HELP! Historical steamy romance title needed desperately!

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HELP! Historical steamy romance title needed desperately!

Ago 1, 3:38am

Okay trying to rack my brain for details. I've searched through hundreds of books at this point!
Steamy historical romance series (little spicier than normal)
Series (I believe 4), NOT Inferno Club by Gaelyn Foley (but so similar, just more intense and angsty)
Group of 4 people, most were friends from childhood, they run an underground club/fighting/boxing ring together. The books before hers focus on a different member.
The third or last book is based on the woman, she was betrayed by her first love as a teen, someone they all grew up with so they were all betrayed, and he's back in the picture for whatever reason. He has an explanation and of course there were miscommunications, so he is pursuing the heck out of her. But she's a total fighter warrior woman now and doesn't make it easy. I think I remember him chasing her on a roof? There was also a steamy scene near the boxing ring I believe. Not much to go on, but I can see it so clearly. I swear I can even see the cover. Any help would be so appreciated!

Ago 1, 9:20am

Is this the one you're looking for?
Daring and the Duke by Sarah MacLean. It is the third book in her Bareknuckle Bastards series.

Ago 4, 1:32am

>2 Hope_H: YES!!!!! You are amazing. You just made my life! Cheers :) Thank you thank you!

Ago 5, 6:45pm

You are welcome! I'm glad it was the right one!

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