smelter remediation

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smelter remediation

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Editado: Jun 24, 2008, 12:04am

Anybody know of any good books on remediation of an old smelter site? Silver smelter, with high copper ores.

This would include smelter operation - i.e., how the system worked from about 1880 to 1940 or so. Would there be stockpiles of high-sulphate ores waiting to be smelted? What's in the slag? Should I be looking for exotic heavy metals like indium and thallium?

Jun 25, 2008, 10:06pm

Wow! Superfund, Solid Waste Management Units, Areas of Concern, RCRA -- all coming to LT!

Wouldn't you just do metal scans for everything?

That is one heck of a specific topic for a text. I hope someone can come up with something for you. Best of luck.

Jun 25, 2008, 10:56pm

>#2: Not a Superfund site - yet. Might be RCRA. Most likely will be done under Colorado's Voluntary Cleanup Program. THe trick about VCUP is that although there are regulatory advantages you have to identify - or at least satisfy the regulators that you have identified - all potential environmental conditions - not just the ones that are actually regulated. Thus, although I would normally do the 8 RCRA and 13 CWA metals, there might be some unregulated ones I haven't thought of that would still come under VCUP. LT has a pretty diverse and interesting population; I thought perhaps there would be somebody who has cleaned up a smelter.

Your comment about Superfund does give me an idea, though - there might have been some smelter sites previously remediated - Bevil Amendment or not. Perhaps I can check on some RODs and see what they came up with.