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Old Cravings (A Scary Good Romance) por Joy…

Old Cravings (A Scary Good Romance) (edición 2021)

por Joy Jarrett (Autor)

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Título:Old Cravings (A Scary Good Romance)
Autores:Joy Jarrett (Autor)
Info:Literary Wanderlust (2021), 294 pages
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Detalles de la obra

Old Cravings (A Scary Good Romance) por Joy Jarrett


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I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. Thank you!

One day a small animal veterinarian named Piper receives an urgent call from her frantic ex-husband, Dylan, telling her that something horrible has happened to her beloved horse, Lighting. When she arrives and finds her horse has been viciously attacked, Dylan and Piper are swept into a story filled with supernatural and horror elements, forced to fight for their lives against an otherworldly being and confront their unresolved feelings.

The beginning of the book is suspenseful and does a very good job of introducing the reader to the characters while also drawing you in. The supernatural elements of this story were quite intriguing! I enjoyed the occasional switch to the creature's point of view, as it provided some helpful insight into how the creature(s) functioned, as well as their past and motives, although I would have liked to see even more explanation. However, while the writing was clear, sometimes the dual storylines of Piper and Dylan separately felt a little disjointed.

The time paradox idea was certainly interesting and a little mind-boggling at times; I would have enjoyed seeing that explored further. Like why the people couldn't return to their time periods or more about how they adjusted to this entirely different way of life. What happened to Anna? How can the story ever come to an end if the witherlings can just come from the past and try to kill them again?

Unfortunately, the second-chance romance didn't entirely work for me. There's a lot of Piper blaming herself for all of their problems as a couple, and Dylan further exasperates this by expecting apologies (again, for all of their problems) and generally refusing to acknowledge his own faults and contribution to the conflict between them. It's not unreasonable for Piper to be bothered by Dylan sleeping with someone else just a month after she left him, especially since they were still married. I don’t think his excuse of being hurt and trying to get back at her really works in his favor here. This might have been partly because Dylan just seemed off sometimes. For example:
"It was a manly scream, but still. He had to acknowledge he'd just screamed."

"This man knew every inch of her body intimately… owned it as only a husband could."
What? I wanted to root for their romance, but the concept of "ownership" over her body and obsession over his manliness was unnecessary. That being said, the romance felt natural, never forced. It's certainly understandable that their feelings would need to be confronted and dealt with amidst such a traumatic and life-threatening experience. Since most of their dialogue only talked about the problems that led to their divorce, it would have been nice to somehow see the positive aspects of their relationship in the past, allowing the reader to truly want the characters to be together.

I really liked how the author incorporated Piper's veterinary expertise into the story. While there is quite a bit of violence against animals poor Osiris and Waylon , she clearly cared for them, which was refreshing and a nice addition.

This was an enjoyable read! I'm grateful for the opportunity and look forward to reading Joy Jarrett's future publications. ( )
  SarahJR | Mar 8, 2021 |
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