building a website need advice

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building a website need advice

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Sep 15, 2009, 3:44am

I volunteer in a small church library and I would like to build a small website that would do a number of things, including link to our Library Thing account, link to a page with new acquisitions, membership information, have a page with good kids' websites, book reviews, etc etc.
Do any of you know of a free way to do something like this?

Sep 15, 2009, 4:08am

I did this wizard with the info you supplied and here's a list of Wikis you might want to look at:

Wiki, BrainKeeper, BusinessWiki, CentralDesktop, ClearWiki, Confluence, Cospire, EditMe, GeniusWiki, Groupswiki, Intodit, Luminotes, Metadot Wiki, MindTouch, Netcipia, nexdo, PBwiki, PicoWiki, SamePage, Socialtext, Springnote, Swirrl, Wagn, Wetpaint, Wikispaces and Zoho Wiki

The wizard can be found at

For instance the first one, Wiki seems to offer free hosting. Just select the one you like most and off you go!

You can also get your own web address from So if the wiki service provider offers you a chance to use your own domain name, get one free from dyndns and you have your own domain as well! Of course you can't choose any, there are restrictions, but it's still a pretty comprehensive list:

If you want your completely own domain name, it costs something like $10 per year, so hardly a bank breaker either.