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The House Guests: A Novel por Emilie…

The House Guests: A Novel (edición 2021)

por Emilie Richards (Autor)

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1741,007,393 (4.5)Ninguno
Título:The House Guests: A Novel
Autores:Emilie Richards (Autor)
Info:MIRA (2021), Edition: Original, 544 pages
Colecciones:Tu biblioteca

Detalles de la obra

The House Guests: A Novel por Emilie Richards


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Although Emilie Richards has written over 70 books, The House Guests is the first one I have read. After finishing this wonderful novel, I will be reading more of them.

Savannah is a 15 year-old girl who is angry that her stepmother Cassie moved her from New York City to Tarpon Springs, Florida following the drowning death of her father. She blames Cassie for his death because she overheard them arguing before he left and went sailing in a storm and died.

Amber is a single mom raising her 16 year-old son Will in Cassie's hometown of Tarpon Springs. They have moved frequently because Amber is on the run from someone. She works as a waitress at a restaurant, and money is tight.

When Amber loses a small money pouch filled with her rent money, she and Will are evicted from their apartment. Savannah finds the money pouch, and in a bid to make new friends, throws a party at her stepmom's new home. The partygoers trash the home, and Cassie is at her wits' end what to do with Savannah.

Cassie discovers that Amber and Will have been evicted, and offers for them to move into her home. Amber is wary at first, but Will is a good student and athlete, and she wants to give him some stability after years of constantly being on the move.

Cassie and Amber become friendly, although Savannah is less than kind to Will. Cassie confides in Amber that her husband lied to her about many things, and spent most of their money with no explanation. The two women find strength and companionship in each other.

I really enjoyed the Greek restaurant that Cassie's family owned. As someone with previous restaurant experience, that setting, and her boisterous Greek family, were so interesting to me. Richards details there were so well drawn that I could see the restaurant in my mind's eye.

The House Guests drew me in from page one with characters I grew to care deeply about. Every good story has secrets (why is Amber on the run, and what was Cassie's husband hiding), and this had more than enough to keep me turning the pages to find the answers.

I highly recommend this moving story of female friendship and the family you create. I read it in one day because I did not want to put it down. I also did not want it to end. Maybe we'll meet Amber, Will, Cassie and Savannah in Tarpon Springs again. (Pretty please, Emilie Richards?)

Thanks to Harlequin for putting me on their Summer 2021 Mystery/Thriller Blogger Tour. ( )
  bookchickdi | Jul 2, 2021 |
The House Guests by Emilie Richards has Savannah Westmore unhappy in Tarpon Springs, Florida with her stepmother, Cassie Costas. After the death of her father, Cassie moved Savannah and herself to Tarpon Springs for a fresh start. Savannah lashes out at Cassie and makes bad choices. She ends up making a decision that will have long-term effects. I thought The House Guests was well-written and engaging. The characters are developed and realistic especially Savannah (the rebellious, troubled teen). I liked the secrecy surrounding Amber Blair. It added an air of mystery to the story and wonder. I was curious about how the secret would affect all of them. The author captured the area and Greek American community that inhabits Tarpons Springs, especially the delectable food. I like how everything came together and I appreciated the epilogue that nicely wrapped up the story. There are some good life lessons in this book. The House Guests is a story about friendship, grief, hope, trust, love, and, most importantly, family. One of the phrases I wanted to share from The House Guests is, “My daddy always said you can’t keep a bird from flying over your head, but you can keep it from building a nest in your hair.” The House Guests is an eventful story with a tormented teen, a purloined purse, money mayhem, a problematic party, a shocking secret, delectable epicurean delights, and a gregarious Greek family. ( )
  Kris_Anderson | Jul 2, 2021 |
Savannah just lost her father. On top of that…her step mother, Cassie, has moved her to a podunk town in Florida. Savannah is not happy. She has been rebelling for quite a few weeks. She runs across a lost purse with quite a bit of cash in it. She and her friends throw a wild party with the money. Little does she know, this small act of rebellion changes her life.

Amber is the owner of the small purse. She needed the money to pay her rent and her back rent. Through some twists and turns, Cassie finds out about the issue. Amber and her son are now living in a tent at a campground. So, to make amends, Cassie moves this small family into her home.

There is a lot going on in this story, several storylines at one time. The author melds them together with ease. And her characters are wonderful. Especially Amber! I can just fell her angst and her worry coming off the pages. And when you get to the kicker toward the end…then you understand where all her secrecy is coming from.

This was almost a 5 star read. It was just a tad too long. It could have been shortened by quite a few pages and still been a fabulous read.

Need a good family story with a kick!…this is it! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review. ( )
  fredreeca | Jun 28, 2021 |
This book kept me on my toes. Each of these characters had a secret that they needed to solve or keep hidden. I like how these two families became joined together although I do not think it is real believable. I enjoyed how the two teens became friends and the two moms became friends. I really enjoy the ending where everything gets put together. There is not a lot of action but there is a lot of heart in this story. I received a copy of this book from Harlequin for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will. ( )
  Virginia51 | Jun 22, 2021 |
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