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Will You Read to Me? por Denys Cazet

Will You Read to Me? (edición 2007)

por Denys Cazet (Autor)

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Hamlet enjoys reading books and writing poetry, not playing in the mud and fighting over supper like the other pigs, but he finally finds someone who appreciates him just as he is.
Título:Will You Read to Me?
Autores:Denys Cazet (Autor)
Info:Atheneum/Richard Jackson Books (2007), Edition: Illustrated, 32 pages
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Información de la obra

Will You Read to Me? por Denys Cazet


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  lcslibrarian | Aug 13, 2020 |
Will You Read to me is a story about a pig, named Hamlet. He loved to write poems! He asked his mother and father to read to him, but they liked soaking in the mud better. Poor Hamlet was made fun of by the other pigs, because he rather write instead of lay around in the mud. Hamlet did not give up though, he did not care what they thought of him. He went down by the pond to write where he found his twin brother. Hamlet tried to read to him, but when he did, his brother just disappeared. Hamlet was left there sad, but then heard a voice. He turned around and it was all the forest animals wanting Hamlet to read to them. He was then excited!

Personal Experience:
This was an amazing picture book. I liked this book, because it shows that not everyone is the same and you do not have to follow everything everyone else wants you do to. It's okay to be yourself and do the things you like to do. Hamlet was a leader, and he loved to write and that is what he did.

Classroom Extensions:
1. I would read this book during the letter P week and color pictures of pigs
2. I would talk about leadership with my students, and how it is okay to be a leader not a follower.
  olivialawson | Jan 29, 2014 |
Summary: A book about a talking pig. He is an outcast to his family because he would rather stay clean and read than play in the mud. The pig is sad so he goes to the pond alone to read a poem he wrote. Then, all the animals around the pond tell him they love his story.

Personal Reaction: Even if are the outcast, just be yourself. Never give up on what you love to do.

Classroom Extension:
1. Students write their own poems.
2. Students can read aloud a poem of their choice.
  Mandi20 | Oct 21, 2013 |
Hamlet isn't like the other pigs. He likes to read, wear chothes, and stay clean while they lie around in the mud all day. Hamlet has written some poems that he wants to read to his family but they think that he is silly because he is not like them. Hamlet walks into the woods to read his poems. Will anyone listen? Grades K - 2. ( )
1 vota ydraughon | Jun 13, 2012 |
Hamlet is a pig who doesn’t fit in. Unlike his family, who enjoy wallowing in the mud, Hamlet sports a spotless shirt and white tennis shoes. He asks his parents to read to him, but they dismiss him in favor of a trough full of swill. Dejected, Hamlet walks to the farmer’s pond. Looking into the water, he sees his reflection and decides this must be his twin, Eggs. Hamlet reads poems to the silent, but approving, Eggs until a cloud hides the moon and the reflection is lost in the dark. But the quiet of the night is interrupted by the animals of the forest and pond who ask, “Will you read to us?”

This story not only celebrates the written word, but also lets kids know that there are people out there who will appreciate their unique efforts and talents. The illustrations are full of comic touches that kids will appreciate. Hamlet is a quiet and polite character and his expressions of hope, disappointment, sadness, and surprise are wonderful.

Full Review at Picture-Book-a-Day: http://picturebookaday.blogspot.com/2012/02/book-43-will-you-read-to-me-by-denys...
  amy-picturebookaday | Feb 12, 2012 |
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Hamlet enjoys reading books and writing poetry, not playing in the mud and fighting over supper like the other pigs, but he finally finds someone who appreciates him just as he is.

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