Grabbing vs. uploading covers

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Grabbing vs. uploading covers

Abr 8, 12:34pm

When I grab a cover from a URL, does LT automatically save a copy of the cover its own server? Or does it pull the image from the URL every time it displays the cover?

Abr 8, 12:35pm

The former.

Abr 8, 12:42pm

Abr 8, 4:06pm

>2 paradoxosalpha: Does it? If that were true, I'd expect the images grabbed from Amazon to disappear from my catalog when the books (or only their covers) are removed from Amazon.

Abr 8, 4:24pm

The ones that have been actually grabbed have been saved on LT's server. That is the first, 'former' suggestion in the question.

Abr 8, 4:47pm

On a "Change Cover" page if you just select a displayed Amazon cover, it is not copied to LibraryThing's server and can disappear or change.

If you enter the URL of the image in the top part of that page (where it says "grab one from the web"), it will copy the image to LibraryThing's server and won't change.