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Kushiel's Avatar

por Jacqueline Carey

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Series: Kushiel's Legacy (3), Phèdre Trilogy (3)

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3,720722,552 (4.31)67
Phèdre, accompanied by protector swordsman Joscelin, journeys down a fabled river in order to rescue a childhood friend.
  1. 20
    Naamah's Kiss por Jacqueline Carey (mollishka)
    mollishka: Naamah's Kiss is much more in the style of the first Kushiel trilogy than the second Kushiel trilogy is. I'd recommend reading Kushiel's Justice for some background first (Kushiel's Scion is totally skippable) and then diving into the delicious new Naamah's Kiss.… (más)

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This book is my favorite of this first trilogy. Better than I remembered. ( )
  LoisSusan | Dec 10, 2020 |
Kushiel’s Avatar is the last book in the first of three Kushiel’s Universe trilogies. All three books were a solid four stars. I enjoyed the stories, cared about the characters, and looked forward to reading it each day. I didn’t find it very hard to put down, and there were slow spots here and there, so that’s the main reason I’m sticking with four stars.

I think the amount of sex scenes decreased as the series went on, but I would caution that there is some pretty major violence in this third book, at least during one section of it. This included (general spoiler, not specific) violence against children and rape of children, although that part took place mostly off the page and was difficult to read, although the story itself was very riveting for me in that section. I did think the author did a good job of showing the long-term impact those experiences had on the characters.

This book gave the trilogy a satisfying conclusion, tying up the most significant plot threads while leaving room for the reader to wonder what the characters might do next. I’m really looking forward to the next trilogy, which is listed as Imriel’s Trilogy. We spent quite a bit of time with Imriel in this book and I really liked him, so I look forward to reading more about him. ( )
1 vota YouKneeK | Dec 2, 2020 |
this shit is b a n a n a s ( )
  kickthebeat | Nov 1, 2020 |
My favourite book of the series, so much adventure and grief. ( )
  Linyarai | Feb 16, 2020 |
92 points/100 (4.75 stars/5).

After having been sold into slavery several times over the course of her life, saved her kingdom several times over as well, Comtess Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève has had ten quiet years of peace. Now, the dreams have started again, and Phèdre has more work to do. There is two things left for her to do, find Melisande's son, Imriel, and save Hyacinthe from his fate. When Imriel goes missing and Melisande offers the way to save Hyacinthe in order for her to find him, Phédre knows what she has to do.

A fitting end for a fitting series. This is a great ending to this trilogy, though it is not the entire story. I enjoyed the entire ride of this ending, though I did have fear at times. This ending holds true to the series so far, and I was not disappointed in it at all.

Compared to the first two books in this trilogy, the start of this book was really fast. I was surprised just how little time the story took to warm up after I read the first two. I figured either this book was going faced paced, which good for it, or it was luring me into a false sense of belief that the story would stay at that pace. Turns out it was both, because that middle was even more crazy than I could have expected.

There are two parts to the middle of this story. The first is the dark middle, which holy fucking shit. I knew Carey had it in her to go this far. After the first two, I believed anything could happen to our two protagonists. At least I was prepared for anything because this was one hell of a period. I have no words to describe this section other than read the book and find out, and be prepared for anything. There are so many things that happen here so quickly it is hard to process it all. It probably didn't actually take as long to read as it felt like it did, because it felt like an eternity of fear and pain.

Then there is the traveling middle, once we get out of the dark middle. We travel halfway across the world to get to our next adventure. All of the characters are healing, which is something we actually didn't get to see too much in the story so far. The characters had gone through hell prior, but in the books they mostly were jumping from one fire to the next. This time they have time in the middle to go through their healing process, lick their wounds, and get to their next adventure, which couldn't possibly be as bad as what they just went through. I enjoyed this section a lot, for how little actually happens in it. This section probably did take as long as it felt like it took, because it was actually rather long, because Carey talks about every new place our characters come to.

The ending is really sweet. It is exactly what I wanted to read at the end. I didn't exactly want it to end, and I suppose it won't because I have two more trilogies to get through. These two, Phèdre and Joscelin, they have been through enough together. They don't need any more. They need their happily ever after. I'm willing to give it to them.

In a surprise change, that I didn't actually notice in the middle of the book, the narration changes. Carey and Phèdre no longer combine future and past and present. There isn't really any foreshadowing this book. There is a bit of both of these, it isn't over done. It is still a bit flowery, but it is more contained. I have a theory that this is on purpose, that we didn't know what had happened, not really. Most of this book, Phèdre and Joscelin are alone, without anyone else around to have told the tale to others. We also knew all of the past events leading up to this book, so we didn't really need to be told those, either. What we really needed to know was the present, and that is what we got. If so, though, that isn't really made clear, so it is just a personal theory for now.

The way religion has been thread through this series up until this point is something I have ignored. She has done an good job of threading real life beliefs into her story, while making it truly her own. Until this book, I just thought she was doing a good job. This book though, it takes it to another level. I honestly didn't expect this level of import on the religions of this world on the world of Kushiel before now. There is so much that goes on in this book on this front. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for more religion in their book, because this was phenomenal.

The biggest change in this book compared to the others is there really isn't much court intrigue. For most of the book, they're away from court, away from Terre d'Ange, away from everything they have ever known. What little intrigue there is, is because they're being introduced to dignitaries because they had never met before. This was a sigh of relief for me, because that just wasn't really what I was interested in in this series. Unfortunately, I'm sure I'll get a lot more of it in the coming trilogies.

Phèdre and Joscelin are amazing this book. I felt annoyed coming into this book when I knew that I would miss ten full years of development in their relationship. How rude! Instead we get what happens in the middle portion of this book, which is hell. Pure hell. However after that, I got to fall in love with these two all over again. Phédre is so incredibly strong in this book, I hate that she has to be this strong all over again. Joscelin finally comes into his true core strength. I love the growth of Joscelin in the entire series. Phèdre starts off incredibly strong, but young, but Joscelin starts off so determined to hold true to his vows it makes him weak. These two are a great couple.

The surprise of the book is Imriel de la Courcel. I came in to this book expecting nothing about him, not really. I only knew that he was out there and Phèdre was looking for him for the Queen. Then, he became a big part of the plot. Then he became a big character. I knew the next trilogy was about him, but I didn't know the shape that trilogy would take. Now I do. Now I'm looking forward to it, because I love this little kid. If he could be my own, I would love to make that true. He is amazing.

An ending befitting the series, this was a truly great book, and I'm glad I read it. I honestly didn't want to stop reading, even though my body had other ideas.

( )
  keikii | Jan 23, 2020 |
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Phèdre, accompanied by protector swordsman Joscelin, journeys down a fabled river in order to rescue a childhood friend.

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