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The Book of Dragons: An Anthology por…

The Book of Dragons: An Anthology (edición 2020)

por Jonathan Strahan (Autor)

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825251,193 (3.75)Ninguno
Título:The Book of Dragons: An Anthology
Autores:Jonathan Strahan (Autor)
Info:Harper Voyager (2020), Edition: Illustrated, 576 pages
Colecciones:Tu biblioteca, Dragons

Detalles de la obra

The Book of Dragons: An Anthology por Jonathan Strahan (Editor)

Añadido recientemente porbejavier, OgdensburgPL, biblioteca privada, rjcrunden, Aquila, ycc, nidafaheem, starryharlequin, Robin_Hill, readwithwine



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The Book of Dragons is an anthology containing diverse short stories and poems about dragons, depicting them in a wide variety of fearsome and remarkable mythical creatures. My favorite stories were Matriculation by Elle Katharine White, picturing dragons as some sort of magical technical invention and the poem The Wyrm of Lirr by C. S. E. Cooney about the release of a captive dragon. I especially liked the diversity of the included stories and their different views on dragons.

These are my ratings for every short story (on a scale of one to five stars):
What Heroism Tells Us by Jane Yolen (3/5)
Matriculation by Elle Katharine White (5/5)
Hikayat Sri Bujang, or, The Tale of the Naga Sage by Zen Cho (4/5)
Yuli by Daniel Abraham (3.5/5)
A Whisper of Blue by Ken Liu (4.5/5)
Nidhog by Jo Walton (2.5/5)
Where the River Turns to Concrete by Brooke Bolander (4/5)
Habitat by K. J. Parker (3/5)
Pox by Ellen Klages (4/5)
The Nine Curves River by R. F. Kuang (4.5/5)
Lucky’s Dragon by Kelly Barnhill (4.5/5)
I Make Myself a Dragon by Beth Cato (2.5/5)
The Exile by JY Yang (3.5)
Except on Saturdays by Peter S. Beagle (3.5)
La Vitesse by Kelly Robson (3)
A Final Knight to Her Love and Foe by Amal El-Mohtar (3.5)
The Long Walk by Kate Elliott (3.5/5)
Cut Me Another Quill, Mister Fitz by Garth Nix (3.5/5)
Hoard by Seanan McGuire (4/5)
The Wyrm of Lirr by C. S. E. Cooney (5/5)
The Last Hunt by Aliette de Bodard (2.5/5)
We Continue by Ann Leckie and Rachel Swirsky (3/5)
Small Bird’s Plea by Todd McCaffrey (2.5/5)
The Dragons by Theodora Goss (3.5/5)
Dragon Slayer by Michael Swanwick (3/5)
Camouflage by Patricia A. McKillip (4.5/5)
We Don’t Talk About the Dragon by Sarah Gailey (4.5/5)
Maybe Just Go Up There and Talk to It by Scott Lynch (3/5)
A Nice Cuppa by Jane Yolen (3/5) ( )
  Dariah | Jan 25, 2021 |
A large number of interesting well told stories, full of imagination, many very good and no bad ones. The poetry could be worse. Unless you met variants I missed during the deluge of dragon books of first decade of the 21st century, you may find some unique and delightful depictions in these stories, and where the dragons are closer to tradition, well the dragon hunters show variations as well as the circumstances of the encounters. A dragon poses two riddles in the last story and I'm only satisfied with my answer to one of them - afaik no answers are given. ( )
  quondame | Jan 17, 2021 |
Anthologies are just not something that I seem to enjoy. I nabbed this as an audiobook.

While I appreciate the diversity of stories and types of dragons, overall I was just really bored. Each story is about an hour or shorter and if you can’t pull me into your story within 5-15 minutes, then I’m not gonna finish it. I skipped over quite a few stories and out of the ones I did listen to fully I only really enjoyed “Where the River Turns to Concrete” by Brooke Bolander, as well as most of the poems.

Pretty lack luster overall for me though, which is rough for me to admit as I love dragons, these just didn’t do it for me. ( )
  SweetKokoro | Jul 31, 2020 |
There were only four or five stories I found just okay or worse--most of those were in the last 150 pages or so, weirdly--and the rest were more than good enough to make up for the occasional dip in quality. Wow! I don't read many anthologies, but I sure do love dragons, and this book does them justice. I had a great few days reading it. I'm so glad I gave it a chance. ( )
  livmae | Jul 17, 2020 |
Not a review. Includes my poem "I Make Myself a Dragon."
  ladycato | Feb 28, 2020 |
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Nombre del autorRolTipo de autor¿Trabajo?Estado
Strahan, JonathanEditorautor principaltodas las edicionesconfirmado
Abraham, DanielContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Barnhill, KellyContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Beagle, Peter S.Contribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Bolander, BrookeContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Cato, BethContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Cho, ZenContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Cooney, C.S.E.Contribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
de Bodard, AlietteContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Elliott, KateContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Gailey, SarahContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Goss, TheodoraContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Klages, EllenContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Kuang, R.F.Contribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Leckie, AnnContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Liu, KenContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Lynch, ScottContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
McCaffrey, ToddContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
McKillip, Patricia A.Contribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Nix, GarthContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Parker, KJContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Robson, KellyContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Swanwick, MichaelContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Swirsky, RachelContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Walton, JoContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
White, Elle KatharineContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Yang, JYContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Yolen, JaneContribuidorautor secundariotodas las edicionesconfirmado
Cai, RovinaIlustradorautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado
Cai, RovinaArtista de la Cubiertaautor secundarioalgunas edicionesconfirmado
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