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A Heart Full of Christmas, Contemporary Inspirational Holiday Romance…

por Debby Giusti, Ruth Logan Herne, Sandra Leesmith, Tina Radcliffe, Missy Tippens

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Añadido recientemente porNatalieMonk, ksucindy, mbarkman

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A Heart Full of Christmas will have you celebrating the Christmas season and searching for a glimpse of an angel as you read these five tender love stories. The common threads of Christmas and angelic touches will have you eagerly anticipating the happily-ever-after moments that make these stories such sweet romances.
Debby Giusti’s, A Miracle for Christmas will have you on the edge of your seat as you experience an action-packed Christmas Eve with Brigid and Tony. In the midst of the drama around them, these two rekindle their romance with the help of a friendly and wise hospital worker from “housekeeping.”
Home to his Heart by Ruth Logan Herne is the heartbreaking yet joy-filled story of Tess, the former fat girl, and Jake, the bully who used to pick on her. Thrown together by the innocent sweetness of widower Jake’s twin sons, Jake seeks forgiveness of his past wrongs while Tess tries to come to grips with the childhood experiences that won’t allow her the freedom to love. The mysterious gift of an angel and the story behind it can make all the difference for them both.
Best friends Ben and Lucy find themselves pushed under the mistletoe with the help of a red scarf and an angel – or was that two angels? Tina Radcliffe weaves a captivating tale of the two friends who find hope and happiness, along with a bit of Gift of the Magi irony under the mistletoe on a snowy Christmas Eve.
One Snowy Kiss by Missy Tippens finds Hardy and Dori at odds with one another, largely because of the long-standing feud between Hardy and his childhood nemesis. A Christmas ornament with a delightful but mysterious tune along with a surprise revelation make this Christmas a merry one as Hardy and Dori find their way to each other despite the obstacles in their path.
The love story of David and Debbie began on the beach in Sandra Leesmith’s Holiday Homecoming. As Debbie relives the story of falling in love with David, she once again experiences the love-filled memories along with the heartbreak of her parents’ opposition. Can she find forgiveness and redemption with the help of a wise waitress – or is she an amazing angel?
You will enjoy every one of these heartwarming Christmas stories. I have a favorite. Which one will be yours?

( )
  ksucindy | Nov 16, 2015 |
I’m never sure whether to post individual reviews on novellas, or as a group, but since this is called a collection, I will post it as such. This is a collection of contemporary stories, by my favorite authors. I was blessed to receive the ebook free from Seekerville!

Debby Giusti - A Miracle For Christmas

In this story Debby hits all the difficulties that melding two careers bring with it. I felt for Brigid as she tries to balance nursing with her personal life. In the dangerous life of a police, Tony needs balance as well. I loved the drama, the twists and turns that Debby brought into the story as we anxiously await the outcome. Heart warming. Well written. The characters pulled me into the story and I was disappointed when all was resolved, and the story was over.

Ruth Logan Herne - Home To His Heart

Contrary to modern belief, not all of Ruthy’s story begin with a gun or gunshot. And the story takes place in a town, not a ranch or farm. From the first page I fell deeply in love with twin boys Ben and Jonah. That Tess has a twin sister just enhances the story. The conflicts that are woven into the story, the down to earth, not always pretty, family secrets just makes for a more fantastic read. The way the struggles are handled gives hope for a bright tomorrow. I hope I meet the characters in another story, Ruth.

Tina Radcliffe - Under The Mistletoe

Tina has a unique way of drawing the reader into the story far enough that there is no escape until she deems it time, which of course, is sometime after the story is finished. The turns the normal expected story of boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl into something with a complete new dimension. Before I knew it I was knee deep in Ben’s love life, wanting but not able to have dream fulfilled. Or would they be? Tight writing, with vivid imagery brings the characters in this novella to life. There is more to this story, I’m thinking.

Sandra Leesmith - Holiday Homecoming

As Sandra portrays, holidays can be very difficult for some people. Especially for those facing losses. I love she has the main character a widow, with a son stationed in Hawaii. Her friends are a blessing during this season, and I loved each of the characters. What can I say? When an author is able to bring characters to the page and within just a few pages flesh them out to the point where I will recognise them on the street when I meet them, that is fabulous. Well written, as I know Sandra always does! Thanks.

Missy Tippens - One Snowy Kiss

As a caregiver to my Mom, I know how important it is to the older people when someone takes time for them. I was surprised at the twists and turns in the story, but thoroughly enjoyed them, and the outcome. The plot was wonderful. Missy uses words and phrases that gives the characters dimension, and the disagreements and misunderstandings were completely in line with the setting. I am amazed at how these authors were able to say so much in so little time and within their guidelines.

A must read for anyone who enjoys romance, christmas stories and a hint of something more! A Keeper for sure. ( )
  mbarkman | Oct 18, 2015 |
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