Crossfire Trail by Louis L'Amour


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Crossfire Trail by Louis L'Amour

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Jul 23, 2009, 1:47pm

I recently read Crossfire Trail by Louis L'Amour. It is one of his earlier works so I was interested in how it compared to his later works. I found it well written and a great story. My other interest in this book is that it was made into a movie starring Tom Selleck. In most books made into movies, the book is always better. Not so in this case. I definetly enjoyed the movie more...of course, Selleck is my favorite movie cowboy so perhaps I'm biased on that count. The movie follows the book for the first few chapters then sort of drifts into its own seperate storyline, with some similaritys.

Jul 23, 2009, 11:26pm

I've never read a Louis L'Amour novel. I'm fairly new to westerns and have mostly picked up current writers.

Is there a particular L'Amour book you would recommend for a beginner?

Jul 28, 2009, 7:54pm

wow, that's a tough question. he wrote so many it would be hard to pick one. his sackett family series is really good...the books follow a family from the early days of america all through the old west period. my personal favorite book is "last of the breed" which is not really a western but really good. you may try "end of the drive" which is a collection of short stories.

Ago 5, 2009, 12:25pm

I am an avid reader of Louis Lamourand would like to expand my library of his books. I have 76 of his books, and there are 39 more that I know of and would like to obtain. I have duplicate copies of 11 of my 76 and will be glad to make an even exchange any or all of my 11 duplicates for a copy of any of the 39 that I am looking for. Brouse through the lists below, and contact me if you want to make an exchange.

My eleven duplicates are: Borden Chantry, Catlow, Flint, Haunted Mesa, Kid Redelo, Last of the Breed, Tucker, Walking Drum, Bowdrie, Ride the Dark Trail, and Sackett's Land. (Bowdrie is a collection of his Short Stories).

The 39 titles that I am looking for are:Comstock Lode, Conagher, Fair Blows the Wind, Fallon, Hanging Woman Creek, Heller With a Gun, Hondo, Key-Lock Man, Kiowa Trail, Proving Trail, Reilly's Luck, Rider of Lost Creek, Sitka, Taggart, To Tame a Land, Westward the Tide, Beyond the Great Snow Mountains, Bowdrie's Law, Buckskin Law, Hills of Homicide, Law of the Dewsert Born, Long Ride Home, Lonigan, Monument Rock, Night over the Solomons, Outlaws of Mesquite, Trail to Crazy Man, War Party, West From Singapore, West of Dodge, Galloway, Lonely Men, Mojave Crossing, Mustang Man, Ride the River, Sackett Brand, A Trail of Miseries, Education of a wandering man, annd Frontier.

Finally, does anyone out there have a complete list of his books? As stated above, I know of 115 but there are probably more.

Please E-mail me your comments to
Note: hwthompso NOT hwthompson

Ago 5, 2009, 12:40pm

To clarify message #4 above: My E-mail address is:

Ago 6, 2009, 1:07pm

hwthompson, I don't have any Louis L'Amour books to swap, but you might wanna check out BookMooch.

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Try here for a complete list of Louis L'Amour's books:

Editado: Dic 2, 2009, 3:36am

Just watched Crossfire Trail and really enjoyed it.
Thanks for the link to the list of Louis L'Amour books.
I recently started picking up his books starting with The Sacketts series (have found all but one) and the first two in the series are excellent reads. Highly recommended.

Editado: Feb 16, 2010, 9:15pm

I've usually found that the thinner the book by Louis L'Amour, the better it is written. He didn't like his books being edited, and as L'Amour's career progressed he didn't allow editors to touch his manuscripts. They became less crafted as he got older. That isn't to say he wasn't a great storyteller. I've really been enjoying the reissues of the Collected Short Stories, both western and non-western. My favorites of L'Amour's books are the Kilkenny series:
* The Rider of Lost Creek (1976)
* The Mountain Valley War (1978), which previously been released as a magazine novella, entitled A Man Called Trent and was re-written for the Kilkenny trilogy. A Man Called Trent is included in the short story collection entitled The Rider of the Ruby Hills (1986)
* Kilkenny (1954)
* A Gun for Kilkenny is a short story featuring Kilkenny as a minor character, from the collection Dutchman's Flat (1986).
* Monument Rock is a novella in the story collection of the same name.

Feb 9, 2010, 8:38pm

My father bought the entire Louis L'Amour collection that came out as a book of the month in the brown leather editions.I never liked reading them because they were like reading a diary. but since inheriting them I have begun reading the them in order of their first publication. And I now find the the books are a nice simple read betwean the books that I normaly read.

Feb 11, 2010, 2:49pm

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Editado: Feb 16, 2010, 9:16pm

I know the feeling. GREAt airplane reads for those times you just don't feel like digging into Kant's Critique of Judgment. My other (non-western) guilty pleasure in that regard are the books of P. G. Wodehouse.