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I Like Him, He Likes Her: Alice Alone; Simply Alice; Patiently Alice

por Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

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Alice's first year of high school is difficult, but with the help of her father, older brother, and her friends she feels better about herself.

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Includes: Alice Alone, Simply Alice, Patiently Alice
  Lake_Oswego_UCC | May 8, 2022 |
I love this book so much...
If you want a book you can cry too, you can be so happy with, and one that will melt your heart this is the PERFECT book for you. I would definitely recommend it.
  loulou567 | Aug 31, 2020 |
I thought that this book was amazing in the beggining. It was easy to relate to the characters. But durin the middle it got very boring, i think that the author dragged on events for too long. I would recomend this book to girly teens who like slow, borring books. ( )
  br14taga | Dec 10, 2013 |

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor tells us readers a story about a somewhat troubled girl named Alice who loses her self-sufficient boyfriend to a charming teenage girl named Penny. Alice is forced to be independent and sign up for drama club, and a writer's club, while her "best friends" Pamela and Elizabeth abandon her.

Even though Alice is heartbroken, she tries to make her freshman year as best as it can be by inviting the less-fortunate for a thanksgiving dinner, joining clubs, and trying to re-unite with her best friends, Pam and Liz; while trying to forget Patrick, her ex boyfriend, all at the same time.

Finally, Pam and Liz start talking to Alice again. They all make plans to be assistant counselors at a camp a couple of weeks in the summer, considering Liz's and Pam's home lives aren't so great, and Alice needs a break from all the craziness at her house with her dad and his soon-to-be wife planning their wedding.

When Alice and her friends, Pamela, Elizabeth, and also her other friend Gwen, are at camp, Alice gets a surprise visit from her brother Lester telling Alice that the wedding is postponed because her dad's wife's sister is very ill.

My thoughts;

I thought this book was very good, for multiple reasons. Phyllis Naylor is a talented writer, and has written over one hundred books, including the "Alice" series, and a popular novel, Shiloh.

She includes many difficult situations that a lot of teenagers are in, and that's what makes this book very realistic. It isn't about some girl who feels like crap because her boyfriend broke up with her and she can't get a date to the prom and all of that bologna, it's a well written book with parts of it that are extremely relatable.

We all have read or heard of some version of this novel, how a young girl loses someone she loves and struggles to get her self confidence back. But this novel is much more than just that, and it's a must-read for girls all ages. Phyllis Naylor really digs deep and shows us readers how difficult it really can be to be a teenager.

At times, I wish Alice wouldn't be such a worrywart. Sometimes she thinks that maybe everything will go wrong in her dad and her former english teacher's wedding and marriage. She's a pessmist, and that bugs me sometimes. I'm not exactly an optimist, but I'd like it if Alice thought positively more often.

I'm not really into the books where a girl weeps over losing a guy she's been dating for over two years, and how she loved him oh so much and now he's gone, but this book shows true meaning of love and shows readers that you can actually love again, after you lose your first love.

Overall, I thought this novel was great, and it deserves a 4 star rating, in my opinion. And, I would most definitely recommend this novel to any of my female friends. ( )
  ctmsolli | Sep 8, 2011 |
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Alice's first year of high school is difficult, but with the help of her father, older brother, and her friends she feels better about herself.

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