M(ary) J(ane) Engh, anyone?

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M(ary) J(ane) Engh, anyone?

Ago 11, 2021, 1:45pm

I just searched this group and it seems she hasn't been mentioned so far... so, doesn't seem promising, all the more as she hadn't been prolific... but I live in hope!

I read the other day Arslan, originally published in 1976, and a book that it seems fair to wonder about how it could have been written by a woman, to say nothing of "feminist". And yet by the time I finished I felt it certainly wouldn't have been written like that by a man, and that it is, if only by implication, a feminist work.

However, the best review I found disagrees (I think) with me on that point:


But before I ramble on further, anyone else read her? Opinions, etc.?

Incidentally, she's alive (88 years old!) and working:


Ago 12, 2021, 5:02am

>1 LolaWalser: Seems like I read Wheel of Winds some years ago but didn't think enough about it to give it a review - 2 stars - so can't really say much about her.

Ago 12, 2021, 2:26pm

>2 SChant:

Heh, actually it looks as if you gave it one star, but a few people liked it much better. I think we may suppose Engh is divisive every time, not just in the case of Arslan? Intriguing. Is she a difficult or a bad writer? I guess I'll have to wait until I run into more of her material...

Ago 23, 2021, 5:53pm

When she was Jane Beauclerk, she wrote an interesting set of "Lord Moon" stories, two of which we've covered thus far at Galactic Journey. I'm friends with her on Facebook.


Ago 23, 2021, 6:03pm

>4 neopeius:

Thank you, I didn't notice she used pseudonyms too. Frankly, given the oddity of Arslan I was a little afraid to go digging so just skimmed her website. How cool is it that she's still active!