Could someone provide a sample diambiguation at « Halldor » ?

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Could someone provide a sample diambiguation at « Halldor » ?

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Ene 19, 2010, 6:32pm

The author « Halldor » author/halldor&norefer=1 is used .

It makes no sense because of

a) search « Halldor » search_author.php?q=Halldor and
b) search « Halldór » search_author.php?q=Halld%C3%B3r

Thanks in advance!

Ene 19, 2010, 6:58pm

I'm not quite sure what you want people to do here. The single-named "Halldor" is not and should not be combined with any of the other authors, because even though currently people have only entered one title, there's no guarantee that they won't enter more that are by other Halldors in the future. It looks at a glance as though the other Halldors are correctly combined (that the search shows all variants, even if they've been combined, is very confusing, I'll admit) so unless you want to give a more specific example of someone who should be combined there is, again, nothing to do.

Tim has asked that we not contact people who choose to enter incomplete or incorrect author names, and of course there's no way for anyone else to edit the record. The most you can do is edit the data on your own copy of that book to include the author's full name.

Ene 19, 2010, 7:37pm

c) Because I share an ISBN with catalog/Leet&author=halldor an useless link /catalog/gangleri&author=halldor is shown there.

d) I would be happy to learn how to place some disambiguation notes at the top because some other strange author urls are in the system:
work/6061995/details/55511122 was imported from Data source Südwestdeutscher Bibliotheksverbund SWB and has generated the strange by « Halldór Guºmundsson »

Yesterday at some poin in time after the first import author/halldrgumundsson&norefer=2 was displaying « Halldór Guºmundsson » . I would have liked to place a note about this strange author name but didi not know how.

Today the same url author/halldrgumundsson&norefer=2 shows the proper « Halldór Guðmundsson » .

Ene 19, 2010, 8:47pm

3c. That link shows no books. It sounds like you previously had a book entered as by "Halldor" which you have since edited? Give it a day or two and the cache will refresh and your name will no longer show up on the "Halldor" page.

3d. The point of disambiguation notices isn't to complain about LT's poor handling of non-ASCII characters (that's what Talk is for ;) ), it's to clarify otherwise potentially confusing issues around combination or separation of authors and works. (For instance, you could put the standard single-name boilerplate along the lines of "Do not combine this author name with any others. If your books appears on this page, please re-enter the full name in the author box instead of the surname only. Then your book will show up on the correct author page. Thank you for your help." (Obviously, you'd need to change "surname" to something more appropriate in this case.)