shew he knew, though his own Christian name had given him quite a start. For the moment he had almost thought she was speaking to him....
"Done!" she said. "Now don't you try to get out of it, because my husband is a witness. Georgie, give me a cigarette."
In a moment Riseholme-Georgie had his cigarette-case open.
"Do take one of mine," he said, "I'm Georgie too."
"You don't say so! Let's send it to the Psychical Research, or whoever those people are who collect coincidences and say it's spooks. And a match please, one of you Georgies."
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England between the wars was a paradise of calm and leisure for the rich. But Emmeline Lucas, known as La Lucia is determined to lead a different life and thus upend the greats of society and her small English town.

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