Romanian diacritical characters U+015E versus U+0218 etc.

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Romanian diacritical characters U+015E versus U+0218 etc.

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Ago 11, 2010, 6:57pm

Hi! I run into a special problem. Romanian Wikipedia is normalizing the diacritical characters.

What happened:
a) shows as CK Canonical name "Murăraşu, Dumitru" using U+015F %C5%9F
This name was originaly available at which now redirects.
b) the link to ro.Wikipedia - rum now shows to another title "Dumitru Murărașu" using U+0219 %C8%99

questions and implications at LT:

01: should CK show both variants ?
02: should one variant be prefered?
03: should tags be combined?
03a: old style U+015F %C5%9F dumitru murăraşu
03b: new style U+0219 %C8%99 dumitru murărașu
03c: ( basic Latin characters only)
04a: should we add a standard disambiuation note mentioning the issue related to the different versions for the diacritical characters?
04b: what would be a suitable wording?

Regards Reinhardt

reference links:
i) containing the technical desctiption about the diacriticals which are subject to normalization of diacritical at
ii) Wikipedia:Corectarea diacriticelor - page about the normalization project (in Romanian)

Note: LoC and other sources normaly are using also characters from the Unicode Characters in the Combining Diacritical Marks Block. Related to this author character combinations as
a + U+0306 %CC%86
s + U+0326 %CC%A6
are used. A link for such an encoding would be:

Personaly I do not recomend the use of characters from the Combining Diacritical Marks Block.