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States of Grace por Mandy Miller

States of Grace (edición 2021)

por Mandy Miller (Autor)

MiembrosReseñasPopularidadValoración promediaMenciones
1061,492,157 (4.7)1
Título:States of Grace
Autores:Mandy Miller (Autor)
Info:Literary Wanderlust (2021), 306 pages
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Detalles de la obra

States of Grace por Mandy Miller


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Esta reseña ha sido escrita por los Primeros Reseñadores de LibraryThingSUB2>.
“Coincidences are explanations used by liars. They mean the real story, the truth, is a lot more complicated.”

Grace Locke, a disabled war veteran with a regretful history with drug abuse, was unable to continue her law career until she saw the daughter of her ex husband’s mistress accused of murder on a news broadcast. Grace was determined to solve the case in hopes of reviving her reputation as a lawyer but the case in question, wasn’t as simple as it appeared.

I absolutely LOVED this book! As I was reading, I was always kept on my toes due to all the unexpected twists and turns the murder case provided. There were several moments where I thought I was 100% sure on who was guilty, but those thoughts got thrown out the window the more that evidence got discovered.

Aside from the murder mystery, this book has a great cast of characters with a variety of backgrounds as well as great humour. It was always refreshing whenever Vinnie, Grace’s right hand man, would remind Grace, as well as the reader, of the Swear Jar that was agreed on by the two.

I enjoyed how the story didn’t make Grace’s disability a central point of who she was. Despite the initial shock that some characters had upon the realization that she was disabled, it wasn’t a big deal.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mystery stories as this one blew me away. I was given this book as an arc in exchange for an honest review. ( )
  Amberlena27 | May 26, 2021 |
Esta reseña ha sido escrita por los Primeros Reseñadores de LibraryThingSUB2>.
Inclusive Characterizations Grace This Legal Thriller Debut
Book review by Erin Michaela Sweeney

As a first-time published author, Mandy Miller exceeds expectations. Her States of Grace stands out for its setting and inclusive cast of characters. The tight plotting of this legal thriller will keep readers turning the page.

Write what you know is oft-cited advice that this author follows on two fronts. Miller paints a textured portrait of a familiar-to-her place, where she lived and worked as an attorney, as the title character does.

Miller’s South Florida features gritty neighborhoods with by-the-month motels whose patrons ride the bus, gazing out the smudgy window at the palm trees and public beaches. A few highway miles, and several tax brackets, away stand gated communities of McMansions with waterfront views and Beemers. Though the quick weather changes affect both rich and poor, the characters who inhabit these two worlds only collide at the downtown courthouse.

One-legged lawyer Grace Locke continues to rebel against her WASPy background as she tries to regain her life anew. During a coffee meeting about their divorce paperwork, Manny Martinez — a successful Cuban-American realtor — asks Grace for a clean break. Grace first wants Manny to persuade his mistress, Gretchen, and Gretchen’s husband, plastic surgeon Anton Slim, to hire Grace to defend their adopted daughter, prep-schooler Zoe, against murder charges.

A year after she was fired as a prosecutor, Grace still has her supporters. She lives rent-free at The Hurricane Motel because Vinnie, the landlord and a (former) mafia guy, extends a thank-you for her previous efforts. Vinnie even finds a perfect match for Grace. As part of her deal with the state bar, Grace attends meetings, where a Seminole woman named Hachi becomes her sponsor. And a state prosecutor named Marcus, who is Black and gay, keeps Grace in the legal loop.

Some of the best encounters are with the cops, investigators, defendants, judges, attorneys, and especially other court personnel. The bailiffs and screeners had been background noise, but now Grace learns their names and the stories beyond fleeting impressions.

The well-crafted plot propels readers forward. When needed, Miller supplies backstory and exposition, but the pacing never suffers. Through twists and turns, readers discover new clues at the same time as Grace.

But there’s a problem. And it’s not Oscar, the nicknamed prosthetic Grace wears since she lost her leg in Afghanistan to an IED.

Kind of like the IEDs that crisscross Afghani roads, the big issue in this debut challenges readers’ smooth sailing again and again. It’s fixable for the ebook, too late for the first printing. Errors litter the text, starting on page 2, of the ebook. Not the kind a once-through spellcheck catches. No. What this book desperately needs is for a professional editor to review every line.

Here’s an example from the second page. “For some ungodly reason, and in spite of my client’s stomach-turning lack of remorse, I’m still a believer — not in innocence, maybe not in even in fairness anymore, but in the system.” The sentence has five “in”s, which is one (perhaps two according to some persnickety grammarians) too many. These errors can happen once or twice in the rush to publish. To have such mistakes two or more times in every chapter of a 37-chapter book just isn’t fair to a writer new to the professional publishing world. Miller, and her readers, deserve better.

What might happen between Grace and her love interest? How could the climate crisis affect the South Florida setting? And who will she defend next? I look forward to reading more in Mandy Miller’s Grace Locke Mystery series.

*I received a free ebook of States of Grace as a LibraryThing Early Reviewer member in exchange for an unbiased review. (This review also appears on GoodReads and Amazon). ( )
  ErinMichaelaSweeney | May 20, 2021 |
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