A Few HP binding variants

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A Few HP binding variants

Abr 21, 3:29pm

While browsing through Ransom's Selective Check Lists of Press Books, I made a few notes from his comments. No earth-shattering revelations here, just a few tidbits of information to add to your cache.

(1) Whitman. Leaves of Grass. The regular edition (unlimited) was bound in linen, the limited edition of 1000 copies signed by Rockwell Kent in full morocco. Not exactly news to most of you.

(2) 1940. Rubaiyat. Regular binding not mentioned, but "A few copies were bound in blue leather."

(3) 1940. The Decameron. Linen binding, but "A few copies were bound in leather."

Editado: Abr 21, 3:45pm

Many HP books were offered in leather (in addition to the specialty gift items ordered by companies such as Illinois Gear) and it is perhaps not surprising that you rarely see these for sale--whether through the fact of their desirability or durability. I have David Copperfield in tan leather with the front and read boards in excellent shape and the spine in three pieces. My leather-bound Rubaiyat and Salome, on the other hand, are in Fine condition and treasured items in my library. I have looked for a Fime copy of The Gfaps of Wrath and Lust for Life but have not been successful, as the copies I've seen for sale usually feature deteriorating leather. The Rockwell Kent illustrate and signed Leaves of Grass is highly desirable, but unfortunately priced accordingly, and my linen-bound copy is Like New so I am (mostly) content.

Do other Devotees have other examples of leather-bound HP books?

Addendum: I forgot to mention my leather-bound A Shropshire Lad with Wilson's signed frontispiece--very cherished.

Abr 21, 4:57pm

The Life of Rembrandt - black leather (I found a copy in excellent condition).

>2 Django6924: I have never seen a leather-bound Salome.

Abr 21, 9:24pm

I have a quarter-leather bound with linen boards and marbled endpapers of Galsworthy's The Man of Property (Heritage, 1964). The e-bay seller was unable to explain how it came to be that way but thought it might have been done by the prior owner. There was no slip-case.

Abr 21, 9:28pm

>4 laotzu225:
That's a beautiful book anyway; sounds as if you scored a particularly nice version!

Abr 22, 4:44am

>3 BuzzBuzzard: Could you share a couple of pictures? I saw a copy on Ebay and although it was a very poor one it still looked nice.

Abr 22, 12:28pm

>6 Lukas1990: It is plain black leather that feels high quality.

Abr 22, 12:33pm

My leather David Copperfield.

Abr 22, 8:15pm

>7 BuzzBuzzard:
That appears to be an original HP binding on the van Loon, and your Copperfield id in much better shape than mine!

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