A questions for the GMD cognoscenti.

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A questions for the GMD cognoscenti.

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A great deal of time and discussion on this board centers around the Heritage Press books in their myriad forms and variants. My question:

What are the Heritage Press editions that you believe are clearly superior to their George Macy LEC counterparts, and why?

Note: Title should read "question" rather than "questions". Please excuse the typo.

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Here’s a good thread (for some reason I can’t manage to link to the thread, only to a post halfway down), the fifth post of which links a second good thread also on this forum:


Abr 17, 9:23am

>2 GusLogan:

Thanks, Gus.

Somehow, I missed those threads and posts but it is precisely what I was looking for. Looks as if I have a bit of homework to do this weekend.

Abr 17, 11:33pm

>3 dlphcoracl: feel free to share some of what you learned.

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