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Paul Landacre Press

Abr 21, 5:57pm

One of my favorite illustrator/artists is Paul Landacre, who supplied superb wood engravings for On the Origin of Species, Bierce's Tales of Soldiers and Civilians and De Rerum Natura. Working in Southern California, he produced limited series of his works on this hand press, and I have seen many of these at different shows and exhibitions over the years, and his gallery hand-printed work is just as amazing.

For other fans, I think you might enjoy this article about his press (and you might also enjoy learning more about this wonderful museum, which has added so much to my knowledge about fine press printing:

Abr 21, 9:10pm

So many great places to visit! i hope to get there some time. Thanks for posting. I have either heritage or LEC copies of all the books you mentioned so I'll take a fresh look at his work!

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