Cataloguing sets of books

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Cataloguing sets of books

Abr 22, 7:56am

Hello, everyone. Let me start off by expressing my sincere apology if this has been covered before here, but I did a search and didn't find this discussion.

I wrote a similar post over at the Folio Society Devotees group but am so excited by cataloguing on LT (I'm very emotionally about my book collection) that I thought to get in touch here with the administrators of LT to see if we could create a new feature on how to catalogue a set.

So let me start, I have just purchased a set of Britannica and am planning to read them cover to cover and love the "reading dates" feature.

What I do now is to view these books as a complete set (as one entry under Your Books), and use the comments section to list the individual volumes and/or comments of that effect. LT sees this as one book in my All Collection.

But, with this I can't get an accurate number of books that I have. I would love LT to have a feature that one could list a set of books as an individual set, but upon clicking the title (not going to the book page but rather a drop down list showing) could see all the books as an individual entry. This would be so great for the "Reading dates" that I could add. I hope this makes sense, more like:

-Encyclopaedia Britannica (32 volume set)- Upon clicking the title in Your Books, it shows the below list (maybe a "more" button)
--Encyclopaedia Britannica - Volume 1
--Encyclopaedia Britannica - Volume 2
--Encyclopaedia Britannica - Volume 3, etc

This would list the set as an individual volume (aesthetically) but will count as a 32 volume set and under this list you could add comments and reading dates.

Let me know what you all think

Abr 22, 9:20am

This brings up a question I don't know the answer to: When we change the number of volumes in a work edition, does the automatic count of our books change?

Editado: Abr 22, 2:48pm

>3 aspirit: (I can of course test this on my own, but it'll be later today.)

Update: The answer is no, changing the number of volumes within the work edition does not change totals. That hasn't changed since 2015 (the year of discussion linked above).

Abr 22, 10:09am

>2 anglemark: Thank you, I shall post there.