Kathrynnd's Canadian Challenge

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Kathrynnd's Canadian Challenge

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Editado: Sep 3, 2009, 11:27pm

These are the books copied over from my 50 Book Challenge read in 2009 up to now. As most of my planned reading for the next few months would fit in slots already filled I think I will wait until January 2010 to start the Canadian Challenge proper.

British Columbia After River : a novel by Donna Milner


Saskatchewan The horseman's graves by Jacqueline Baker

Manitoba I am Hutterite

Ontario A map of glass by Jane Urquhart


New Brunswick The hatbox letters : a novel by Beth Powning

Prince Edward Island

Nova Scotia

Newfoundland & Labrador


Northwest Territories {reread} Late nights on air by Elizabeth Hay

( I wonder if the canoe journey in Late Nights... spreads over into Nunavut?)

Sep 4, 2009, 9:51am

Nunavut and the Yukon seem to be the hard ones to find books for. I'm very thankful for Late Nights on Air!

Welcome to the Canadian Challenge. You have some books already listed that I'm not familiar with and will have to go take a look at.

Sep 4, 2009, 1:41pm

Consumption is set in Nunavut (although it may be set in the historical time period when Resolute Bay was still part of the NWT--not sure, haven't read the book).