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The Heiress: The Revelations of Anne de…

The Heiress: The Revelations of Anne de Bourgh (A Pride and Prejudice… (edición 2021)

por Molly Greeley (Autor)

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837258,653 (3.61)4
Título:The Heiress: The Revelations of Anne de Bourgh (A Pride and Prejudice Novel)
Autores:Molly Greeley (Autor)
Info:William Morrow (2021), 368 pages
Colecciones:Tu biblioteca
Etiquetas:adult fiction, 2021, historical fiction, pride and prejudice, laudanum

Detalles de la obra

The Heiress por Molly Greeley


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The author’s debut The Clergyman’s Wife was a profoundly beautiful book that made me sob for almost half of it, so I was very much anticipating this sophomore novel of hers. And as someone who loves any books set in the extended Pride and Prejudice universe, I was very excited to know the story of Anne de Bourgh.

The writing style in this book felt very familiar because I hadn’t forgotten my experience of the previous one. It was beautiful and evocative, the descriptions of Rosings Park and the nature surrounding it as well as a newcomer’s experience of London very lush. The author also makes us really feel the depth of emotions that the characters feel and that’s why I again found it very easy to get lost within the words of this book. This is also definitely a character focused slice of life kinda story, so there wasn’t much plot, and it probably wouldn’t satisfy someone looking for a fast paced story, but I nevertheless really enjoyed following along.

Anne is a really sympathetic character, not only because she is never given the opportunity to overcome her childhood sickness and grow up, she is also very intimidated into submission by her strong willed mother. But due to the influence of other women who come into her life unexpectedly, she decides to finally take her life into her own hands and I loved her slow transformation. She really comes into her own, understands her desires better, and ultimately makes resolute decisions despite any criticisms. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the turn of events, but I thought the author did a wonderful job making us believe that Anne was capable of carving out a successful independent identity for herself and be a worthy mistress of her estate.

The side characters don’t always get enough page time but many of them like Miss Hall, Miss Amherst, Harriet and cousin John play significant roles in Anne’s character development and I came to like each of them for their varied influences. Lady Catherine was as always a force of nature who I don’t think can be liked much, but I could empathize with her towards the end because she seemed genuine in her affection even if not in her manners.

In the end, this was a very quiet, emotional and interesting look into the life of Anne, who is always on the periphery when we read Austen’s P&P. This is a quiet sort of story that grips you right away and slowly sucks you in. I would definitely recommend this to any readers who love reading spin-offs of Austen’s works because this is a worthy addition to the world. And I can’t wait to see if the author writes more in this universe. ( )
  ksahitya1987 | Aug 20, 2021 |
I don't read a lot of [Pride and Prejudice] retellings or spin offs, but this novel was recommended by a friend and then I saw I signed copied in an independent bookstore that I visited while on vacation in Traverse City, MI. [[Molly Greeley]] lives there and so I felt I had to pick it up.

As this genre goes, this was really good. The crux of her story is that Anne de Bourgh was given laudanum as a baby and continued to have it administered as "medicine" into her teens. A governess finally awakens her to the fact that her illness is caused by her medicine instead of helped by it. The rest of the book follows what happens when her mind clears and she becomes part of the world.

I think this book works because it doesn't take much from Austen except Anne de Bourgh and her mother. Darcy and Elizabeth make appearances and are part of the story, but they aren't developed characters, so the reader is allowed to keep their own picture of those much-loved characters in their head. Most of the people Anne ends up interacting with are the author's own invention.

Some of the writing is a bit overdone and things work out a bit too neatly, but all in all this was enjoyable. ( )
  japaul22 | Aug 10, 2021 |
Not being a fan of Pride and Prejudice - shock horror! - my limited knowledge of Anne de Bourgh, Lady Catherine's sickly daughter and Darcy's cousin, comes from Rosamund Stephen's silent, bespectacled portrayal in the 2005 film adaptation. I'm not really sure why I wanted to read this continuation about Anne's life after Darcy and Lizzie's meeting at Rosings, but I'm glad I did!

And because I was ill, nothing ever changed in my life from year to year, and so I had nothing to talk about.

I really enjoyed Anne's narration in Molly Greeley's sequel. First person narration can sound clumsy and unnatural when forced on a bland character but Anne's voice is wonderfully lyrical and thoughtful:

My breast filled with affection for the ivy: its rustling three-pronged leaves, its apparent stillness and inexorable creep. And at the same time, I was sometimes punched by sympathy for the tree, for, just as inexorably, it was being smothered.

The author doesn't try to ape Austen, which I appreciated, and creates instead almost her own world inhabited by characters with familiar names.

I also loved the back story explaining Anne's delicate health in Pride and Prejudice - dosed on laudanum since she was a colicky baby, Anne is an addict by the time we meet her at Rosings, and her mother Lady Catherine almost guilty of Munchausen's by proxy! Shocking but also believable and more dramatic than a mere nervous complaint or leaving her as a frail, fainting maiden. Her path to recovery is also well done, and I loved the emphasis on Anne's inheritance of Rosings and the way the house gives her strength.

The romantic subplot also felt natural to me, if a little reminiscent of Mrs Everything by Jennifer Weiner. Turning Anne into Gentleman Jack might appal some Austenites - like the reviewer who announced that she deleted her copy after a kiss! - but I feel there is too much heteronormativity in Austen sequels and welcome a different view.

The middle section of the book in London could have been shortened - whole years fly by in a chapter and then interminable drawing room scenes drag on forever - and there a few anachronisms and Americanisms but overall this was a delightful sequel! ( )
  AdonisGuilfoyle | Jun 16, 2021 |
So let me just preface this by saying I have never read Pride and Prejudice. I know very little of its characters and storyline. Considering this is well outside the genres I usually cover, I really enjoyed this story. So many interesting elements to the life of Anne De Bough. We aren’t really told when she lived, but it had to have been in the 17-18 hundreds just based on the descriptions in the book. Anne is definitely a woman born in the wrong century. Born as the only child to wealthy estate owners, a fragile Anne, spends all her young life held under the influence of Laudanum. It takes her 29 years to realize she really doesn’t need it, and she can have a life without it. It is then that she begins actually living. There are a lot progressive elements to this tale and it is well written, and I felt easy to read. Sometimes I have found that old timey tales can be difficult to understand because the words are so different at that time, but this flowed really well. A worthwhile historical tale of one woman’s attempt to find her own path. Thank you to Netgalley for the copy in exchange for an honest review. ( )
  hana321 | Apr 16, 2021 |
4 stars

I never really imagined anything about Anne de Bourgh's life since she always seemed fairly inconsequential to the overall Pride and Prejudice storyline. However, the idea that there could even be a back story of her life made me curious enough to read The Heiress.

Anne's character arc felt realistic considering her portrayal in P&P. About halfway through the book, I sensed that it was heading in an unexpected direction. I won't give any spoilers, since it's not mentioned in the synopsis, but I will just say that it felt right for Anne and made the book even more enjoyable as I could not have predicted it going into reading it.

I do think that it went on a bit longer than necessary. My interest faded in the last few chapters, but I had enjoyed it so very much until then, that I stuck with it. I hope we can look forward to more P&P spinoffs from Molly! ( )
  DanaManiac | Apr 5, 2021 |
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