Children's Literature Treasure Hunt

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Children's Literature Treasure Hunt

Editado: Mayo 4, 12:58pm

You asked for a new treasure hunt, and we are happy to oblige! In addition to our semi-regular Pride and Talk Like a Pirate Day hunts, past hunts have focused on a specific topic, like last summer's Maine-themed treasure hunt. In honor of Children's Book Week, May 3rd-9th, this hunt is focused on children's literature.

The object of the game is to solve our clues (in verse!) and go to the LibraryThing page each clue is talking about.

Go here for the hunt.

You have about a week—until Monday May 10th at 4:00 pm Eastern Time—to find all the eggs hidden around the site and get them into your nest.

Use this thread to brag, ask for and give hints, etc.

As in past hunts, we'll be awarding profile badges to anyone who finds at least one egg, and anyone who finds all 12 will be entered into a drawing for a LibraryThing coaster set and sticker.

Helpful tips

Please, use the spoiler tag when posting hints or suggestions. Here's how:

To use the spoiler tag, type the following before whatever you'd like to hide:


And this, at the end of what's hidden:


If the hunt isn't working for you

You might be using the old version of the LibraryThing site. Is the nav bar at the top of the page salmon/peach colored? That's the old site. Go here to change your design. You can switch back afterwards.

***Don't cook our goose, but we are having some issues with the hunt. Hopefully we haven't ruffled your feathers too much. We will be back in two shakes of a duck's tail.***

Update to the update: The eggs are findable once again. Happy hunting!

Mayo 3, 2:54pm

The link for switching gives an error. I wanted to give a better link, but I can't find it.

Mayo 3, 3:22pm

Got tripped up by #6 (really wanted it to be Gashlycrumb Tinies but resorted to using the cheat and just searching for the boldfaced words in the clue, which popped it right up.

Other than that, it was pretty easy for me, and definitely a "fair" hunt - nothing requiring Google or any searches outside of LT, and no misdirects where the clue suggests an author but the answer is really a tag, or other such trickery they've engaged in in the past. A couple did need LT searches but that's expected.

Mayo 3, 3:31pm

>2 MarthaJeanne: Fixed, thank you!

Mayo 3, 3:31pm

stuck on 10. Any suggestions? Not even sure what kind of page I am looking for.

Editado: Mayo 3, 3:33pm

>3 lorax: That one I got straight away - I used to read an old German version when we visited an elderly family friend when I was a child.

Otherwise, I've got 4. My problem is that I suspect the answers are very US-centric.

Mayo 3, 4:07pm

Stuck on 8, 9, and 11.

Mayo 3, 4:14pm

Nooo! Search is down!

Mayo 3, 4:14pm

I can’t do any searches, not working.

Editado: Mayo 3, 4:17pm

Is anyone else having issues with searching? I get 0 results for any term I searched. If I go out to Google and search the page I want plus LibraryThing, I can go to the page and get an egg though.

NVM in the time it took to type this others have posted about the issue.

Mayo 3, 4:20pm

Clue 12 has a typo -- It starts with 2 Ts

Mayo 3, 4:25pm

The broken search is frustrating.

Mayo 3, 4:28pm

>12 thornton37814:

Yep, really lousy time for search to break!

Mayo 3, 4:43pm

It's back up.

Mayo 3, 4:50pm

I don't know 4, 9, or 10 but going to sleep on it. Be back later. :D

Mayo 3, 4:55pm

Can’t believe I’m having trouble with #1. I know what it is but can’t find the place to get the egg.

Mayo 3, 5:08pm

>16 dianeham: There are pages for the awards.

Mayo 3, 5:17pm

> 14

Up a minute, and now down again.

Mayo 3, 5:27pm

Stuck on 8 & 10 (after sneaking a look at the clue for 6). I think I might just be old enough not to have read #10 :D

Mayo 3, 5:34pm

Also stuck on 8 & 10, and also 11.

Mayo 3, 5:36pm

>17 thornton37814: I have both pages for that and no eggs

Mayo 3, 5:38pm

>21 Chrisethier: I thought it was that one, but it's one with only a single page.

Mayo 3, 5:44pm

>17 thornton37814: the one that lists all the books that won?

Mayo 3, 5:48pm

>23 dianeham: I think I got to it under Stats/Memes and then under Awards

Mayo 3, 5:49pm

>22 Maddz: thanks

Mayo 3, 5:54pm

>24 thornton37814: I was looking for the wrong award. What’s with all these English guys?

Mayo 3, 5:56pm

>19 parelle: >20 FAMeulstee: On #8 the last word will rhyme with the word above it
>19 parelle: >20 FAMeulstee: On #10 Again you need to rhyme the end word, and I believe you are seeking a tag, if I remember correctly. When search was not properly working, it didn't recognize I'd visited the correct page although I had when I finally got it to accept it. It was highlighted in the visited color already when I finally got a recognition. It was actually the first term I'd tried.
>20 FAMeulstee: On #11 My suggestion is that you think of a book similar to what is being described and look at the tags. When you click on those, you'll see several that are part of a series--and the series is what you want.

Mayo 3, 6:13pm

>27 thornton37814: Thanks for the hints on 8 and 11!

I finally got all of them, although I had to visit the page for 9 half a dozen times before it worked.

Mayo 3, 6:27pm

I need help with #5. I'm pretty sure the answer is The New York Public Library but I'm not unlocking the egg. Am I wrong or on the wrong page?

Mayo 3, 6:27pm

>27 thornton37814: Thanks, I found #11.

The other two nothing yet.
For #8 I tried everything with "hoops" and one of the named animals, nothing. I can not think of an other word that rhymes on "loops"
For #10 I tried all combinations of "tween", "said", "site". Nothing else comes up in my head that would rhyme on "aid", not even sure "said" would rhyme

Editado: Mayo 3, 6:39pm

>29 AvengingExile: You're on the right track. It's a LT Local page and you have to choose the correct branch/building.

Editado: Mayo 3, 6:38pm

>30 FAMeulstee: #8 is a famous potty training book.

#10 is a tag for books aimed at a slightly younger than young adult audience. Spoiler part two:the rhyming word you're looking for is "grade".

Mayo 3, 6:38pm

I could easily find only #6 and #12.

Editado: Mayo 3, 6:42pm

>32 amanda4242: Thanks for #8, that word never occured to me ;-)

Mayo 3, 6:41pm

>30 FAMeulstee: For #10, it's the category of books for kids who are ready for more than chapter books, but not yet ready for young adult. In fact, they're right in the middle.

Mayo 3, 6:44pm

>31 amanda4242: Thank you! I was looking through the places pages on Common Knowledge and it completely slipped my mind to check the actual library page.

Editado: Mayo 4, 2:14am

>32 amanda4242: >35 Marissa_Doyle: Thanks, I have them all now!
#10: In Dutch there is no name for that group.

Mayo 3, 7:38pm

That was my first treasure hunt. It was fun. Ty LT!

Good luck on winning the extras everyone (who finds all 12)

Mayo 3, 7:56pm

This was a fun hunt! Site search being down when I was going through the clues did slow things down for me a bit, but I was able to find all the eggs!

Mayo 3, 8:47pm

I’m stuck on 9 and 11.

Mayo 3, 8:56pm

>40 dianeham: I am, too. I suspect it's related to books I didn't read as a child. Nothing is ringing a bell.

Editado: Mayo 3, 10:13pm

>32 amanda4242: Thank you for the nudges

#8 Not where I where I was 'going' with that clue, but it certainly rhymes!
#10 Term for this age group not in common use in the UK, think American

Wonderful illustration as usual, thank you #conceptDawg. Is that a 'black-necked Canada Goose' muscling in on the action?.... (next time I'm hoping for a 'Blue-footed booby')

Mayo 3, 10:00pm

>28 amanda4242: I have three that popped up eggs but don't register #6, #10, #11.

Editado: Mayo 3, 10:36pm

>40 dianeham: me too for #9. Help.

Mayo 3, 10:13pm

Only missing # 11

Editado: Mayo 3, 11:18pm

>45 nx74defiant: Can I trade you for #9. For 11 think of a TV show with Bill Cosby
Never mind just got it. Seems so easy now. I have them all. YAY!!

Editado: Mayo 3, 11:26pm

I've got everything except #1 - I'm sure I've found the correct Common Knowledge page for that, but it's just not registering.

Mayo 3, 11:34pm

I got them all! I only had to resort to looking at hints for #6, but I did google a couple of them. Much fun!

Thank you, Meg and LT!

Mayo 3, 11:55pm

Got them - needed help on a few, though.

Editado: Mayo 4, 12:18am

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Editado: Mayo 4, 12:18am

>46 Micheller7: thank you. Just need 9 now

Editado: Mayo 4, 12:29am

Thanks Michelle

For #9 Max, a bit of a troublemaker, is sent to bed by his mother without any dinner. Dressed in his wolf suite, Max falls asleep in his room where it then transforms into a forest ___ __ ___ ___ __

Mayo 4, 12:38am

>52 nx74defiant: thank you.

Mayo 4, 2:12am

Got them all except #11, which completely eludes me.

Mayo 4, 2:19am

>54 VivienneR: My daughter got that one for me 60s TV show title as well, with agents

Editado: Mayo 4, 2:52am

There is a Treasure Hunt group here, if anyone wants to use it :0)

(To be honest, when I proposed setting one up, I hoped the LT folks who run the treasure hunts would set the group up because, for some reason, it seems difficult to find the old hunts. (Say you want to know when your egg badge will be delivered.) I think it would also make it easier to find these Talk threads. But that's my tuppence worth.)

Mayo 4, 4:37am

I have no idea how to find the page for #1. Do I need to own a book with that award to access it?

Mayo 4, 4:45am

>57 MissWatson: No you don't. You just need to go to the page. Do a search for the name, click "Common knowledge" (left side bar)/"Awards"/name of the award. But make sure it's the right award, because the ALA gives out several awards named after people, including several Brits. But it's one of the most famous ones.

Editado: Mayo 4, 5:08am

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Mayo 4, 5:05am

>58 PawsforThought: Thank you. That didn't occur to me.

Mayo 4, 5:10am

>59 frogprof: It's older than middle school - it's books meant for teens. There's a two letter abbreviation used for books for that age group.

Mayo 4, 5:19am

This was another lovely hunt around LT. Thanks!

Mayo 4, 6:17am

>62 MissWatson: I'll second that. (And go look for the Carl Barks story: Lost In the Andes! on my shelves.)

Mayo 4, 6:26am

Hi guys x
Help needed with 1
No 3 also, I'm sure I've got the right term/abbreviation but not finding the page
No 4, no idea with this one
No 5, I'm in the uk so struggling with this one
Also no 8 and 11

Thanks x

Mayo 4, 8:18am

The hunt isn't working for me, and I'm using the current version. There are several where I know I'm right, and even those where there's no question about needing a different related page (9 and 12, for example), I'm not getting any notification and it's not registering.

Editado: Mayo 4, 9:49am

Well I thought #10 might be the tag middle grade, but I got no egg, so I am still confused. I don't know the syntax for adding the spoiler text.

Mayo 4, 9:06am

It seems our goose has torn out some of our wiring and we are busy reassembling. Please be patient as we get all our ducks in a row.

Editado: Mayo 4, 9:08am

>66 al.vick: To mark spoilers, use this:


And this, at the end of what's hidden:


You can edit your post to hide from those who might not want hints.

Mayo 4, 9:46am

Needing help with #3, #5, & #9

#3 I have tried YA, Young Adult, teen fiction, teen fantasy, graphic novels, group talks on all of these and I don't know what else. Nothing comes up

#5 I know it's to do with the New York Public Library, but I seem to be hitting all around it

#9 Where the Wild Things Are doesn't show anything

I would appreciate any help anyone can give me.

Mayo 4, 9:49am

>68 megbmore: Thanks, edited.

Mayo 4, 10:01am

perennial reader (#69):

#3: You're absolutely right. Did you do a Group search on the terms you describe? Try doing a search of groups, via the Group tab, for one of the first two terms on your list.

#5: It's the most famous branch, the one with the lions. There are several listings for it in the venues page so you may need to try a few of them.

#9: It should, and it did for me yesterday. Make sure you're on the main page and not a book page or the movie or something?

Mayo 4, 10:14am

>65 DemetriosX: I'm having the same problem. I definitely know some of these, but no eggs anywhere. :-(

Mayo 4, 10:21am

>69 perennialreader: #3 You are looking in the right direction, but you need to find a Group

#5 see >31 amanda4242:

#9 You need the main page of the book, not the book in your own library

Editado: Mayo 4, 10:32am

>65 DemetriosX: Ditto. I usually have a few where I really have to hunt (ha!) for the right page even if I know the answer, but with this one even the clues where which page should give you the egg is obvious, I get nothing. I'm not using the old version. I've tried logging out and back in. Nothing.

ETA: Never mind, just saw >67 megbmore:.

Mayo 4, 10:54am

Me too, same probbo. I'm confident I've gone to the correct pages for several clues.

Mayo 4, 10:54am

>10 Zoes_Human: me too!!! zero eggs and i am pretty sure i am answering the clues.

Mayo 4, 11:13am

>76 clamato: Ditto here. I'm sure the LT team will sort this out in due course and I'll check back tonight.

Mayo 4, 11:43am

I'm having problems, I'm fairly certain I answered four or five clues, but the search keeps telling me there is an egg hunt, but not giving me the eggs? Is the search down again? It was so problematic yesterday I gave it a day.

Mayo 4, 11:49am

>77 aileverte: Thanks!!! i am going to give it a rest. It was a good diversion from my virtual work meeting... lol

Mayo 4, 11:52am

>16 dianeham: I'm in the same boat. I've spent an outrageous amount of time on it, but I just can't get the egg. Ugh!

Mayo 4, 11:56am

>24 thornton37814: Where do I find Stats/Memes?

Mayo 4, 12:04pm


From what people have been saying it looks like the eggs aren't showing up this morning. It was working yesterday, though, so I'm sure they'll get it working again.

Editado: Mayo 4, 12:10pm

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Mayo 4, 12:13pm

Yeah eggs aren't showing up for me :(

Mayo 4, 12:18pm

To be clear: The eggs for the Hunt are currently broken, that is if you do find a right clue—which many of you likely are—you won't collect the egg until we can fix this. I'm not sure yet if you'll need to revisit your found clues or if they'll be retroactively added, but I'm guessing the former. Please stay tuned for an update once this is fixed, and thanks for your patience all! Very sorry for the delay.

Mayo 4, 12:33pm

>85 kristilabrie: Thank you!!

Editado: Mayo 4, 12:58pm

>55 quondame: Thank you! I had already searched that name but must have chosen the wrong one. It was late, past my bedtime.

ETA Or it may have been the broken eggs mentioned in >85 kristilabrie:.

And thanks to the LT team who put the Treasure Hunt together. They are a lot of fun.

Editado: Mayo 4, 12:59pm

I sound (sounded?) my barbaric quack over LibraryThing and conceptdawg dug around and fixed the hunt. Everything is ducky now and eggs should be back on all pages. Sorry for the inconvenience intrepid egg hunters!

Mayo 4, 1:05pm

>81 joyblue: Go to your LT home page.

Mayo 4, 1:29pm

Yea! Found them all. I was going to the right pages, but LT was down. Now it's fixed and I have 12 eggs! What fun. Love these hunts. Thanks for all the help! LTers are the best.

Mayo 4, 1:33pm

I'm stuck on #4. Could I get a hint or two?

Mayo 4, 1:45pm

>91 catzteach: #4 I had to go to the March Early Reviewer page and scroll down until I saw something that looked possible and clicked on it. It worked. Go to the ER page and change to look at a previous month's list

Mayo 4, 1:59pm

I can't get #10. I know I have the right words for the blanks, but I'm obviously not going to the right place. I've tried tags, CK, groups, but no luck.

Mayo 4, 2:20pm

Thank you for another great hunt, I have collected all 12 of my eggs and had fun doing so. :)

Mayo 4, 2:42pm

>92 tardis: That did it! Thanks! (I didn't know we could go back and look at previous Early Review books.)

Editado: Mayo 4, 2:54pm

Este mensaje fue borrado por su autor.

Mayo 4, 3:17pm

>93 DemetriosX: Try again. It's a tag for the ones between elementary and high grades. Not plural. Now that LT is fixed, it should pop up for you.

Mayo 4, 4:27pm

>97 perennialreader: Working now. I tried it so many times, even after I got all the other eggs and it just wouldn't pop.

Mayo 4, 4:49pm

>88 megbmore: Thanks for fixing this. I thought I was going mad. However, it seems the strings used for the hunt are not translatable?

Mayo 4, 7:38pm

Love the illustration, conceptDawg! Thanks, LibraryThing for another great hunt. I live for these. :-)

Mayo 4, 8:58pm

It took me forever to find #6. I had to come here to find the answer. Thanks for the help on this one from everybody who put in a clue.

Mayo 4, 9:00pm

I thought #5 was hard because you have to be from that city to know what the name of the library is. Those of us not from there would only know it by it's common name, so for me it was a hard clue.

Mayo 4, 9:52pm

Still not working for me. I do have the "new" look -- dark brown/red, so that's not the issue.

Mayo 4, 10:24pm

Stuck on #2, #4, and #7.

Editado: Mayo 4, 10:41pm

>104 toast_and_tea:
The answer to #2 is related to #1. A yearly prize is given but in a different category.

Mayo 4, 11:01pm

I mysteriously earned #12, I don’t know when nor where... and working on the last egg. Wanted to say thank you to the LT staff a little quack.🦆

Mayo 4, 11:04pm

>104 toast_and_tea: For #4 I went to the March 2021 Early Reviewers list and just clicked author names until I stumbled across the correct one.

For #7 it's the character page for a famous girl sleuth.

Mayo 5, 3:20am

Hi guys
Help with no 1 and no 3. No 3 I know the two word term and the abbreviation but cant find the egg

Thanks x

Mayo 5, 3:39am

I've been stuck on #11 for a whole day now. None of the hints given have helped, they make as much sense the as the question. Other than that, 11/12 ain't too bad.

Mayo 5, 5:41am

I spent half an hour on #11... Found things like "39 Clues" series (not it), and put a bunch of kids' books into my wishlist for my nephew... But then once I realized the title of this series is also a game often played e.g. while driving, it was easy

Mayo 5, 5:42am

#12 was quite easy given there are few authors *like* Grimm... But is "sales" a typo?

Mayo 5, 6:45am

>110 aileverte: Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Thanks for the hint. I've never heard of the series, but now I've a full dozen I can rest easily.

Editado: Mayo 5, 10:05am

Clues were wrong so deleted them to avoid further confusion.

Thanks to LT staff for putting up the hunt and fixing the site when it broke. Found them all with some auspicious googling and a little help from clues already provided here.

Mayo 5, 8:34am

I'm up to 5 eggs now - but 2 I found without even realising, while I was searching. I suppose the banner must have popped up, but (for me) the 'found an egg' banner appears above the LT bar whereas the 'there is an egg hunt' banner appears below it (and disappears when I scroll down). Just providing feedback :0)

Having fun with this!

Mayo 5, 8:34am

>113 AHS-Wolfy: AHS-WOLFY I've got the name of the person and the name of the medal but just cannot hit on the correct page. When I go to awards it says no results.

As for no 3 again I have the correct abbreviation I'm sure and have been to the page suggested but again no egg x

Thanks x

Mayo 5, 8:44am

>115 tina1969: Made a slight amendment to the clue provided for #1 check the spelling and #3 is not an abbreviation.

Mayo 5, 8:46am

another fun hunt... with some eggs hidden in the deep, deep grass! Thank you for the hunt and the fun... and thank you conceptDawg for the great art! It should be on a LibraryThing t-shirt... I'd buy one!

Mayo 5, 8:48am

>116 AHS-Wolfy: googled the person so got correct spelling and still nothing. Tried no 3 as two words and not an abbreviation and still nothing x thanks

Mayo 5, 8:49am

>108 tina1969: and >115 tina1969: It's not that one. The ALA gives out several awards and more than one is named after a British person. The one AHS-Wolfy is hinting to is not the one that has the egg. It's another award beginning with the third letter of the alphabet.

Mayo 5, 8:50am

>118 tina1969: #3 is an abbreviation consisting of only two letters (the initial letters of the two words in the "full name" of the genre that is being referenced)

Mayo 5, 8:54am

>119 PawsforThought: thank you got the award now x

Mayo 5, 8:56am

>120 PawsforThought: still cant find this one x

Editado: Mayo 5, 9:01am

Never mind, fixed it

Mayo 5, 9:06am

I wonder if the egg isnt working on the page for clue 3 x

Mayo 5, 9:10am

benitastrnad (#102):

The clue tells you it's "the one with the lions". I happened to know what street that one was on, but you could always resort to a Google search to get the address. Then it's just a matter of figuring out which of the multiple names that location was listed under is the right one.

Mayo 5, 9:14am

>124 tina1969: No, it's working. But it's NOT a tag page, it's a group that focuses on the genre in question. Search for the abbreviated genre name, then click on "Groups" in the left side bar and the first one in the list is the right one

Mayo 5, 9:24am

I found all twelve before I knew it. (Did the eggs jump into my basket while I was crawling in the grass?) Thanks for the hunt, LT team.

Mayo 5, 10:10am

>124 tina1969: Apologies for the clues pointing to the wrong pages. I've deleted them to avoid further mishap for future clue searchers. Thanks to PawsforThought for providing the corrections. The award I remembered originally searching for was the one I posted about but had forgotten that this needed a secondary investigation on my part to find the actual egg.

Mayo 5, 10:19am

I got them all thanks to some wonderful clues and a little google searching.

Mayo 5, 10:27am

>126 PawsforThought: that was tough for two little letters. Would never have got that without help x thanks xxxxxxx

Mayo 5, 10:27am

Yay, a new hunt! 🥳

I found them all, except #1. I've tried all the hints in this thread, but still no egg. Help?

Mayo 5, 10:28am

>128 AHS-Wolfy: no worries x all sorted now with plenty of help. Being in the UK I don't know a lot of the clues and have to google a lot x

Editado: Mayo 5, 11:04am

>131 Ennas: keywords: "honor", "artist", "golden sticker", and "ALA", . Looking at covers of the most popular children's books might help (because that's what I did). However, it won't if the artists were inegible because of nationality.

Mayo 5, 11:20am

>133 aspirit: I had to try the same page ~10 times (aaargh!), but in the end I got the egg. Thanks! I got them all!

Thanks, LT staff!

Mayo 5, 12:31pm

I got all twelve of them, with a little help.
Here's a clue:

#1, #4: He wrote a book about said British bloke.

Mayo 5, 12:34pm

I have clicked every option for 1. I googled 2 (it links back to 1), I clicked every possible option for 7 (I know exactly who it is based on the car) and none of them are registering.

I tried my best with 11, but that isn't coming up either even with the clues that are around.

Mayo 5, 1:39pm

>136 melsmarsh:. The owner of the car is a character.

Mayo 5, 1:58pm

All I have left is #4

Mayo 5, 2:15pm

Oof. This one is getting the best of me. I still have 8 eggs to find. Guess I'm very rusty when it comes to kidlit!

Editado: Mayo 5, 2:42pm

>138 toast_and_tea: Major spoiler for #4 the author's last name is Marcus. Search his name in conjunction with L'Engle and you'll get the correct author.

Mayo 5, 2:49pm

>136 melsmarsh: yeah The clue for #7 couldn't be any clearer its Nancy Drew but no combination of variants of that name rings the bell

Mayo 5, 2:53pm

>141 magicians_nephew: That egg is working. I checked just now. You have the right name, but are you clicking in the right place? It's Character in the left side bar ((you have to click Common knowledge first).

Mayo 5, 2:55pm

>136 melsmarsh: For #7 you need the character page. Search the character's name and then click on Common Knowledge to get the link.

Mayo 5, 3:03pm

>143 amanda4242: thanks not a part of LT i have visited before

Mayo 5, 3:33pm

>125 lorax: ISTR the lions (or one of them) featuring in an earlier treasure hunt which is why that was an easy one for me.

Mayo 5, 4:22pm

I was stuck on #9 but thanks to some hints here got it and have now got all my eggs in a basket!

Editado: Mayo 5, 5:12pm

>131 Ennas: I am right there with you. I am not sure which award it is that I have not clicked on...

I found it but not by going to Stats and Memes I just did a general search and then clicked on Common Knowledge, then clicked on the awards listed there

Mayo 5, 8:11pm

Thank you very much for the hunt! It made my day! Great fun! Thank you to all who provided clues, too! Happy Wednesday!

Editado: Mayo 6, 10:23am

I know there was a fix made to let users collect eggs again, but I'm not collecting them when using Firefox (my default browser), nor with a fresh log-in on Chrome, on a MacBook. Anyone have tricks to try to get the eggs to register? Like others, I have found things on treasure hunts before & know that I've got the right page for a couple of these, especially after poking through this chat thread. :)

Edit: waited some time & tried again. It's working now!

Mayo 6, 10:14am

>137 2wonderY: 2wonderY

I didn't even see that there was a character section. LT really buried something this time.

I am down to two (1 and 2). I know what the award is and the book, but neither are popping.

Mayo 6, 10:21am

OK number 1 pops now.

But is #2 not "Where's Halmoni?" It was last year's Newbery and fits all the clues

Mayo 6, 10:34am

>151 melsmarsh: Keep trying on #2 Where's Halmoni? wasn't a Newbery winner. Look to the first stanza of the clue.

Mayo 6, 10:38am

>151 melsmarsh: No, it's not that one. The clue references tigers, that's important

Mayo 6, 11:14am

Oh, okay, hello treasure hunt! How I've missed you! Just noticed this, glad I still have some time to figure them all out!

(Yes, many of us were a tad concerned about the lack of hunts for awhile, so thanks for this! Personally I recently got home from the hospital and this is a *wonderful* way to 'get back in the swing of things', haha!)

Mayo 6, 11:18am

>154 Heather19: Hi Heather19, I hope you are feeling better and these treasure hunts are always a great pick-me-up, so great timing!!

Mayo 6, 1:51pm

>151 melsmarsh: I did the same thing, but then I checked recommended books on that page, and I was able to find the Egg

Mayo 6, 3:02pm

So, #10 right
MAJOR spoilers below!
I'm positive it's middle grade, but everything that I click on in reference to it - tags, collections, forums, lists, CK - nothing is giving me the egg. I even went down the entire first page of the tag list and opened up every tag there. I did all of the mashed tags, I even did all six of the retired groups that come up when you type in "middle grade." I tried middle grades, mid-grade, intermediate grade, and every individual grade from first to eighth both with and without spelling out the number. I even sat on the middle grade page and refreshed it a dozen or so times. Literally any help would be very appreciated. It's my last one and I just want to see all of my eggs in my basket T^T

Editado: Mayo 6, 3:39pm

>157 apocalypsehunter: You are right, this must be a bug.
If I go to the tag "middle grade" in the Dutch version (, the German version ( or in the French version of LT (, I get the egg. If I do exactly the same in the English version (, there is no egg.

Editado: Mayo 6, 3:35pm

I'm still stuck on #10 I'm certain, after all the hints, that it has to be middle grade but the tag doesn't get me the egg and I can't think of another page to go to. Is there another term I am just not familiar with?

I see now an earlier post with the same issue. Seems like a bug. I'll keep trying :)

Update. I had to log into the French version of the site and then got the egg. Frustrating, but these hunts are always super fun, so worth it

Editado: Mayo 6, 3:49pm

I'm having the same issue with #10. I *know* I've gone to the page but I'm not getting the egg. It's the last egg I need. Major spoiler: It's the tag page for 'middle grade' right? I've tried 'middle grades', 'middle-grades', and every other variation but it's just not registering.

Edit: Was able to get it on the Dutch site, so I guess it's just the English site that has an issue.

Mayo 6, 4:27pm

>160 Heather19: Not just the English site, all language sites that are subdomains of the .com site, thus also the Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Czech, Chinese, Japanese ... in fact, it works for very few languages.

Editado: Mayo 6, 4:43pm

For #10, I went to the dutch site (, signed in as myself, typed in my search words and voilà! The egg then appeared in my basket.

Mayo 6, 5:25pm

>29 AvengingExile: I am having the same difficulty and it's driving me crazy!

Mayo 6, 5:39pm

#11 is killing me! I've tried just about anything and I can't seem to figure it out.

Editado: Mayo 7, 10:09am

Could someone help me with #7? I somehow got the egg for the correct answer, but didn't see it come up and continued hunting and now cannot find where it was! lol. I'm 99% sure it's Nancy Drew but where did I go to find the egg? I've looked under tags, series, common knowledge, etc. and don't see the egg!!

Mayo 6, 5:45pm

>164 SofiaReis: The series of oversized books had actual photos of items, not drawings. Perhaps that will help.

Mayo 6, 5:47pm

>31 amanda4242: Thank you so much!! I had this one instantly but didn't check that particular way!

Mayo 6, 6:27pm

Yay, egg hunt! I only saw the banner today, though?

Mayo 6, 6:44pm

>46 Micheller7: Nice clue for 11!

Mayo 6, 7:06pm

>157 apocalypsehunter: I did exactly the same thing and was so frustrated so I'll help you. You're completely correct, but you need the hyphen between words. ACK ... a stupid hyphen was making me crazy!!

Mayo 6, 7:51pm

Got 'em all but I have to say finding just the right page for both #3 and #5 was pretty hard! With #3 I just didn't read the clue quite closely enough, but #5 was a struggle.

Editado: Mayo 6, 8:30pm

Still stuck on 1, 4, 9. I know what 1 is about, but I can't seem to hit the right page. I've tried most of the hints here. Anyone have some new ones?

Editado: Mayo 7, 12:39am

>172 pith: 1 was pretty hard, and I only got it because I have a bunch of books with that award. If you don't have the name, try googling the words in the clue: "golden sticker british ala award." If you do have the name, you want the *second* one down in the Awards category. Not the first one, the reason why is in "An honor named for...."

One way you can get 4 is by going to the March giveaway books: choose "March, 2021" in the dropdown Batches menu on the left-hand side.

9 you can get by thinking "Nine years ago this Saturday...." and googling what children's book author died on that date. It does also give you a result of Beverly Cleary but she's not it.

Mayo 7, 1:50am

>58 PawsforThought: The answer to #1 just puzzled me. I mean, at least to my knowledge, that is not the most famous award, but then again what do I know. 😅

Mayo 7, 4:22am

>174 Porua: Well, no one ever said it was the most famous. Just that it was an award given by the ALA. I would personally rate that one and the N as equally famous.

Mayo 7, 9:44am

>174 Porua: Read the clue for #1 very carefully line 2 is the eye opener

Mayo 7, 5:07pm

Is there a problem with number 3? I found it (I think) and got credit for finding an egg but its still not marked as being found in my nest

Editado: Mayo 7, 9:26pm

>177 magicians_nephew: No problem there as far as I can see, did you search at the right place?
Search for it in Groups

Mayo 7, 5:41pm

>92 tardis: Thank you, Tardis ... that was the clue I needed to get my last egg!

Found them all now.

Mayo 7, 8:06pm

>24 thornton37814: Where is stats/memes?

Editado: Mayo 7, 8:20pm

I need help getting the right egg for #1.

Mayo 7, 8:20pm

>181 praisemusictlp: No, it's neither.

Mayo 7, 8:35pm

I'm not sure what the consensus is, but I thought this hunt was a little trickier than most. I had a tough time finding the eggs, even when I KNEW the answer was right. It was fun and I want to say thanks to everyone involved for your hard work. Well done! And thanks once again to conceptDawg. The illustrations always make it better!

Mayo 7, 10:31pm

>184 lorsomething: The impression I got was that while the answers themselves weren't that difficult, like #3 or #5, the exact page on the site that would give you the egg was more than a bit hard to find, even if you read the clue carefully (which I shamefully didn't in several cases!). I think the last several treasure hunts have been designed to show people various aspects of LT they might not be familiar with, as well as just fun book quizzes.

Mayo 7, 10:37pm

>180 praisemusictlp: Stats/Memes is one of the second row of headings if you go to Home, but you can also get to Awards through Common Knowledge and Search.

Mayo 8, 12:49pm

>178 FAMeulstee: Thank you! That rang the bell! Another part of the LT forest that I really have never visited before

Editado: Mayo 9, 4:03pm

Sort of agree. I don't think the problem was we didnt know who the heck Nancy Drew was we just have to know which feature or area of LT that Nancy was popping up.

Good excuse to learn more about the many features of LT of which I really only use a handful

Mayo 8, 4:07pm

I always need a lot of hints. Only had 2 to start with (without hints). Found more, but am still trying for two more: #2, #9.

I will likely try again later this evening. Thanks, all!

Mayo 8, 4:43pm

>188 magicians_nephew: Please use spoiler tags so people don't get their hunt spoiled.

Editado: Mayo 8, 8:08pm

I’m stuck in 7 and 11. Update. Got ‘em.

Mayo 8, 8:13pm

#7 People/Characters. This character was a kind of counterpart of the Hardy Boys.

#11 Series. Also the name of a TV show with Bill Cosby and Robert Culp

Mayo 8, 8:18pm

>173 the_red_shoes: Thank you! I totally overlooked the time frame in #9, so I just kept getting wrong answers on Google. Reading comprehension, self. It's a thing.

Mayo 8, 8:28pm

So I'm down to just finding #2 - not bad given that this category is where I am least knowledgeable. My thanks to all who gave hints.

could do with another for #2


Mayo 8, 8:37pm

>194 Macbeth: did you try googling some of the key/unique words?

Editado: Mayo 8, 11:51pm

>192 perennialreader: I'm kicking myself for not telling people a clue to #1 is "Title of a song by Pulp"!

Editado: Mayo 8, 11:59pm

>194 Macbeth: There's a BIG clue in the second line of the clue, and try googling the three nouns in the last line plus "book."

Going by the "explore LT" method, I thought you could get to the Book Awards by Common, that's not it, or at least it didn't work for me. Does Stats/Memes work?

Mayo 9, 12:12am

>197 the_red_shoes: Thsnkyou

Woo Hoo - All 12

As for awards - I figured out the award name for the ALA award (a bit of digging in Wikipedia) then searched for that name in LT. At that point I clicked on Common Knowledge - and then on Awards.

At that point there was the award name to click on

Stats/Memes brings up a list of awards for the books you own (I think). That may be more time consuming than my quest above.


Mayo 9, 1:47am

>32 amanda4242: Thank you for the hint! #8 was the only clue I couldn’t solve. My child is going to be 48 years old this year and I’m afraid I haven’t kept up on the relevant literature. ;-D

Editado: Mayo 9, 6:16am

I have found 7 eggs, I'm still looking for 4, 6, 8, 9, and 11.

I'm reading though this thread now for clues to those.

Edit: I'm down to just needing number 4 now.

Editado: Mayo 9, 6:42am

It took a while to track some of those down

Thank you for another great hunt

Mayo 9, 9:08am

Got them all, but was harder than previous hunts. Only had an idea of the answer for three, and had to rely on hints for the rest.

Mayo 9, 11:10am

>185 the_red_shoes: I think so, too. And I have enjoyed roaming around looking for things. When you think of all the thought that goes into creating one of these hunts, I'm surprised they offer two a year. They are fun, though. I hope they keep doing them.

Mayo 9, 4:21pm

Finally got them all! Wow, #2 was hard! (So was 9, for me, but I do realize it's a very popular book.

Editado: Mayo 9, 10:15pm

That was fun- thank you! I completed today with hints found here. I really enjoyed this:)

Mayo 9, 10:56pm

>203 lorsomething: Yes, it surely requires a lot more time and effort than just a book quiz! Altho those are fun too.

Editado: Mayo 10, 5:20am

I’m still hunting for 1, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11. Time to get serious with the hints.

... almost there, only number 1 to go. I've tried all the children's awards I can think of.

... Aaaand done.

Editado: Mayo 10, 5:21am

>97 perennialreader: Oh. I've never used that term. We have primary school and secondary school.

I hunted all over young adult/ YA/ children's but, obviously, I was way off course.

>32 amanda4242: Not that famous :0) But thanks for the hints.

Phew - got them all, finally.


Thanks for the hunt. It was fun; frustrating but fun :o)

Mayo 10, 11:16am

>208 humouress:

The term is common in the US for late primary grades, i.e. 6-8, but it's far from ubiquitous.

Mayo 10, 12:23pm

>208 humouress: My children's schooling went: Elementary School - K-5 Grades; Middle School - 6-8 Grades; High School 9-12 Grades.
Probably as confusing to someone outside the U.S. as O levels and A levels are to me.

Mayo 10, 12:26pm

Well, each secondary school I went to had a different numbering system except for the A level years (the last two) which were the sixth form (upper and lower sixth or 6B and 6A). ;0)

Editado: Mayo 12, 10:51am

And so our egg-hunting has come to a close.

803 members participated, 376 found all the clues, and 504 found at least 5 clues. Not bad hunting!

As for the winners, randomly selected from those who found all the clues, they are:
Winners, please message me with your mailing address so we can send you your cool swag.

How will we close out this Children's Literature Treasure Hunt? How else but and they all lived happily ever after.

Mayo 10, 5:05pm

>1 megbmore: Too bad, just found out this hunt this morning, and now it seems over :(

O well, better luck with the next hunt i guess

Mayo 10, 7:09pm

>211 humouress: Yeah, that. lol

Mayo 11, 12:22am

Where does the nest badge appear? I have solved all the riddles but I can't see the badge.

Mayo 11, 7:02am

>215 PersephonesLibrary: It usually takes weeks (sometimes months) before the badges appear.

Mayo 11, 8:17am

I love the hunts but was preoccupied with my daughters weddin and never logged in last week.
Sad to have missed it!

Mayo 12, 12:53pm

PLEASE give a longer time and please announce on LT 75 book challenge - sad to have missed this as have so many others.

Mayo 12, 2:21pm

>218 m.belljackson: Why should they make an announcement in a group completely unrelated to the hunt? The 75ers group is the most active on the site, but many people ignore it for just that reason. I'm sorry you missed the hunt, but it was open for nearly a week and there was a banner on the home page, an announcement in the news section, and this thread alerting people to it.