Changing settings for display of my books

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Changing settings for display of my books

Abr 23, 1:06pm

I am trying to print out a particular group of books and I have been able to almost get the settings the way I want except I can't seem to find a way to get rid of the column with various icons (detail page, work page, set collections, edit book, remove book and then 2 icons showing number of members that also have this book and number of reviews).

I was just sure I turned that off in the past but now I can't find where to do it?

I only want cover, title, author and comments to print. TY!

Abr 23, 1:14pm

I'm not sure you can turn that column off. You can take the book swap icon out of it, but not remove it entirely.

But when you press the print icon in the bar, it opens a new window without that column showing.

Abr 23, 1:30pm

I just realized that if you use the print on the browser it is different than the print icon (which does make them disappear and must have been what I did previously).